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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Okay, right off the bat I have a sick feeling in my stomach. I am only like two paragraphs in, but I have this huge worry that everyone is going to think it was Beth when James and Lily are killed. Everyone will think she was the spy because she was the only one known to associate with Death Eaters. D: IF SHE GOES TO AZKABAN FOR TWELVE YEARS WHILE SEVERUS STILL HAS NO MEMORY OF HER, I WILL DIE. I REALLY WILL.

Has Sirius been telling everyone about the failed mission? OR WAIT. WAS IT SEVERUS. Oh my lord, I hope not. How humiliating, to have Severus of all people going around informing people that she'd freaked out and put them all at risk.

Okay he is just being too suspicious now. Sirius is looking more and more like the town gossip.

Really admiring James for telling her she was brave and pointing out that he'd be just as lost if Lily had her memories wiped and looked at him without any feeling. Of all people, I am really happy it was James who walked out into the alley. James understands her on a level the others don't, because unlike Sirius he doesn't just hear what he wants to hear. He's very astute. He notices the feelings of others and always knows the right thing to say to make them feel better.

On one hand I'm peeved at Moody for publicly removing Beth from mission work (I wonder who will replace her...). Totally could have just taken her aside and told her instead of announcing it. But I don't blame him for reassigning her. She's got a weak spot where Severus is concerned and could potentially be a risk factor because of it.


And now I am just sitting here with my jaw on the floor because he recognized the bracelet. SEE? See!? I knew she was hiding in there somewhere! She's all over the place in bits and pieces, and eventually it will all come together. I have to believe that. Ahhh, oh my goodness, this is such a hopeful feeling. That was...that was the most suspense I have ever felt reading any fanfic, right there. Him just staring at her and omg she must have been freaking out on the inside because of the confused recognition in his eyes; and they're all there to witness it.

Peter sounding almost scared when he asked if he was looking at her made me wonder why Severus never told Dumbledore, during these secret meetings, that Peter's been popping up at DE headquarters. Why doesn't he ever tell anyone? And if he truly is working with the Order now, helping their cause, wouldn't he want to out Peter before Peter gets the chance to inflict any damage? I mean, he knows that Peter spends a lot of time with Lily and James. Having Peter anywhere near the Death Eater circle is all kinds of dangerous, and goes against everything Severus thinks he's fighting for. WHY DOESN'T HE SAY SOMETHING. Dumbledore starts suspecting that there's a spy in their midst soon - if not already - and I'm dying to know which of them he suspects. In canon it was Sirius, but Sirius suspected Remus, but having Beth in the equation makes it impossible to guess.


Fabulous chapter, as always! ♥

Author's Response: Oh, how much you've learned since writing this review. :3 BUT YOU DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING, TEE HEE. ♥

The failed mission was discovered because Sirius and Beth have to make mission reports, remember. It was Sirius -- but not in a sneaky writing-letters-in-the-dead-of-night sort of way. Beth knew Moody would find out, but unfortunately, she didn't imagine she'd get taken off mission work for it. Moody definitely didn't handle it well, calling her out in public for basically failing, and I don't think she should have been taken off missions. But at the same time, she basically stood up and screamed at him. Poor girl cannot cope with so much right now, which means her brain's halfway shut down. D: She needs hugs.

I love James in this chapter, though! He's such good pseudo big brother. :) Which is ironic too because he's a month younger than she is, but anyway, that vibe's still there. I feel like if Sirius had followed her out there he just would have listened and nodded along to all the angry things Beth would have said, and she didn't need someone like that -- she needed someone to calm her down. JAMES NEEDS HUGS, TOO. HUGS FOR EVERYBODY ~

The bracelet, yarr! Didn't I say that it was going to be important? :D I was thinking about memory charms, and about that movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and how Joel forgot to remove just one thing that reminded him of Clementine and that was where it all unraveled. (I feel like you've seen this movie, but if not, just bear with me.) Severus had his memories removed, but I don't think the bracelet itself would be gone from his mind -- just the fact that it was Beth's. So he recognizes the bracelet, and of course he's bound to be confused as to why it's on that random young woman's wrist... :3

-and meanwhile Beth slowly melts into a puddle on the floor-

We discussed Dumbledore and Peter and Severus, yo, and that is dangerous territory because it makes my head hurt, trying to rationalize it all. Oops. J.K. ROWLING, THERE ARE THINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE EXPLAINED BETTER. I just tried to explain that in another response and failed with epic proportions, so feel free to trawl back and have a laugh. You are so much better at explaining things than meee.

That better have not been a cricket I just heard, oh my lord. I do not want a cricket in my room.

ANYWAY, SORRY. ♥ I hope I was able to answer some of your questions the other night, but I also hope you still have lots, because I am mean like that.


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