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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Jami! Oh my goodness! I don't even know where to start with this amazingness! I've been squealing and cheering and - just wow!

Ok I'm going to do this as Lily & James then Sirius & Belle or I'd end up repeating myself so sorry it's all out of order and if I end up commenting on every little thing again like last chapter I also apologise!

Can I first of all just say that James and Sirius are the most amazing people in this chapter and I would like to hug and keep them both! James is just too cute. Please can I have him? Please?

So James - the perfect gentleman paying for the room and also suggesting they have two rooms. I bet that killed him although I can imagine him being pleased Lily didn't mind them sharing haha! Then when he was laughing at the electricity I was laughing along too - such a small detail but it's these things that make your story so good!

Lily's shower also made me laugh - the thought processes that go through her head are so fun to read - they make her believable as a character. The time I waste when I start overthinking things in the shower, and getting on to a completely random subject like she does here - I do think it may just be a woman thing! It was a good little scene for her though.

Cue more cuteness from a certain Mr Potter. Poor James needing a nap and pulling Lily down with him. I could see the whole scene playing out in my head and I loved it so much. The line '"Lily, I can hear you thinking from over here," James mumbled. "Wanna talk about it?"' was so sweet. I don't know why but it really stuck out to me. It shows just how close James and Lily are and how close they will be.

The next scene really got to me. You know you make me feel more and more sorry for Petunia every chapter? It was so awful when she was begging Lily to bring their parents back, it felt really raw and it wasn't even a flashback or anything. It really broke my heart for both girls. Then Petunia has to go and ruin it for herself by being so cold to Lily when she doesn't deserve it.

So James once again is willing to do anything for Lily - even be nice to Petunia and Vernon for the evening! His thoughts on Vernon were really funny to be honest. I don't think I will ever understand why Petunia loves him but hey, who are we to question? He was so good all evening though - even when he didn't know what a Ford was. I can imagine it being so hard for James to take all the insults Vernon was throwing at him, even when all of them were such the opposite!

Then pretty much the worst thing that could happen happened. Not only are Petunia and Vernon witnessing magic but it was Sirius's Patronus so I was kind of worried something bad had happened but at least I know they were ok. I guess we will find out the result of the dinner in the next chapter? I cant imagine it going down well!

So straight away Sirius is in the mood to go beat up Christophe - I could tell this was going to be enjoyable straight away! Belle and Sirius are just so perfect for each other though - they get each other and what it was like to grow up in a house where their parents don't give a crap about them. You managed to bring a little Olivia wisdom in through Sirius again - the story he told was perfectly fitting for the task Belle was about to do and it again showed us how much the Potters care about Sirius. Don't call Olivia's cooking though - that made me laugh!

Sirius just doesn't hold back does he! He not only does he burn her dads hand (nice charm by the way - I could use that!) he got a great dig in about his family - the one thing that was going for him in their eyes. Just perfect. And he knows her favourite pudding! Again with a lovely happy squee moment. This chapter was just full of them!

Her parents just know no bounds do they? I couldn't believe what I was reading to be honest. Restoring all the photo's eugh it was just awful. My heart went out to her so much it really did. Sirius was so amazing though making her see sense and realising they just needed to get on with this. Just get out. But you were never going to let it be that easy were you? Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions for poor Belle! As soon as Christophe came into the picture my first thoughts were 'Sirius please punch him!' then he said the line 'Just because I 'aven't forgiven you for what you tried to do to me,' I actually gasped 'no!' and decided screw Sirius, I wanted to punch him! The absolute nerve of him! You write a good bad guy and not a bad guy that you can enjoy either (like Bellatrix) just one that you purely hate (like Umbridge) I actually cant stand Christophe and I'm just so happy that Sirius punched him. Thank god. Unfortunately only once but I was happy to see that he was scared of Sirius. Ill stop now before this goes over 12+.

It gave Belle the inspiration she needed though! I love that she got to stand up to her mother, tell her how she felt and got it all out of her system. I know she got a slap but it was worth it, as she agrees. Poor Sirius feeling guilty for not stopping it - more lovely squees! They're so cute the two of them - I just love them.

YES THEY KISSED! Finally! Oh Sirius I just love that he did it. Big smiles from me and it ended the chapter perfectly.

'He knew that not matter what' I think you mean 'no' not 'not'.

'curling up just as the base of his neck.' I think you mean 'at' not 'as'.

'What he needed more than anything right now was from someone to talk him down' This didn't quite make sense to me did you mean 'for' instead of 'from'? If not I think it may need rewording it didn't quite make sense.

Anyway this was just the most amazing chapter - you were right, I loved it. Thank you so much for writing this - your version of events is just amazing to read and I can't wait for the next chapters! I did want to say more but I ran out of characters. Thanks for bringing such happiness to my Saturday afternoons!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Lauren! I'm finally here! And hoping I can do this amazing review justice with my response! But I highly doubt that's going to happen... haha

Ummm don't EVER apologize for commenting on lots of things! I love that!

Well, I would like to give you James... I really would. The only thing is that Lily has come a *long* way, and she's really starting to get attached to him, so you may have to fight her for it... :P

Sometimes you just feel like you can solve all the world's problems in the shower. Like you just need to pick apart everything and figure it out, then you realize you've been in for way too long and do the speediest wash/shave/rinse cycle ever! Clearly Lily is not exception... haha!

That's really what I wanted to show with that line! I'm so happy you picked up on that! I think one of the best parts about being in a serious relationship, even the start of one, is learning this other person. I'm really looking forward to exploring more of that with these two.

I'm so happy that I was able to give you just a bit of sympathy for Petunia. Her making Lily feel so responsible wasn't okay, but she just didn't understand. We've seen so many instances in the HP series where lives are saved, where broken things are healed, and where characters break down when magic can't save them. Like when Harry kept hoping Sirius would come back somehow. Well, Petunia doesn't even know how the magical world works, so it really makes no sense to her why people can do crazy things like shift heir bodies into cats, and then Lily can't do something as simple as restarting a beating heart. And your right, Petunia absolutely didn't need to act cold to poor Lily :(

I really laughed to myself about Sirius making sure to destroy any good image these two could have of him. They were going to try whatever they could to get Belle back and restore their 'perfect family image' and Sirius was going to have no part in that. They compliment his family, he makes it clear that he hates them :P. hehehe. Now I want to hug Sirius!

I really hated Christophe too. I bed he's going to remember that punch for the rest of his life ;). I wished it would have been Belle's parents for calling him in the first place, but oh well. At least they'll never have the satisfaction of getting their picture perfect family back. Mwahaha.

THEY FINALLY KISSED! And we're only... 21 chapters in :P hahaha.

I'm so happy you liked how this chapter ended, and that the whole chapter was a bit of a roller coaster. Reading your reviews is so excited. You make me feel like you've really connected with my characters and are really liking them, and I can't even tell you what that means. Sometimes I feel like I put too much time into small details and characterization, then I get a review from you I feel like it's all worth it because of how well you understand them. Gah. you're going to make me all feelsy.

Thank you so much Lauren for this awesome review! And all the other ♥

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