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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Jami!

Iím actually incapable of not leaving a review on a chapter Iíve just read, because if I donít I feel as if I have all these thoughts bubbling away inside of me, and I donít know what to do with them all! So you can expect more reviews :D

And weíre back to the death eaters! Iíve never seen a Jilly where thereís a shift in the perspective and flashbacks and Iím so glad that youíve done it here, as it seems to add something special to the story and makes it unique.

You write Bellatrix really well! Her insane levels of devotion to Voldemort make me laugh, as she doesnít realise how stupid she looks :P I feel rather sorry for poor old Rodolphus though, as heís meant to be married to her, yet she blatantly prefers a guy with no nose!

I really liked the quidditch scene, and it was really great that you managed to spilt the time equally between all of the characters. That way we get to learn about all of them, and itís easier to decide who your favourites are (Belle for me at the moment), and who seems most canon ect.

I really like Belle in this chapter; she reminds me a lot of Fleur! Imagine if theyíre related, that would be so cool! You have the French haughtiness down well, yet though she does seem independent at times, I can tell that she is really kind, by the way she was healing Remus, and her little moments with Sirius are trŤs cute!

I liked Polly as well, she made me laugh by being so blunt. I think the best part was when she mentioned to Alice how her brother was surprised that he had never made her fall for him. Then Siriusís reaction to it all! He really does act like an overprotective brother at times, but then I guess it shows what a great friend he is.

It was so sweet to see how dedicated Lily was to her dream, the way she spent her summer at St Mungos. It really fitted in with the kindness everyone remembers her for, and that as well would make her a great healer, as everyone loves a friendly doctor!

I thought Sirius was going to ask Belle out to the Hogsmeade weekend then, but then he had to go and comfort her. Poor him, a guy connecting with his feelings, how shocking! Iíve been looking forward to learning more about Belleís background though, so I was glad that we could find out more about it here.

It made me wonder how Belle ended up there in the first place, if it brought so much shame upon their family. It made me understand more about the family dynamics though, and I liked how you referred to the darkness building up in Britain. I always wondered how other countries viewed what was happening here, so it was interesting to find out.

I was naÔve enough to think that they were actually going to annoy Madam Pomfrey!

I really liked the transformation scene though, as it was always one of the coolest parts of the books, I mean they got to turn into animals! It was serious obviously due to the danger Remus posed, but it was funny at the same times, especially Jamesís mention about his antlers.

Usually when I read a +6000 word chapter, Iím dying to get to the end, due to my lack of concentration skills, yet in every single chapter in this story youíve held my concentration throughout!

Another excellent chapter!

-Kiana :D

P.S. sorry the reviews seem to be getting longer and longer ;D

Author's Response: I have so many delicious reviews from you to respond to! Eek! You're just making my life right now, you know?

I'm so happy you think the perspective changes add something special. I really wanted to make this a Marauders fic that gives you all angles. Not just 'boy falls for girl girl falls for boy' or 'friends play prank' I wanted to do it all. The friendships, the relationships, and the darkness that eventually kills all of that. Okay. I'm rambling. Back to your review.

I'm so glad you're liking Belle so far!! She's honestly grown really close to me. Her full story comes out in a few... 13 I think. That's so awesome you said that about Fleur!! Originally, I did have them related!!! I love writing Fleur so much, so that's why I wanted to write someone French, and I decided it would be fun to tie into Fleur. So in the first plans of this story Fleur's mother had an older sister, and Belle was that older sister's daughter! I ended up deciding to do away with that, because of certain things that come up later on. But I just really love that you've seen similarities with her and Fleur, haha.

I think that the transformation weekends would have really been such a crazy mixture of fun and excitement, while still posing danger. We know that they can't turn into werewolves if bitten while they're animals, but they could still get seriously hurt. But I didn't want to make it all too serious, so I'm glad you liked the lighter touches ♥

I can't tell you how much it means that you don't think the chapters feel long. I absolutely get carried away, and I try my best to cut them down, but I feel a lot better knowing they aren't a struggle to get through!

Thank you so much for continuing my little story, Kiana ♥

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