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Review:Jchrissy says:
Hi ♥

That little paragraph of what Al and Lily were both doing made me miss being in school and having summer breaks *so much.* Now, itís like when we do get a break, itís not a real one. Thereís always something to do. Or Iíll take time off to go into NYC or back to visit family in California or Idaho, but by the time I either navigate the city, or fly across the country, Iím exhausted so it really isnít a break. Now youíve made me miss just sitting around with nothing to do SO much. Haha

Okay, well, even if they are moping, theyíre still getting to do nothing.

I love that Ginny doesnít put up with self-pity. Sheís probably dealt with enough from Harry for a life time to tolerate it from her children :P Although, at least Harry had valid reasons for the times when he would get mopey.

I love the idea that Ginny has come up with! And the mention of Hugo and Al going to visit Charli. Again, these are small details but they all just tie canon in beautifully.

Hahah Mrs. Black was finally taken care of, I see.

Now Iím wondering if that locked door is going to become important, or if Iím reading to much into it. Always on my toes with you, missy.

Ohh and now youíve answered my question with Albusís little venture to the the room. It definitely has something important about it.

I really enjoyed this chapter. Getting more familiar with Lily, Iím starting to like her more and more. Sheís just a teenage girl. That seems so rare to find, and I really enjoy it. She misses Scorpius, though sheís probably trying to pretend she doesnít. Itís making her grumpy and touching. She doesnít want to clean the old house, but realizes at least she wonít be so useless anymore. Sheís just so normal. Her an Albus both, and I really love that. I also like how Albus still seems to care about her as his sister, but isnít overly sweet-must-protect-you-baby-darling-sister sort of attitude. His joke about waking up to Lilyís ugly face was especially perfect.

The only thing that I kind of stopped on for a moment is the fact that Ginny didnít already know the door was stuck. That makes me wonder if it was done after Harry and Ginny lived there, because Iím sure they explored it all. Maybe house elves have always tended the place between renters, and thatís why they didnít notice before? Iím filing it in my Ďpossible cluesí section.

I really liked this chapter! Your writing definitely definitely hooks me as much just the way it did with Over The Edge!

See you soon ♥

Author's Response: Oh, the summer holidays... I miss them too. It's such a weird time -- half-excited to have three months off, and half-bored out of your mind.

With Ginny, after all she's been through with Harry and growing up poor in a house full of brothers, I can't see her having a lot of sympathy for her kids' sudden bout of ennui.

Haha! You picked up on the bit about Mrs. Black's portrait. I wasn't sure if I made that part clear enough, but I really didn't feel like writing about her screaming her head off.

I'm so glad you're liking Lily. She is meant to be pretty typical, normal teenager. I wanted her to be more like Harry -- someone normal put into extraordinary circumstances -- as opposed to being extraordinary herself. Hopefully her strength of character comes through by the end, but for now, it's mostly just one foot in front of the next.

The door will be an ongoing part of the plot, but hopefully it doesn't seem like a mistake on my part that Ginny didn't know it was locked. It's meant to have sealed itself sometime since they last inspected the house a few years ago. I'll take another look. Maybe I need to have Ginny comment more on it. I guess I just pictured her so used to the house being weird, she saw it as more of an inconvenience than a surprise :P

Thank you as always for the lovely review! I've actually managed to write about a thousand words on a new chapter. It's not great stuff, but at least it's a start, right?!

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