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Review:patronus_charm says:
Iím down to the last few chapters, yay!

Ooh quidditch! Thereís always so much excitement and drama at the matches, and especially as this is against the Slytherins I knew I was in for some interesting stuff! Sirius really did get into the quidditch match didnít he? I guess with the Slytherin rivalry has heightened, and the fact that boys tend to be avid sport lovers, I can see why.

You scared for a minute with James then! But at least I knew he couldnít die, as Harry hadnít been born yet. Sirius and James really do have a such a cute bromance going on! The fact that he was running down to James before Lily was, really showed how much he cared for him. Good old McGonagall let them in of course! What is with the Potterís and the quidditch injuries though, it seems as if itís a genetic thing.

So Beth finally got a reply from her parents? I really do feel for her, as it must be horrible having them as your parents. I just wish I could see them in the person, as theyíre just so evil in her head, I wonder if they are like that in real life or not.

I loved Snape in this chapter, you can see him beginning to change for the better, and it was all thanks to Beth. The fact that he felt a little guilty that James got injured is enough to show, as James has always been vile towards him, and now that he can show some compassion towards his bully is a big step for him. Then he starts defending him in front of Rosier, even though he says he isnít defending him, he is really!

It was so scary seeing the new generation of death eaters being formed! They just seem so innocent and young, and I canít comprehend how they can be entrapped by this darkness. It was very well done though, and you can see the transition of innocence, into those witnessing heinous crimes beginning.

I wonder what Snapeís patronus is going to be. I know that itís meant to be a doe, because of his love for Lily, but now Beth has usurped Lilyís position in Snapeís heart, I wonder whether his patronus will change into a falcon?

I can see why you needed Remus to break free from the others. He is after all meant to be the Ďtraitorí of the group, and the fact that he is beginning to distance himself from the others, begins to show where that belief developed from. I liked the idea of them being reunited like the old days, so they have one more time, when their friendship is strong. I liked Peterís little joke, I know it was a minor thing, but it showed that he wasnít the pathetic person, many people think he is.

Iím beginning to feel a little nostalgic like James, as itís coming to the end of the story. I know that they are 2 more books, but theyíre based on when theyíre in the real world, and exposed to the dangers of it. So Iím going to have to prepare myself for the inevitable deaths which will follow from it :(

An awesome 3 chapters though!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: So close to the end now!

Ugh, Quidditch. I don't think I'm speaking falsely when I say that it is my LEAST favorite thing to write in HP fan fic -- there are (to me) only so many ways to make it interesting. Namely, getting everyone all beat up, and making the focus not entirely on the players. :) Sirius and James have the ultimate bromance! My favorite, I think, or definitely one of my favorites.

Oh, Snape. ♥ I love the Snape at the end of this book, because I sort of envision him teetering on the edge -- nearly alongside the Death Eaters, but not quite, because there's something holding him back. And the strange thing, I think, is that he WANTS to be held back, but the force on the sheer side of the cliff is stronger, especially after seeing his patronus hasn't changed forms. (Help, that metaphor ran away with me.)

Ah, you've picked up on something so important, with Remus being thought to be the "traitor"! The relationships between the five Marauders are going to shift and change in the upcoming books, and are definitely going to keep doing so throughout BE; I just wrote a chapter that largely focuses on that, and it's a fairly large part of a later chapter, towards the end. I'm glad you've picked that out so early! ;)

I still feel nostalgic for ITB sometimes, to tell the truth. There is a warmth about writing stories set in Hogwarts proper that is lacking outside it, even in stories still set in the Potterverse. Sarah aptly calls it the "Hogwarts bubble." :3

Steel your nerves! ♥

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