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Review:Jchrissy says:
Oh Becky! There were so many 'aww' moments in this chapter, I just don't know where to start. Honestly, I find myself thinking so often that I should have been leaving a running review, yet I never do! Well, I'll try and make this somewhat organized.

So Al has decided not to mention the door. Which means that something else had to have happened that he isn't tell Lily. Being attacked by a locked door is a pretty exciting thing, and he doesn't seem like the type to not tell the truth. So maybe he tried a lot harder than he's making it seem? And he doesn't want to admit that he used a spell or something to try and get in? Maybe he used a certain spell, one that he shouldn't have been for some reason? Maybe it was the spell itself that triggered the magic attacking him? Or maybe it has nothing to do with a spell and I just need to shut up.

All I know is, Al better watch out. I'm keeping a close eye on that boy.

I liked that Lily wanted to tell her parents. It wasn't the sort of, I'm going to get you in trouble, kind of wanting to tell... but she was worried. And that was really sweet, because despite their bickering it's obvious that these two do care a lot about one another.

And I almost think she didn't snitch on him just so he wouldn't snitch on her, which is such a teenage girl move. Way to go, Lily. We've all been 16/17, we get it ;).

Then the butterfly!! Well, clover turned butterfly I suppose. The detail you put into describing what was happening was so insanely perfect. I could imagine just what it looked like after it was complete, and the fact that you didn't describe in such detail anything else in the chapter made the butterfly stand out that much more. I feel like such a sneaky girl when I read your writing, because not only am I obviously loving it, but I'm totally analyzing how you do descriptions and trying to suck in your talent for describing just the right thing through your words. Haha.

Then Lily following the butterfly! That was one of those 'aww' moments I mentioned. I can't imagine her looking anything but adorable chasing down a pretty little butterfly down the street. And of course I at least knew where it was headed, even if Lily pretending not to.

I have to say, Scorpius Malfoy has some serious moves. Rewind though -- the old football field. Why was it familiar? I'm guessing you won't be telling me, will you? Well, at least not in this response ;P. You've laced my sweet little 'aww' moment with more curiosity! You just won't let my brain rest, will you??

I really liked Lily's decision to go with Scorpius to have him teach her the butterfly trick. Even if their time together was cut short, the promise of another meeting is enough to make me want to hug these two together.

Awesome chapter, Becky!! It's so much fun reading this after OTE... like seeing the way you can craft a lighter, younger sort of blossoming love just as well as you crafted the much more intense one between Viktor and Rose. And I have to say, I think I'll be a Lily Scorpius shippr after this.

Author's Response: I've never been very good at writing running reviews either. I think Dan has the market cornered there.

The whole thing with the door and the spell will be explained eventually, and it is part of the larger mystery, but I think your ideas might be better than what I actually have planned :P Mostly Al just doesn't want to tell his parents because he's embarrassed that he got hurt trying to do something stupid. If his mom couldn't open the door, he should have been smart enough to leave it alone.

I'm glad you liked Lily's decision not to tell on Albus. You're totally right -- it's half because she cares and half because she knows if she spills his business, he'll do the same right back. They've really got a love/hate sibling relationship, and neither of them are mature enough yet to take the high road.

Awww! I'm so glad you liked the butterfly bit. This story does have a lot more description than I normally write, and I was afraid this section was too long, so I'm super happy you liked it.

My lips are sealed on why the park is familiar... but only because I haven't worked out all the details yet. I'm a horrible story planner!

And hooray for liking the Lily/Scorpius ship!! I honestly don't understand why this pairing isn't more popular. Draco and Harry were the real enemies, not Draco and Hermione or Ron... But I won't go off on that tangent.

It's weird -- I thought writing Rose/Krum would be harder because adult relationships are more messy, but writing these two is actually more work. Teenagers don't rationalize stuff the same way as adults, yet they feel everything so intensely. Hehehe, this makes me sound like such an old fart! You would think it's been decades since I was a teenager :P

Thanks for another lovely review. I hope you're enjoying the story and not feeling too obligated to review.

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