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Review:patronus_charm says:
Even though Iíve had a really busy day, I couldnít not stop by and get some Sneth! Hopefully Iíll have more time tomorrow for those two :D

I loved Snapeís reaction to the kiss, it just seemed so realistic, and it was strange to see him so moved by something. I rather enjoyed seeing him connect with his emotions for once, as we donít often see that happen. You can tell he was really worried about whether she got away safely or not, and again itís odd to see him so protective over someone, and to care so much for them. I Ďm really liking this change in Snape though:D

I knew it! I knew it! The moment Snape stepped inside the Hogs Head I knew what was going to happen! Itís such a good feeling when your assumptions are proved correct, I should really replace Trelawney as the Divination teacher! It all seemed normal at first, but I was wondering if it would happen now, as the timing would be right, I just have to say I loved that appearance from the goblin, I didnít realise they all loved gambling?!

Then bam Dumbledoreís there, and when you mentioned the woman with the scarf, I knew who it had to be! I loved Aberforth grumbling away at Dumbledore, it just made the whole scene so much more authentic. Iíve always thought this was one of the most important parts of the whole HP series, given how much it shaped the future, and seeing it again made you realise how easily it might not have happened if Snape had heard the entire prophecy! I thought that was excellently done!

I thought the scene when Snape arrived at the headquarters was great. It was nice to see that his conscience was still intact, and that he had feelings of doubt about what he was going to do. If only he had listened to those feelings, it would have saved a whole lot of trouble, but then there would be no story! I quite liked Peter in the first book, but ever since he turned to the dark side my opinion of him has gone down. Even though Snapeís a death eater, and later a double agent, he does it for a reason, not just to be on the winning side, so I guess thatís why I like him. Peter on the other hand, just did it because he was scared, and heís meant to be a Gryffindor, not Snape! I still want to know the conversation between the sorting hat and Peter.

Iíve been waiting for this moment for ages, and Snape meeting old Voldy certainly didnít disappoint! I thought it was good that they didnít meet straight away, as that wouldnít have seemed believable, I mean what would Voldemort want with someone as disposable as Snape, before he reported the prophecy? It was funny to see Roark be nicer to Snape after he got branded, but I guess that now he has the dark mark, he requires a certain level of respect. How wrong Snape was about the prophecy not affecting Beth, of course it would, itís based on her best friends!

We finally got to meet the Bridgers! Iíve been waiting for this moment ever since you first mentioned her parents, as they just sounded so strange and evil, I had to see how they actually were in person! I thought it was interesting that you made her father a Gryffindor, perhaps he has done some courageous things, after all? Or he could be a Gryffindor like Peter! I can see why Beth dislikes them so much though! I would hate to be forced into an arranged marriage, and the fact that they hang out with families like the Blacks says it all really! Wow James was brave, as I would not want to even meet Bethís parents, let alone talk to them!

Beth and Snape have really got closer, if she chooses to talk to him over James! It was nice to see her talk to him, and for nothing to interrupt them for once. But how did Bethís bracelet get there, I donít recall her dropping it or losing it, maybe I was just reading too fast, and missed out that part?

How did this chapter only get 3 reviews though, it was awesome? I always rather like filler chapters as you can learn more about the characters, and without them, there would be no story!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I think Beth is able to pull the emotions out of Snape -- which he may or may not particularly like, since I'm rather under the impression he likes hiding them away for the most part. But there we have it! She's changed a lot about him, and he's changed things about her, and you probably think it's pretty idiotic for me to ship something so hard when I created it. But I LOVE them together. I could write Beth/Snape forever. ♥

The succession of chapters where Snape discovers the prophecy and then told Voldemort about it were deceptively hard to write. I had to stick to a LOT of canon, and I know most people have vague impressions in their head of these scenes already, even if they're not fully conscious of them. I'm at a similarly tricky chapter in BE right now, and getting over that bump is hard! But I'm glad you were astute enough to see where that was headed. ;) And I'm really glad you thought I did it justice, too!

Writing Peter in the first book was actually the hardest, because at that point he was nothing but a slightly undesirable boy -- certainly not a traitor. Here you're definitely given more free rein to not particularly like him, though. My own opinion of him's deteriorated, too. :P

Another thing I sometimes hate about Marauder stories -- and I say with no small amount of guilt that a lot of the things in this trilogy have come about solely to write away things I HATE in other Marauders stories -- is how people write the Death Eater ranks. Not everyone is Voldemort's best friend, you know? And I definitely think Snape would have had to work up to that rank. Well, that's canon. :P And providing Voldemort with the information about the prophecy was what proved to him that Snape was someone to watch and take interest in. He came from a lowborn half-blood birth; he would have been of completely no import otherwise.

And the Bridgers make an appearance at last! Well, Beth's mum was seen briefly in ITB, but that hardly counts. I have such fond memories of writing that chapter with Beth's parents in a hotel room in Orlando, and I really can't believe that was eight and a half months ago. Holy cow. Her parents are deliciously villainous, and you'll see more of them in upcoming chapters of BE. :)

You don't see Beth drop/lose her bracelet, but it basically just came loose and fell off her wrist. I've lost several pieces of jewelry the same way. :D I'm not sure why it only had 3 reviews, but it's no matter to me! Reviews do dwindle the further I get into a story, and that's okay. That's one of the reasons it means so much to me that you return so faithfully without fail to each chapter -- I know I can count on you. ♥

Thank you for reviewing!!

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