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Review:patronus_charm says:
So I know that you update on Sundays, so Iím hoping I can finish In The Red, and the first chapter of Breaking Even, before chapter 2 is posted!

I rather liked having the beginning of this chapter from Jamesís perspective, as it made a change, and I liked seeing what he thought of things. He really has mature recently, with him sorting out his parentsí house, and baby Harry on the way, you can see that heís finally grown into a man. I rather liked that he and Frank are friends, as it reminds you of Harry and Neville. Itís horrible to see that the times are getting considerably darker, with Dearborn disappearing, and them having to be even more careful. You can feel the build-up to James and Lilyís deaths, and itís already making me feel a little sad.

I really love the scenes with the death eaters, as itís interesting to see what cliques theyíre in, and the dynamics of their relationship. Bellatrix and Snapeís relationship seems to be very similar to how it is in the books, both of them vying to see who is more loyal to the Dark Lord. Itís funny to see them do it, as they just seem pathetic. Go away Travers, look what youíre done! I like how youíve made Snape have feelings of discontent for a while, and now heís admitting to having them, as that makes the fact that he went to Dumbledore, somewhat more believable.

I liked the girls gossiping at the beginning of this chapter, it added some light hearted and funny moments, to the darker atmosphere. I didnít realise that Siriusís affections for Beth were so obvious that everyone was asking about them! I did feel for Mary though, finding out the person you used to have a crush on, knew all the time must have been embarrassing, as they didnít do anything about it. Itís really nice to see Alice fit in with their little gang, and I agree with Beth it must be weird to have two pregnant friends, it makes you feel as if you should join with the trend and become pregnant too!

Ah so exciting Snape and Sirius meet! All that drama and tension, you do spoil us ;D I really like how youíve made Beth a reason to divide them further, as it makes the scene in the OoP when theyíre arguing in Grimmauld Place more reasonable, if they were both fighting for the same girl. Iím so proud of you Sirius! I think it was the moment when he realised that Snape gave Beth the bracelet that he decided to change. It was almost odd to see him being nice to Snape, and admit that Beth has feelings for him, but heís maturing and itís so nice to see! Then Snapeís going to admit his feelings for her! I could die happily, now I know thatís going to finally happen.

It was so awkward when Snape came, you could just sense it in the air. With Beth agonising over why he was coming, and Snape probably practising how he would say it, you can see why there was that awkwardness. When Snape brought up the kiss, it was so cute, as he was so nervous he couldnít even finish the sentence. What have you done to me? You made me think Snape was cute, and I never would have thought that would happen?! I thought Sneth was going to be over when he admitted to listening to the prophecy, as Beth seemed angry about it! Then it was saved, and he comforted her, and I was just sitting there happily awing away. Itís so adorable seeing Snape like that, as you would have never expected him to be like, and itís so nice seeing him change for the better.

James how wrong could you be? That see nearly brought me to tears, with all the Sneth beforehand, and then this! You make me a crazy bundle of emotions! Again I can see that theyíre death is getting closer and closer, and I really donít want it to happen, as that is one of the saddest things out of the entire books, and itís only matched by Dobbyís, Siriusís and Snapeís deaths.

Sirius made me laugh so much, of course he would be rude to her neighbour! Aw Beth donít be upset Iím sure everything will be alright soon. But, Sirius what have you done? I need to know what the feelings about, and whatís in the letter! What were McGonagallís suspicious? I would write more, but I hate being left on such a good cliff-hanger, so Iím off to find out more!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: STILL cannot believe how many reviews you left me in such a short span of time! :D Kiana, you are truly one of the best reviewers I've ever had. Seriously. The bee's knees. ♥

James has grown up so much in the course of this story! I'm very proud of him -- he's done so probably more than anyone else in this story. And there is a definite parallel between his friendship with Frank, and Harry's with Neville. And there's a definite juxtaposition with the "friendships" that the Death Eaters have among themselves, which I'm so glad you're picking up on! Then again, it's very hard to picture people like Bellatrix and Travers with true thick-and-thin friends like the Marauders, you know?

Oh, Sirius. ♥ I think he must not realize the effect he's got on girls -- or if he does realize it, he definitely didn't do a whole lot about it, since we don't know of any romantic relationships he had in canon. You know, I really don't get why so many people write him to be a playboy... but now's not the time for that rant. :P

LOVE THAT SNAPE/SIRIUS DRAMA. ♥ Anything where people are snarky and snippy and yelling at each other and are angry -- I'll love writing it, hands-down. I love a good bout of tension and drama. I'm so glad you're proud of Sirius at the end, though! I am too. :) Beth is one of his best friends in the world, apart from James, and that's why he thinks he could have a romantic relationship with her, but in the end he just wants her to be happy. And that is such a big, big step for him.

-melts in a puddle of emotions-

-MELTS INTO MORE PUDDLES OF EMOTIONS BECAUSE I HAVE SUCH SNAPE/BETH FEELS- This is totally not justified, but his mentioning that kiss brought such a smile to my face. ♥ I'm extremely proud to say that I've made many people root for Snape! Such a victory.

Ooh, that letter. Well, you know what it's about now, but... Oh, Sirius. You so-and-so. You're the absolute best, Kiana! :D Thank you so much for your reviews, seriously!

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