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Review:teh tarik says:
Hello Sarah :) Saw this! And because I love your writing I decided to read this. And I don't know what to say except OHMYGOD IT'S A TIMETRAVEL FIC AND I LOVE TIME TRAVEL. Also, I have this bad terrible habit when it comes to long oneshots, to scroll right down and read the ending first and then go back to the beginning. This time, I think I made a good decision because of the nature of your story, and so naturally, when I started reading from the beginning and I got to section IV with the unnamed character stirring potion in the basement and fiddling with the timeturner...I already knew what was going to happen. And that just froze my blood and honestly my fingers are shaking a little and it's not because it's cold because it's summer here. *BREATHES*

OK. I'll try to start from the beginning. OHMYGOD THAT'S SO TERRIFYING. This is just...there's nothing sentimental about this scene and yet and yet. It's just difficult to read, and you don't soften the impact in any way. This must have been how Lily and James were killed, brutally, in cold blood. And I appreciate the reference in there to Harry, the boy who lived, because it really foreshadows what will happen, and by the end of that segment I was already anticipating Scorpius would do that bit with old magic that Lily did with Harry, and that it would somehow rebound all the killer. Also, I absolutely adore the way you shifted POVs throughout the story, and how smooth and natural the changes were, even if the whole story was segmented and all.

And section 2! gah! Rose ♥ It's like you've pretty much taken the ScoRose pairing and broken it down and dissected it and and made your own brilliant notes on it and then put it back together. So much detail. So much analysis and so much realism to why and how these two characters might ever be interested in each other despite the legacy of mutual dislike from their parents, grandparents etc. I love how Rose is determined to continue this tradition of Malfoy-hating without questioning why it exists, and I love how her expectations are pretty much subverted with this awkward pale cowering Scorpius. Section 3 is comic relief! And of course, your humour is just so lovely! Bahaha! Rose cornering Scorp and declaring that he's her boyfriend now because she's avenging her parents. I choked on my tea, even though I wasn't drinking any. Your Scorpius (and to an extent, your Rose) reminds me a little of peppersweet's Scorpius&Rose from Starving Artists, which I'm reading now :D It's hilarious! My fave kind of Scorpius!

And then of course, that segment IV. Which just made me realise everything and filled me with worst horror and gloom and dream and doom and angst. He's going back in time to kill himself. OHMYGODRIC. My jaw is lying on the floor now. It pretty much stayed there as I read the rest of the fic, the lovely lovely Scorpius/Rose scenes undermined by that foreboding inevitable inescapable fate. The tiny details you give of Benjamin are just so vivid, the way his eyes are always red, or how his nose is runny, how he has to walk some distance to make a phone call, staying home in the's the very picture of misery, but it's also self-imposed misery, and he brought it all on himself and this is literally true, as we see later on in your fic. Ooh, and is his adoptive family mostly a bunch of Hufflepuffs :P

Aahaksdjhjkhasf and Scorpius cornering Rose this time, asking her why won't she give him a chance. That's just such a perfect moment PERFECT I TELL YOU but I can't be too happy because we know what's going to happen to them NONONO. Oh, such lovely contrasts. Such lovely *sobs* sorry I'm jsut a mess of feels now. And the inhaler. Sobs. Again, reminding me of his future son, who's quite possibly asthmatic as well, but ah, to catch back the breath Rose had stolen asjkfhlasjkfhlajs.

And now those final bits. That just smashed my heart up to smithereens. This. Where Scorpius performs that old magic shield charm. This is just amazing. This is just er...speechlessness-rendering. Even though I anticipated it, it was just the way you wrote it, the beauty of it: It's a magic you canít learn. It's wandless. It makes your heart pump overtime, draining your energy as it strengthens your shield to the thickest and most impenetrable it can possibly get.. So simple. So effective. I think your writing is even more beautiful when it's anticipated. I don't quite know what I mean when I said that...I was wondering why Benjy said "I'm late." Was it because he was planning to kill his parents before he was born?

And TIME TRAVEL. I happen to be reading up stuff on time travel and I'm pleased to see that there are none of those tricky time travel paradoxes in your fic! Because of course, baby Benjy didn't die (otherwise there would be a giant paradox); it was the adult one who perished because the killing curse rebounded. OHMYGOD I SEE IT. I SEE IT NOW WHY BENNY SAID I'M LATE. IT'S THE UNIVERSE. THE UNVIERSE DOES NOT ALLOW PARADOXES. THE GRANDFATHER'S PARADOX OHMYGOD. Right, just showed how much of a nerd I am :P The way you handle time travel is brilliant. There are no paradoxes. You are your past and your future and what you make of them and what you make them out to be and everything is inextricable from one another.

So, end of review really. This is just too brilliant. It's one of the best oneshots I've read, and definitely one of the best time travel stories. Thank you for writing this honestly. I'm going to go off and have a cry and snuggle up with my little boy.


♥ teh

Author's Response: Not going to lie, this review scared the beans out of me. I have been so terrified to respond to it that it took me eons to do so. -hangs head- But I am here now and will attempt to do your absolutely marvelous, wonderful, kind review justice!

Time travel fics! Eee!! Time-traveling is something I always tell myself, "I will never ever write about this again" because it gives me migraines to think about how everything must go in a continuous loop. I get caught up in the science and impossibility of it. But in this story I think I managed to tie it together fairly well so that it made sense.

Starving Artists Scorpius was my inspiration! Julia is such a brilliant author and her Scorpius has forever invaded my headcanon. So when I started writing this I automatically made him kind of wimpy (at least when he was younger). But then he really grows into his own and becomes a match for Rose.

Self-imposed misery is spot-on. It's Benjamin's own fault that he doesn't have parents. It's his fault that he turned out to be a Squib. And he will be stuck in this loop where he grows up to murder his parents, making the infant version of himself an orphan, over and over and over. And yep, his adoptive family is a bunch of Hufflepuffs! I love how you notice every little detail. It's so incredibly rewarding to receive a review like this, in which you observed every subtle element and connected them all.

Yep!!! He was late. And if he hadn't been late, it would have been a giant paradox. He couldn't go back in time to kill himself because he /hadn't/ killed himself. The baby had always ever grown up. Which means that the only thing that can be done is for the adult version to die, forming a watertight loop.

Thank you SO much for your absolutely mind-blowing review. It's one of the best ones I've ever gotten. :)

♥ Sarah

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