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Review:patronus_charm says:
I really like how youíre tying events into events which happen later. First it was with Remus and him wanting to do his transformations by himself, now itís with Sirius being accused of being a spy. All these little things, show how the more major things developed, and itís so clever that you included them as it makes the story more believable, as those plots donít just jump straight at you. Then Peter being ill, I may be reading too much into this, but is this the first sign of him becoming a death eater?

I really loved Remus and Siriusís reaction to the news that Lily was pregnant, it was so realistic, and it was nice to have some light hearted fun, in the otherwise dark book. I think the best part was Sirius punching James, it just seemed so typical of him, and I wished I could have been there, to join with all the fun.

I really liked the fluffy Sneth moments, and I would pay anything to see Snape in muggle clothing, as I would have never thought that would happen. I liked how you showed that both of their parents would have disapproved of what they were doing for the war effort, as it shows again how similar they are.

Typical Sirius just strolling into someoneís house, and acting as if it was his! I almost thought that Beth was right about his house burning down, as it does seem like something he would do, but itís a mission. The last mission was so exciting Iím hoping that this one will be just as eventful, and whether theyíll be any Sneth moments during it as well.

Lucius seemed as evil as ever! He still thought then that he owned the place, and that was without all of his power, perhaps itís an inbred Malfoy thing? And he knows about the Order. Well I kind of guessed he would, considering they know about the death eaters, but itís almost scary how intent he seemed on the Order being destroyed. Then their report to Moody was great, and he was still the sarcastic person we all know and love! He really does come up with the best lines, especially the one about Sirius blowing up stuff; heís still acting like a child!

I really liked that you explained the reason why Peter joined Voldemort, as thatís always one of the most puzzling things of the whole book, and it was nice to his reason in context, as it helped you understand his choice a little more. I couldnít help but feel a little sympathy towards Peter, as it must have been tough, always feeling inferior to your friends who are meant to be your equals and the dark lord would give him power, and therefore he went to him. It was really nice seeing this, as in most other Marauder stories itís not really explained, your just meant to know, but I much preferred your version.

The idea of Peter having to make an unbreakable vow was great, as it again helped explain why he did certain things. I can understand up to a certain extent why he would join Voldemort, but for him to go and betray James and Lily, it seemed too far. If he was locked into doing it by an unbreakable vow though, I could then understand why he would do it, as he was really given no choice, but to accept the vow, or be killed instantly.

What was that Sirius? Why did you go and grab her hand? At least heís agreeing with me about why he did it. It was a little sad seeing James realise that he didnít know Beth as well as he used to, as they were so close before, but I guess everyone moves on. He was right about her not needing Sirius though, and Iím not just being biased towards Sneth here (Ok maybe I am being a little biasedÖ.), but I feel the only person who can really save Beth is Snape, and thatís because theyíre both so complex, and so similar, no one could suite them as well as they suite each other.

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you like those little canon snippets I tried to include! One thing I didn't realize before sitting down and actually writing this story was how many little things I'd have to work at including if I wanted the story to be as canonically accurate as possible -- which I did. Sometimes it's been tough, sticking to a not-set-in-stone canon, so hearing compliments from people like you really makes me feel great, knowing you appreciate the small things. :)

Sirius is so light-hearted, even in these chapters, and I never realized it until your reviews. But it's so true! Punching James, acting like he owns the world... he changes alongside Beth at the end of this story, and ugh. More hugs for him are in order just for that.

I loved writing that mission scene, though, and I have very clear memories of sitting in a backwoods coffee shop, waiting on my dad, who was working, and busting it out -- I probably wrote over 2,000 words of that in a sitting. EVIL LUCIUS. ♥

I thought it was extremely important, almost pivotal, to explain why Peter went across to join the Death Eaters. Not only was it something that /completely/ affected the entire series, but I'd never found a satisfactory explanation for it anywhere, and I wanted to do it justice. I'm so glad you liked my interpretation of events! I think it's not unreasonable to think he would have used an Unbreakable Vow -- Bellatrix and Snape both knew about it in HBP, so it might have been a common tool for that side. And it does mean that Peter had no choice but try his hardest to help the Death Eaters, no matter what that meant.

MORE HUGS FOR SIRIUS. ♥ Honestly... I just feel so, so bad for him. :(

Thank you for reviewing!!

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