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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello there!

I have finally got around to reading this story, albeit the first chapter. If I knew this was based on The Fires Within, I would have come running much sooner, as I loved that story, and itís one of the first I ever read, and Grimm was such an awesome character, I canít wait for him to pop up again. Plus thereís Downton Abbey characters in your banner, which also makes me want to read it!

Even though itís been around 9 months since I read The Fires Within, Grimm still seems familiar as ever to me, and itís as if Iím greeting an old friend. I love Minerva and his interaction, you can tell that thereís some chemistry between the two, due to the humorous between them. Itís only been the first chapter, but youíve already got me shipping them!

I like Riddleís brief appearances and heís characterised really well. Youíve got his Ďyouíre all beneath meí, air down very well, and I would find it funny, if I didnít know what he did to those who he considered inferior to himself. I also liked that Umbridge has appeared, as this is only the second time Iíve seen her in a fan fiction, but I like it, and I canít wait to compare how she is at Hogwarts, to how she is in her later life.

McGonagallís a chaser in my story as well! We must be plot twins! I liked that though, as I always had her down as sporty, as her competitiveness we see in the books, canít have come from nowhere. I also liked how you made her different to the other girls, and how she seemed to naturally distance herself from there, due to not talking to them. Itís an interesting trait, and one that I havenít seen attributed to her before, so Iím eager to see how this may affect her in the future.

Grimm and McGonagall, remind me of James and Lily in a way, due to their constant bickering. I canít believe that Grimm called her darling though, I never would have thought I would hear him say that word though, and to say it to McGonagall, makes it even more shocking for me. I liked that McGonagall hit him though, I always imagined her as a feminist, and I guess thatís represented here.

I really like what youíve done with the head boy/girl clichť though, it just seems refreshed here, and rather than liking the fact that Tiberius was chosen, or seeing a sign that Minerva would grow to like him, it appears completely natural here, and itís just such a refreshing thing to read.

I thought this was an excellent first chapter, and I love McGonagall, as she just seems so independent here, and I love seeing Grimm again, except this is making me want to The Fires Within again, when I really should be going to sleep!

Expect to see me back soonish!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Wow! That's all I can say about your reviews for this story. They're incredibly detailed, and I hope that I can come up with a sufficient response for each. If anything, these reviews are helping me put together the pieces of the story as I move toward its conclusion - I don't want to miss anything when writing the last few chapters. Thank you for reading and reviewing and for giving me the opportunity to revisit this story from its beginning. ^_^

It's wonderful that you see the connections between Grimm and Minerva here and their adult-selves in "The Fires Within". Although I've changed some of the details of their history (and future) as time has passed, this novel owes a lot to "Fires", giving me the opportunity to develop a pair of characters I might not have otherwise thought to write about. I'm also glad that you see them as "shippable" already. This story deals with the Head Boy / Head Girl romance cliche, so in some ways it follows the course of those stories - there are times when you could exchange Minerva's name for "Lily" and Grimm's name for "James" without altering the story. At the same time, this story plays with those cliches, and I hope that you enjoy how it does so. :D

In regard to Minerva's Quidditch abilities, she just seems to fit as a Chaser. I don't know what it is about her, but I like the idea of her always being on the move, the one to act and score the goals rather than defend against them. It's great to hear that I'm not the only one who's placed her in that position.

Her distance from the other female characters is actually giving me trouble now, as I realize that by limiting her interactions with other girls to Myrtle and Dolores, it only further alienates Minerva. Her only friends are Grimm and Moody, and it's like she can't find any common ground with other girls - I can't answer why that is, why there wouldn't seem to be another girl in Hogwarts who is Minerva's equal. In later chapters I'm trying to fix this, but it's definitely a weakness of the novel - not its plot, but rather in its portrayal of women.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story! I look forward to the rest of your reviews! ^_^

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