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Review:CloakAuror9 says:
Hello! I'm *finally* here after months of saying that I'll catch up with the story soon. Ugh. School has really kept me away from the internet this past few months, I'm glad that we have this Gryffindor-Slytherin review battle going on. It's encouraging me to keep my reviews on track. :P

That first bit of the chapter was absolutely amazing! I love how it set the mood of the chapter instantly, BAM -just like that. I found myself wanting to read more about it and I was honestly considering skimming the chapter just to read about Sirius's little motorbike-car race first before reading the rest of the story. Don't worry, I didn't and I'm glad because if I did I would've probably missed out on all the juicy (or should I say bloody) bits about Remus.

Oh. My. Gosh. Your vivid descriptions about how Remus looked like made me feel both sick and happy! Sick because I'm not a great fan of blood pouring out of people's body and happy because your descriptions were just so amazing! I easily imagined Remus lying there on a camp bed, losing a lot of blood (not that there's anything happy about that). I felt really bad for Remus, though! He unconsciously hurt himself just like that and the worst thing is that he probably did this more than a few times during his life. I'm glad that James, Peter and Sirius are there for him through thick and thin, though. See, that's one thing about Before They Fall, as much as I love so many other James/Lily stories, I think that your one of the few writers I've seen write the Marauder's friendship SO SO well.

Speaking of friendships, I just love that Snape appeared in this chapter. The fact that he went out of his way to give Lily a photograph of her family when he simply could've simply owled it to her, just shows how much he really was concerned about Lily. I thought that was very sweet of him.

Also, absolutely loved the fact that you didn't just sit Sirius and the others around in a circle as he talked about what happened that night, instead you brought us the flashbacks! I just, wow. I'm blown away. I almost felt like I was a bystander in the accident! The flashing of the lights, the scream, the roaring of the's just all so realistic, you know?

Lily is just so kind and compassionate, she just can't blame Sirius, or anybody else, for her parents' deaths. I always love that side of her! In my opinion, some authors focus too much on her feisty-ness and just end up forgetting about how kind Lily is. So, it put a smile to my face when I read that bit! Though that smile quickly vanished as I really thought that James was going to strangle Sirius after he told them the whole story about Lily's parents. He was just so terribly angry at Sirius! My heart must've been beating three times than normal while I was reading that section. I was fearing for Sirius life more than I probably was with Remus! :x

Overall, this chapter just overwhelms me but not in a bad way. It is jam-packed with emotions, you know? I think this is probably my favourite chapter by far! It shows so much from the loyalty of the Marauders to Severus's barely-there friendship with Lily. A very well-written chapter that is full of dynamic imagery. The only thing that bothered me a bit while I was reading was that I felt that the flow was a bit choppy. I don't really blame you though, from the shrieking shack to the girl's dormitories to the quidditch tryouts to the flashback, there was just really a lot of things going on! But I absolutely enjoyed this! ♥

I don't even know how I managed to go for months without reading Before They Fall. I must've been out of my mind, really. I promise (and I'll keep this one) to try and catch up with the story from now on, with or without a review challenge. I do apologise for taking forever with this review though, since I'm not 13 chapters behind. :

Amazing as always,

Author's Response: Izzy!! You have no idea how excited I was when I saw you here!

Yay for Gryffindor Slytherin battle!!

Hahhahah I'm very happy you didn't skim. I'm so happy that the descriptions felt really alive in this. I wanted the gritty sort of feel to really be present, and it makes me happy that it made you a bit uncomfortable :P.

You saying that you like how I write the Marauders friendship is absolutely one of the best compliments. They mean a lot to me, so making sure that it isn't just about Lily and James or just about Sirius and Belle is really important. The friendships deserves just as much attention as the romances.

Yes! Snape appeared! I really wanted to make sure that just because I didn't like Severus, I wasn't ignoring him. It isn't a huge thing, but it was still a really important thing for Lily.

I'm so happy that you liked Lily's compassion. I think that if she would have let herself, she could have blamed Sirius. But she knew that it wasn't his fault, and so much of her was busy thinking it was hers. I agree about people focusing too much on her fiesty-ness. Sure, she could stick up for herself, but that wasn't her personality. We learn from Remus that she was an incredibly kind person. Not that she was a fiery red head every chance she got. I'm really happy that you like her more caring nature in this ♥ actually, I'm just really happy in general at your entire review. You've turned me into a mushy mess and I feel like my sentences are probably making no sense. haha.

I agree about the choppiness of this chapter. I played with it a few different times, but I ended up decided leaving all the content and being okay with it not being my most smooth chapter was a fair trade. The Quidditch tryouts I wasn't crazy about, just because they felt boring, but then I didn't want to ignore them because they would be a big deal to the group, especially James.

I'm so happy that you still enjoyed this though. I just want to hug you and squeeze you. Can you feel my internet huggles from here?!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Izzy ♥ I hope that you'll get time to come by again! I've missed seeing your amazing reviews!

♥ Jami

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