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Review:patronus_charm says:
Siriusís absence does seem a little unusual. Perhaps heís come to his sense and realised that Beth doesnít like him, and heíll have to wait it out like James did for Lily, or give up on her. Or James might have had a word with him, about her talking to Snape again. Iím more inclined to think the latter; as Sirius doesnít always seem to be with it, so itís more likely heíll need that fact pointed out to him!

I was really glad to find out that you included the bit about the death eaters wanting James and Lily on their side, as I think thatís such a major thing to include yet so many people forget to do so. Itís so nice to see how much youíve stuck to canon, as itís great to see that someone else does pay attention to what JK said.

I loved Snapeís present for Beth, it seemed really heartfelt, and he did seem genuinely upset that he couldnít find a falcon to put on the bracelet! Iím starting to worry about what might occupy him on Bethís birthday though, his thoughts were rather ominous, and that suggest something big is going to happen.

I knew this moment was coming, and it certainly lived up to my expectations. It was all going so well, and there was some lovely Jilly fluff with them discussing baby names, and then Sirius has to see the bracelet and it all went downhill from there. I liked how you made James stick up for Beth, as I thought he would stick by his best mate, and support his argument, so it was nice to see that you didnít take the easy route. I do feel for Sirius, with him liking Beth, and thinking that he stood a chance, and then for him to find this out, and his dreams to come crashing down, it seemed like the only likely thing to happen.

We got to see James and Siriusís bromance again! Oh how Iíve missed that. It was so strange seeing James being so pragmatic, and being the one to make sensible decisions, given that heís a prospective father, he should be taking some control over his life now! Sirius seemed really touched that James made him Harryís godfather, and I wonder what he would have been like if James and Lily survived, and whether he would have done all those things he said he would. Itís rather sad to see that all Siriusís hopes and dreams came crashing down.

That whole Snape thing seems to have really troubled Sirius, you can see it with him looking at the map, and going back to The Three Broomsticks. Itís as if heís trying to go back to his time at Hogwarts where everything seemed to be fine, and everything went his way. It again shows how much real life changed them, and how unexpected it all can be.

I saw Sarah pop up in your story again! That was such a nice thing to do, and Iím tempted to copy that idea, and put my beta in my story as well!

That was such a shocking chapter, first Snape was having second thoughts about whether Ďto play with his foodí, and you could feel how much he didnít want to do it. Then bam! Beth appears, and thereís just so much confusion over whatís really happening, that youíre just left feel scared over whoís getting attacked and what the outcome of it all will be. The ending was great there was an almost kiss, and I was just awing throughout. I canít wait to see a proper kiss! Itís been long overdue;D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Sirius definitely isn't always with it. :D Poor bloke -- he's got to delude himself into believing he's in love, just because he's lonely. I know I keep saying this, but a hug or two (from someone other than Beth, so as not to confuse him further!) would really do him wonders.

Can I just say how seriously glad I am that you're well-versed enough in canon to appreciate that I'm trying to stick to it, too? That sounds like a weird thing to say, but I've worked very hard to try and keep these books in canon as much as possible, and it's always fantastic knowing my hard work isn't going unnoticed. I don't know why a lot of people DON'T, especially considering that part of that pivotal prophecy named Harry as born to parents who've thrice defied Voldemort.

Snape's present for Beth, as you may or may not have figured by now, has important implications for later plot devices. ;) And it's also a really sweet gesture, if I do say so myself! Plus everyone gives rings and necklaces in stories, and maybe they have greater romantic symbolism, but a nice bracelet should be appreciated, too.

Writing Sirius and Beth's confrontation about the bracelet was one of my favorite things to write in this entire story (did I really write that last summer?!)! I love high-tension, emotion-heavy scenes. Namely where people are screaming at each other. Which is a bit odd... But one thing to remember is that Sirius doesn't like Beth -- not really. He loves her as a sister, but thinks he can have with her what James has with Lily, and deludes himself into thinking that's love. It's a completely different thing entirely. :)

James and Sirius's bromance crops back up in BE, too! I love writing it; those two have such great chemistry of the non-romantic sort, if you know what I mean. (Although I'm sure James/Sirius fic exists, come to think of it.) I always sort of see James being the more rational of the two, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because Harry is much more pragmatic than Sirius in some canon instances. Who knows? But it's sort of supported in the fact that Sirius "retreats" into the past when he's upset, pining for times when things perhaps made a bit more sense to him.

Sarah can't stay out of this story. :D Which is appropriate, because her mark is EVERYWHERE. You're going to see her one more time, in BE, but that's all I'll tell you on that front!

I was quite cruel, holding out on that kiss, wasn't I? :3 TENSION. Oh, I really do miss writing these sorts of Beth/Severus scenes. I didn't realize I would until they understandably dwindled in number. It makes me want to write some spin-offs, just to get my kicks!

Well, you know what I'll say now: Thank you, thank you, thank you for reviewing! ♥

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