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Review:patronus_charm says:
Iím determined to finish In The Red, before you update Breaking Even again, so prepare for a lot of reviews!

So itís been an exciting year for Beth then? I can see why Sirius would be getting excited by the sight of the dark lordís sympathisers. I do feel a little for him, that heís been denied action for so long, but I guess Alice, Frank and Mad-Eye know what theyíre doing. I saw that there were no mentions of her seeing Snape, in the year that had gone. I guess that was the only natural thing, as the way they left things wasnít the best. I do hope that there are some Sneth scenes soon, as theyíre just awesome!

You can see how much theyíre changed since entering the real world. Poor Beth being broke, I guess instant noodles do lose their appeal, if thatís all you can eat. With James as well you can see the changes now that heís a married man, and Lily is now his priority. Even though itís only the first chapter you can sense how much theyíve changed and matured. I canít wait to see what Peterís like, and whether heís already defected to the other side or not.

Alice and Frank do seem lovely! They remind me a lot of Neville, well they would considering their his parents, but some people charactised relatives completely differently, and makes you wonder how they can be related. The fact that Beth puts so much emphasis on their loyalty, reminded me so much of Neville, as heís very loyal as well. I mean look how he stood up to the trio in PS, and that was all for Gryffindor.

I really felt for Sirius, and he was horrible seeing how cut up he was over Regulusís death. I thought that was done very well, because though they were on opposing sides, they were brothers, and blood is thicker than water.

Ooh and how exciting they get their first mission! I hope my assumptions from the last book are proved correct, about Beth meeting Snape while on one! Then there will finally be some Sneth moments. Iím really looking forward to this mission, as I canít wait to see how Sirius and Beth will cope when they come face to face with death eaters for the first time.

Snapeís dream was wonderfully one, I guess the dusty ballroom could symbolise how stagnant Beth and Snapeís relationship is, and that it doesnít seem to be recovering at the moment. I really liked how you described his disdain of not being admitted into the Dark Lordís inner circle straight away. It was interesting to learn more about how this cult works, as I do find the dark lord and his death eaters very fascinating to read about.

I rather like the dark turn this story has taken, and it would have been the natural way to go. I mean Voldemort was growing stronger, and they were no longer inside the protective walls of Hogwarts so it was bound to get stronger, and I think it was wonderfully done, as you get a real sense of the fear and tension, everyone must have been feeling.

I was really glad that Snape felt sick at the prospect of killing muggles. I think that all death eaters must have felt that at some point, as they must have a drop of humanity in them, and it was just so horrible, as the muggles were just having a good time, and they didnít know about the carnage which was about to unfold. You showed how Snape was questioning his actions brilliantly, and you could really sense that he was being pulled into two directions, and he didnít know which way to go.

I really hoped that Snape would listen to his conscious and not go ahead with the killings, but that would have meant an almost certain death for himself. Iím guessing that explosion is Sirius and Beth, while Iím hoping it is, theyíll like the Dream Team, in my head ;D

Four amazing chapters and I expect the other thirty to be equally amazing, if not more!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Phew. It is just taking me FOREVER to answer these reviews for you. I'm really sorry about that! ♥ It's no slight on the reviews themselves, to be sure!

Beth saw nothing of Snape in the year between books, definitely. Which would suck, but then again, she thinks she's done with him. ;) It really surprised me how different these characters seemed just sitting down to write ITR for the first time -- they sounded so unlike their Hogwarts selves overnight, and I couldn't believe it! Over a year later, I remember that quite clearly. :P

It's neat that Neville's parents remind you of him! I was attempting that; I want James and Lily to sound a bit like Harry, too, because it is important to make them similar, I think. There's a lot about family in these books, I'm realizing now: Beth's family, James and Lily starting a family, Sirius's family, the Longbottoms. I've never quite noticed that before... but family is huge, really.

Snape's dream is one of my favorite parts of this book! :3 I wanted it to be able to be analyzed, and coming up with it was a bit tricky, but I am immensely pleased with the result. The dust is his life with Beth, which he feels has crumbled; Beth's footsteps toward him have faded, showing her walking away, which he feels he has. (Again -- /so much/ of this story would have been resolved if people actually talked to each other instead of brooded and sulked, but where's the fun in that?)

ITR is dark in my head -- literally, color-wise, and I think that's why the first four or five chapters all take place at night. :D I'm glad you like the darkness! I LOVE writing darker, angstier things, and that's what I generally do write. The uncertainty, the war, the tension, the things unsaid... I thrive on it! ♥

You can talk big, but in the end, you're going to have to come to terms with the fact that you're a killer -- and Snape didn't realize that until it came time to do it himself. Death Eaters, again, are human people, no matter how twisted their morals, and I love exploring humanity. I'm just thrilled, basically, because you're picking up on all this stuff about my story, and I'm grinning like mad in the middle of lecture right now. I'm nostalgic for my own story!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review, Kiana!! And again, I'm dreadfully sorry for how long it's taking me to respond to reviews. This semester is CRAZY but I am trying! :)

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