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Review:patronus_charm says:
I keep on leaving these insanely long review! I would make them shorter so theyíre not such a pain to reply to, but then I couldnít say everything I wanted to!

When Beth was looking in the mirror, I guess it was echoing my thoughts about how she seems like a different person, and thatís due to her being in the real world and maturing. I do rather like this new Beth, as she doesnít seem as naÔve as the older one, and she seems to be more wise, and prepared for the real world. Probably her heart-break over Snape helped her mature a lot, as it made her grow as a person.

I really liked Aliceís characterisation in this, as she just seemed so kind, and protective over Beth, basically exactly how I imagined her to be. She just seemed like such a strong character, and she wasnít afraid to make hard decisions such as sending Beth to go and sit under the bridge. I hope that she features more, as sheís turning out to be an awesome character. I guess it was good thing that she was sent there, as that way she got to see Snape!

Wahaha! I loved chapter 6 all those Sneth moments, you really do spoil us with them! It was just so awesome, you could sense the tension and how much they still cared for each other, I was just a bundle of nerves, as I really couldnít anticipate what would happen next, it was just brilliant that chapter, and I think itís safe to say one of the best so far. I loved the bit where Snape finally stopped skirting round the edges, and confronted Beth over why she ignored him and ran away. It was just awesome, as you could sense that they still had deep feelings for one another, even though they both denied it!

Then when he grabbed her wrist, ah it was just awesome, as you could sense all their conflicting emotions. You made me into a bundle of mixed emotions then, it was just awesome, I think I love Sneth way too much now! Then when he said he would owl, it proved to me that he still loved her. Iím sorry if that didnít make much sense, I just canít really explain how brilliant that scene was.

I think this is one of the best, and most believable romances I have ever come across, and it just seems to natural, and I donít think anyone would want Sneth to be apart! And there was some adorable Jilly scenes. You know you really are awesome, by giving us these brilliant scenes all the time! I still canít decide whether Sneth is overtaking my love for Jilly or not, and that is saying something as Jilly are my OTP!

I found it funny that Amycus told Snape that he was an amateur, yet later on Snape is one of Voldemortís most trusted comrades, and he actually admits that he was sorry to kill him, so the tables will turn for Snape!

I see that Snapeís worst memory has replaced his previous one. It was rather sad to see how much that had affected him, and the fact that this was now his worst memory just shows, that itís his worst one unnecessarily. If only Beth knew the truth, I guess she will find out one day, and I canít wait for that day to happen!

A great ending as well, Iím so glad that his patronus has changed, as that now truly reflects his feelings, and eek he asked to see her, she better say yes!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I know it's taken me a long time to respond to these -- but trust me, it's not because it's a pain! Long reviews make me so, so happy, and you'd better believe it. ;) I'm still insanely appreciative that you took the time to leave me any reviews at all!

I think the newer Beth that you get more of in ITR/BE is a bit less naive, and she knows slightly more about the world than her seventh-year self -- which is probably true for all of us as we grow up. I think heartbreak did aid in that, although it's sad to think of it that way. :(

I loved writing Frank and Alice in this story! I'd never really gotten the chance to before, other than in a one-shot I wrote about Neville where they were already in St. Mungo's. I will admit that having Alice send Beth away was probably more of a plot device than anything, although I'm glad you thought it fit her character too. ;) How about those Sneth moments?! I can still remember how ridiculously giddy I got writing those bridge chapters -- it really doesn't feel like that long ago, though it was probably a year at least. Severus and Beth finally realized that being upfront about their problems actually gets them resolved, eh? But then again, probably not. :P

I'm sort of biased on Sneth, of course, but I HUGELY adore the fact that you think this romance is one of the most believable you've seen! So much of my effort in planning and writing these books /was/ trying to make the romance something that could actually happen in real life, minus the magic and all that. I've come to love writing James/Lily so much more, too, and these books really have just done wonders for my confidence in myself. Hearing such wonderful feedback from reviewers like you (especially knowing how much you like James/Lily!) puts the biggest smiles on my face, and makes me want to keep going and keep improving my writing.

Snape's worst memory has been replaced, sure -- another indication, somewhat more subtle, of Beth sort of taking over the romantic role Lily once held in Snape's life. :D I know you've finished ITR by now, but it's so fun to go through and see the thoughts you had while reading it!

Thank you so much, once again, for all these reviews! And also once again, please do forgive me for how long it's taken to respond. I'm trying to sit down today and knock out a whole bunch of them, so expect more responses quite shortly! ♥

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