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Review:patronus_charm says:
I felt so proud of Snape when he admitted that his patronus had changed to Beth. He must have known it would take a lot to persuade her, and you could sense he was a little nervous beforehand, but who could blame him? What he was about to reveal, was going to change his life. Beth and Snape seem to have a sort of magnetic attraction to each other, so he had to reveal it, as it seems as if they canít not have each other in their lives.

It was nice to see that despite the fact that Beth knew that he killed one of those men, and that he had the dark mark, that she was still willing to keep in touch with him. I guess that shows how theyíre magnetically attracted to one of another again. If it was me, I would be running away, as I donít think I could talk to murderer, as I would just be thinking about what they had done, but this is Sneth, so itís completely different!

What was that the end, I did not expect that! I know it said that there was Sirius/OC in this story, but I thought that would be with Marlene, not Beth! Whatís going to happen to Sneth, this canít happen! Ah Sirius why are you doing this? Youíre running the perfect romance, which is just getting back on track! If itís just because James has gone and got married, and left their bromance, itís a silly reason! This canít happen! Sorry for this outburst, but it was very necessary!

It was funny seeing Jamesís bemusement as to why Sirius was acting so strangely. I can understand why he felt that why, as Iím with James here, where did his sudden interest in Beth come from. The fact that heís considering marrying her is just so shocking, and almost hilarious at the same time! Poor Sirius, it probably comes from him not having a stable home environment, so he seeks attachment with Beth.

So Alice and Lily are both pregnant how exciting! I think the name Elvendork has so much more going for it than Harry, honestly they should have listened to Sirius! Poor James having to handle a pregnant wife, and a friend whoís deliriously in love! It was so funny see the reactions to both pieces of news ;D

James really is one of the loveliest people in the world. Everyone says that Harry got his kindness from Lily, but I think he got it from James as well. It was just so sweet when he told Beth that it was alright that she and Snape were talking again, and I guess he can understand how hard it is to let go of someone youíve loved for so long, as he has a lot of experience with Lily. He must be so conflicted right now, knowing that Beth doesnít like Sirius but Snape, but Sirius still likes her. All this drama and angst, is getting too much for me to handle!

I can understand Bethís excitement for the Order meetings, as it must be cool feeling knowing that youíre making a difference to the world, and people will look back on you, and think that you helped change the world. Why canít it be real, so I can join the Order? It just sounds so exciting!

Siriusís temper is immerging again! I can understand why, and it was completely reasonable that he reacted in such a way. I would hate to be discriminated against, just because of who my family are, or what they did. You almost forgot that Beth is in the same position as him, so it was nice for him to be able to have someone who can understand and sympathise with his position.

Eek theyíre going to meet again, I canít wait, I mean if itís dramatic as the previous times, itís certainly something to look forward to, well any moments between them are something to look forward to!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I owe you another apology -- this is getting to be a habit! -- for STILL not having finished responding to all these reviews you left me. Life's hectic, school's crazy, but I still should have had responses for you before now. Thank you so much for being so patient and understanding!

I'm proud of Snape for having the guts to tell Beth about his patronus, too. ♥ And although I made the ship up, I totally agree they need to have one another in their lives! This chapter was one of those lovely ones where I got to hardcore ship Sneth, instead of making excuses as to why they couldn't be together. I think both of them showed that -- Severus in telling Beth about his patronus, and Beth in overlooking, however briefly, the things she knew he'd done, because she was accepting the man he was, faults and all.

There is a touch of Sirius/OC in this story, as I know you know now, but it is nearly completely one-sided, and even then, Sirius never really loves Beth. :( The poor man is just very lonely and kidding himself, and oh, he just needs so many hugs at varying points in his life. It's partly from his unstable home life, but it's also because he feels that Lily has replaced his role in James's life, and he thinks Beth can fill the void, despite all the things she's gone through with Severus the previous year.

I LOVE James. ♥ I think I've said it before, but I had no idea how much I'd love writing him in this story, and he really feels like the best brother figure Beth's got, too me. I do like to think that some of Harry's kindness comes from his father. I actually think some of his sarcastic nature comes from his mother, although I imagine sarcasm was also a pretty big defense mechanism for him, growing up with the Dursleys.

I'll leave you to join the Order! I think I'd be much too much of a coward to do it myself. :P But that's me in a nutshell, I suppose.

Note: Beth and Severus are ALWAYS going to have drama when they're together. :D It's inevitable.

I SERIOUSLY AM SO SORRY IT'S TAKING ME FOREVER TO RESPOND TO YOU. ♥ Thank you, once again, for all these reviews!

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