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Review:patronus_charm says:
Ah the letter how exciting! Iíll finally get to find out whatís happened, and I canít wait, as I have feeling itís going to be good. James and Lilyís house seems really sweet, and it made me laugh that Dumbledore was the one who recommended it, it seems like something he would do!

It was so funny seeing Beth and Snape argue, especially as it was in front of Dumbledore. But I agree I was as shocked as Beth was to find him there! Aw it was so cute though, how they were both trying to take the blame for the other, but the other wouldnít let it happen. Theyíre willing to be together despite the risks, they must really love each other. I found it so funny that Dumbledore had to make sure it would be ok, heís acting as if he was their parent. Then the kiss, how cute! A lovely Sneth filled chapter!

It was really nice to see all five of them reunited, as Iím guessing it will probably be for the last time! I donít understand how Peter can be there and act all normal, even though heís being a traitor! Oh well at least the fact that Harry will be along soon will cheer me up! I laughed so much when James said if the baby was otherwise equipped! Sirius is so sure itís a boy, he really should be a seer! Or maybe heís just so determined, as that way he can create Jamesís mini me.

Aw Snape really wants Beth to be safe! Poor old Dumbledore seemed rather confused as to why Snape was there, but it was nice to see that he was agreeing to Snapeís requests:D Woo go Snape coming over to the good side! I felt so proud of him, as heís finally realising what he needs to do with his life, and all because he loves Beth and wants her to be safe! He didnít even seem to hold that much hate for James which was nice to see.

Good old Dumbledore, disappearing for a cup of cocoa, I do have to see they are a lovely thing to have though! NO HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME! YOU CANíT MAKE SNAPE FORGET ABOUT BETH! THEN THEREíS NO SNETH! My would just came crashing down *sob* I thought they were finally getting closer, now that he was on the good side, and we might get a proper kiss, instead of these chaste things, but no, itís all ruined! AH I JUST CANíT DEAL WITH IT! WHY? WHY? CAPITALS DONíT EVEN EXPRESS MY PAIN! R.I.P. Sneth :(

THEN THE KISS! AH I CANíT EVEN COPE WITH THE END OF SNETH! MY MIND IS GOING INTO OVERLOAD! My heart goes out for Beth, if this is what Iím going through, I canít even comprehend the pain she may be feeling! I donít even want to read on now, in case something worse happens. Aw Snape I love you, youíre just awesome, and now youíre going to go back to how you were before. She will remember, or if she doesnít Iíll remember for her!

At least Harry came along to cheer me up! I loved Siriusís reaction to it, it was so sweet. He is so sweet the way he comforted Beth! Aw I love Sirius almost as much as I love Snape! I was wondering who the godmother was, so it was really nice to see it was Beth. Thank you for giving me that chapter, it made me slightly happier, even if I know Sneth wonít be around for a while *sob* :í(.

Aw how cute that Harry and Neville went to the order meeting together! I find it so funny that they knew each other as babies, and their parents were friends, yet one event meant they were separated, and knew nothing about the past. Then Sirius waking James up when he was napping, that made me laugh, as it was just a typical thing for him to do!

Ack! Snape appeared, I didnít expect that! Poor, poor Beth, and Snape as he doesnít know how awesome Sneth was! Heís gone back to his old ways then, and Beth fainted! So dramatic, and angst fuelled, I didnít know how to deal with all of it!

YAYAYAY! Another Dumbledore and McGonagall scene, I love those two together, theyíre just awesome! It was nice to see that it wasnít Dumbledoreís idea, but Snapeís, as I didnít think he would be that mean! He still has the memories though, so there is a chance he can have them back!

In The Red, was just simply brilliant, I didnít think it could top In the Black, but it did! Your writing style is superb, and the plot is amazing, and so complex. You made Snape appear cute, and that alone should mean that you get a Dobby! And Iíve nearly caught up! So exciting! Now Iím off to Breaking Even!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I HAVE FINALLY REACHED THE POINT WHERE I'M CAUGHT UP TO YOUR SNETH REVIEWS. Other than your most recent on BE, of course, but I always respond to those before posting the next chapter, so I will still celebrate muchly. ♥

I'm writing chapter 21 of BE right now and I will just have you know that it's absolutely slaying me to read you get to the end of this book, and know what's in store for you, and just. Ugh. I had a mini-existential crisis the other night just thinking about what I'm going to do when I'm no longer writing Sneth on a normal basis. What are you supposed to do when nearly two full years of work is just... finished? I SHIP THEM SO HARD. I know I'll return to them, write little offshoots of their story; I am too attached not to.

Beth's safety is Severus's number one priority, and that is really both lovely and heartbreaking. He wants so much to protect her that I don't think he takes her choices into account at all, and that's really where this whole fiasco is born from. (Although I do partially blame Dumbledore. HE SHOULD HAVE KNOWN IT WAS A BAD IDEA.)

I knew from the start -- from the start of ITB, even -- that Snape and Beth were going to have their first kiss before this very painful moment for the both of them. I am very cruel in that way, but I knew that some of the pivotal moments in their relationship would come at very difficult times for the story overall. I remember my heart pounding so much writing that chapter! Hands-down one of my favorite things I've written to date. ♥

Writing baby Harry is so much fun (as I'm sure you've seen in more recent BE chapters), and it always make me feel a touch more lighthearted than I'm sure you realize others do. :P

Ohhh, keep your eye on that bracelet...

I am so, so glad you enjoyed this story, Kiana -- I really am. There is so much of ME in this story that the fact that other people have read and enjoyed it, too, is something amazing and rather indescribable. Both this and ITB have been nominated for Dobbies, and that's an honor I can't put into words!

Thank you so, so much!

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