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Review:Jchrissy says:
Iím finally here! Obviously we know Iím a cheater and have already read this chapter, but thatís okay because now I can leave a running review!

I LOVE Ron and Ginny building a fort together. Itís so cute, both the fort and the two babies of the family already sort of forming this special bond. And Arthurís guess for the password, not only was that such a father thing to say, but it was so Arthur it just made me want to hug him.

And of course, when in a pinch, bribe with chocolate. People have been using that on my for the last two+ decades of my life, so we know it works. Ginny seems like the one who enforces the fort rules in this. Itís really cute, and very true to character.

Arthurís evening almost just got a lot more difficult. Quick thinking, on his part. I think adding in that little argument was the perfect reminder that these are two young siblings, and keeping from giving them too much of a Ďfriendí feeling. You know your characters so well, I swear you must just sit there and chat with them while you write this and ask them what they want to do next. Did that make sense anywhere other than my head?

I love the idea of Percy being like Arthurís own father. Percyís making a list and quickly smoothing his hair... again with you small details that just make these characters canon. I just want to sit here with my mouth open and gawk at your writing.

Hahaha Arthur always wants to believe the best in his boys. He knows as well as Molly how necessary this conversation is, but part of him is hoping that maybe it will all just be okay. Heís such a darling man.

Percy is being pompous about being a prefect even before he is one! Only percy...

I love how nervous Fred and George are about separating. Thereís strength in numbers, especially with those two. I just love them Sarah. I love how you write them and I want to hug you the whole time I read them.

Arthurís reaction to finding George and Fredís sneakily hidden treasures is so perfect. Itís just like when Molly told him that theyíd flown the car to get Harry. He tries to put on the stern parent face, because itís NOT okay, but at the same time heís a bit amazed by his children and he just canít hide that. SARAH. I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH.

SCABBERS. So weird. So so so weird that thatís Peter. Look Sarah, our stories have joined!

George had a gentle, permeating glow; Fred burned brightly, simultaneously astonishing and warming everyone around him.
I swear Iím seconds away from crying. Why are you doing this to me? You are such an incredible writer, Sarah. You give me so many emotions I donít even know what to do with them :(

Your connection between Arthur and Fred was so amazing in this. I could feel so easily the love Arthur has for his son, and how much Fred loves his dad. It was like I was there, sharing this very private moment between them. Fred grows up so much in his short, way too short, life. But right now heís just a perfect child, who his dad adores more than anything, along with all his other perfect children.

Gah. Iím warm and happy, but sad and teary all at the same time. I donít know what to do with myself, now ♥ OR YOU.

Author's Response: And I'm finally here! Yay! I like running reviews. Well... we know I like leaving them.

I enjoyed giving a little glimpse of Ron and Ginny banding together as the two youngest of the family. But I think Ginny would definitely be in charge most of the time! She's got Arthur wrapped around her little finger - but then, I think most of his kids do. Ginny may be slightly based on my sister here, now that I think about it!

I know it sounds really silly, but I do just sort of imagine what the Weasleys are doing and watch them doing it. And then I write it down. Yep, I'm crazy.

Aw, 'darling man' is such a good way of describing Arthur. And your observation about Percy made me laugh - I think the kid has real ideas about what he wants and deserves in life! I think, even though he's the third of seven children, he's actually the middle child.

But! This is Fred's chapter so I'll get back to him. I think what you said about strength in numbers is so true for those two! Haha. It was funny trying to write this chapter, but it's a tricky one - the war is long over and life is back to normal, but it's still a really important day for our naughty twins and their parents.

I'm so happy that you felt the connection between Arthur and Fred. I really feel that, as proud as he is of all his children, he's blown away by Fred (and George). Their intelligence and creativity are very much like him and his tinkering with Muggle objects.

And... thank you! So much! For being ever so lovely :)

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