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Review:patronus_charm says:
My final review *sob*!

Poor old James having to plan the perfect proposal! I agree with Beth though, her idea does seem to be the best, and itís just so simple, and it will be romantic, Iím sure of it! I just love Jilly, thereís something about them, which draws you into their love story, and so if thereís any Jilly fluff, I come running!

I was glad to find that Snape wasnít too angry about James proposing to Lily, but I guess he has Beth now, so he doesnít need to get hurt by it. In fact his reaction to it was rather funny, as he just seemed rather nonplussed by it, and it was so unexpected. Then Snapeís thoughts which followed reinforced my views. It was just so nice to see Snape realise that he no longer loved, and I canít wait to see what his talk with Beth will be it, I have my assumptions so I want to see whether theyíre correct or not :D

I loved Jamesís attempts at trying to calm himself, by asking Lily about her friends. Of course that got her side-tracked and sort of ruined the romantic moment, and you couldnít help but feel a little for him! Then the proposal, it brought tears to my eyes as well as Lilyís, it was so heartfelt, and wonderfully done. You could just sense how much they loved each other, that was one of the best Jilly proposals Iíve read, and thatís saying something, as Iíve read tons!

So Snapeís patronus was a doe? Itís safe to say I was a little disappointed by this, as I was expecting it to be a falcon, as he no longer loves Lily. Well patronuses can change, as Tonksís changed to become a werewolf, so perhaps thereís hope out there that Snapeís will change to match Beth animagi form. At least Snape had the same feelings as me.

The house elves reaction to James being engaged was adorable. I really do love house elves, they just have so much enthusiasm for everything, so any appearances of them, make me happy!

The ending of that chapter was horrible, it made me almost cry. Poor Beth! If only she knew that Snape no longer loved Lily, and wished that his patronus matched hers instead! You can sense that she thought that their relationship was finally moving somewhere, and then for that to happen, and it got all ruined!

James and Beth have such a good friendship, they could almost be siblings due to how close they are. It was nice to see that he was the one that comforted her, as I guess he can understand, as he had to watch the one he loved, be friends with someone else, and appear unreachable, and thatís what Beth is going through now, even if it isnít true.

The scene when Snape confronted Beth was awesome! You really felt for Snape, as you could sense his confusion, as of course he couldnít understand what was going on, as he didnít know that she had seen his patronus. But Beth completely giving up on him, I did not expect that. Given the situation she was in, and how unlikely it would be that they have a successful relationship, it seemed like the most obvious thing to do. Iím still hoping that they manage to work it out though! Poor Snape, he did seem to be giving up on everything, and he lost the two things which he really cared about:(

It was nice to have some light-hearted talk over what Lily should wear to her wedding, after all that heart-break, if there was any more I donít think I could handle it!

Then the ending was just awesome really, well the whole story was awesome, but this just topped it all! It was so powerful, and Snape seemed to think that he had really lost any hope of him being together, as I think if he did have some hope, he may have not chosen that path.

Iím so glad that I read this story, as it was just brilliant, and it just showed what a talent you have for writing! I canít wait to read the next one, so expect to see me back soon :D


Author's Response: True story: James's proposal was supposed to be ENTIRELY different from how it turned out in the chapter. I had a whole other scenario planned out in my mind, with him walking down to the lake and proposing near the tree that crops up so often in this book, and then he started heading toward the Quidditch pitch basically of his own volition. It was terrifying. :D That being said, it's so lovely to hear you enjoyed it anyway! I know I just mentioned this a few responses back, but I really do value your opinions of this ship highly, seeing as how you love them so much. And the house elves! ♥ Everyone needs more excuses to write house elves into their stories. Fact.

Aaand this is where everything goes downhill, as far as Snape and Beth are concerned. I'm rather cruel, I sometimes think, building it all up and making it seem like it might be possible, to yank it away almost at the last moment. But if not for that, where would the conflict be? Things to ponder.

And I stand by what I've said time and again: If people in my stories actually talked about the issues bugging them, the books would be half as long. But again, no conflict does not make for a very interesting story. ;)

I LOVE the ITB ending, if I do say so myself. ♥ With both this and ITR, I tried to end in ways that lead mostly naturally into sequels, in a hope that people would check back and see what the characters were up to in the next one. And yet, I had to inform my dad that ITB wasn't the end, that there /were/ sequels -- oh, well. Dads are peculiar creatures. :3

I'm so glad you read this story, too! I honestly cannot say it enough. ♥ I'm just thrilled to pieces that you enjoyed it so much, and that you even wanted to continue on to ITR and eventually BE. That means so, so, so much to me!!

Thank you for all your lovely reviews, Kiana! ♥

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