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Review:Aphoride says:
Okay, I have to admit that I've seen your two new stories floating around in messages on the forums/TGS and have been meaning to read them (and add you to my favourite author list, as it happens...) but things at uni have been hectic. So, that's my excuse - bad as it is ;)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this! I'm not a particularly girly-girl myself - I have my perfume and my mascara and foundation, but that's about it. Oh, and my shoe obsession, but that's irrelevant in reference to this chapter... anyway, I love how you've made it so accessible to everyone and not just for those girly-girls :) Also, I just love in general the idea of a story about somewhere like Witch Weekly, which has such a reputation, and it not all being totally full of vapid, giggly characters who stab each other in the back all the time...

Ah, I love your OC as well. I'm pretty wary about them, since I've read a few shockers, but I like her. She's quite no nonsense which I like, without being a total tomboy - she doesn't wear a make-up and wears a dress without being forced. It's almost like a new species of female OC has come to the forums, lol. I really like how you've included lesser-known Next Gen characters, like Dom and Lorcan and that they're obviously neither of them stupid or nasty or the stereotypical character-types you'd think of working at Witch Weekly.

And the idea of spending all day trying on make-up and writing notes about whether you like it or not as a job sounds brilliant. I'm kinda jealous.

The little details you put in are so wonderful - and you do it so well in everything you write, it's insane and I wish you'd share how you do it. I got the symbol for iron, haha, though I didn't get the iron filings fact, though I liked it when you pointed it out. The name of the potions company, the Bare Bones company, Gryffindor Scarlet and Pixie Pink... gah, it's just all so good! (On a slightly off-topic note: 1492 as the number for her flat made me laugh coz I know it as the year Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain finished the Reconquista, which has nothing to do with fashion, but yeah... I don't know if there was some meaning why you chose it - there usually is with you ;) - but I thought I'd share that).

Ooh, I love the inclusion of an inter-company competition. It's the kind of thing you can imagine a young, hip manager (Lorcan? Yes, no? I'm just guessing...) putting in place to 'liven things up' or whatever, lol. I'm really curious as to whether they're going to win, what they're going to do, who they're going to get to do it, etc.

You know, I actually really like this story. It's odd, because I didn't necessarily think I'd enjoy the story for itself and as itself, if you get what I mean, although I knew I was going to enjoy the writing because it's you and I always do, but you've really, really surprised me with this. In a good way, I promise! :D

So yeah, I really, really enjoyed this. It will have to go on my list of things to read and check for updates...

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey Aph! Thanks again for the swap :)

It's great that you enjoyed this first chapter despite its girly overtones. I'm somewhere between a girly-girl and a tomboy, and I tried to replicate that balance in Darcy. I'm happy that this felt relatable and realistic for you, and that no one felt overly stereotyped. Doesn't Darcy's job sound awesome? Haha.

It's good to hear that you like all my little details, too. Those are one of the most fun parts of writing for me. I honestly just picked 1492 because it floated to the top of my mind, so no real meaning there--shocking, I know :)

Lorcan, yes. The competition will get a little more interesting as we get closer to the end, of course. For now, Darcy and Dominique are just trying to figure out a strategy and attempting to implement it without losing their minds.

You're awesome, and very kind as usual. Thanks so much for this really lovely review! I hope to see you again sometime for chapter two.


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