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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello again! Iím kind of combining reviews for all the chapters Iíve read so far into one, so that way I can carry on reading, as I love this story, so I donít want to stop reading it!

I loved that scene with Snape and Beth, when it was the full moon. It was just so aw worthy, and the fact that he hasnít snitched on them yet just shows that heís got feelings for Beth. I also loved how you showed that Snape noticed Bethís little slip up, about not being able to transform due to feelings of attachment, and you could sense that he liked the fact that she liked him. I was a little unsure about reading a Snape/OC, as Snapeís meant to have undying love for Lily, but the way youíve portrayed it so far, makes it believable, and itís nice to see that Snape is able to move on from her.

I didnít expect Sirius to have a fight with Avery, but I guess that fits his character well, as he always seem so hot-headed. You can tell how great friends all five of them are, by the way they looked after Sirius after his fight, and helping Moony out on full moons. Itís so nice to see the Marauders friendship as the main basis of the story, as itís usually romance, and we donít really get to see what close bonds they have, so this was a nice change.

I liked the confrontation between Beth and Snape, it showed her, that her idealised image of Snape, may not be all that accurate. I felt kind of bad for Lily, when Beth just shunned her warning, though this may bring her to her senses. Despite Snape being a pureblood supremacist, even though heís a half-blood, I still want him and Beth to be together, as she just has something about her, which seems as if she can change Snape for the better. Youíve also left their potential relationship dangling in front of me for too long now, and I have to see it happen!

It was nice to see Beth try and patch things up with her parents. It must have taken a lot to do that, as I donít think anyone would appreciate being used as a pawn between a marital dispute. Given that they side with the supremacists on their views on blood status, it again must have taken a lot, to patch things up with people who didnít support her own views. I hope we actually see them in person at one point, as they sound like very interesting characters, which I would love to learn more about.

Then that scene with Snape getting teased by the Marauders. Even though this story has made me love Snape even more than before, I still found Jamesís line about the shampoo funny, even if I did feel a little mean about laughing at it. Then the scene that followed that, it was again very aw worthy. It was so nice to see how much Snape has come to trust Beth, and the fact that sheís the only person he can talk to right now, is so pitiful, as he has no other friends, but then that means more Sneth time!

I thought that the Sarah person in the Charms classroom, was your beta, as I remember you saying her name was Sarah, and I was glad that my assumptions were proved correct! That was such a nice thing to do, and betaís really do deserve, as they are awesome!

Ok this is getting to be a really long review, so Iíll just post this how it is, and carry on with the rest of the story!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Trust me, combination review are totally fine. :P And this way I feel (slightly) less bad about how long it's taking me to respond to these reviews! I'm hacking away at them, never fear. ♥

The Snape/Beth moments, especially in this book, are scarce... but they're coming! And I'm glad that you, like other reviewers, have appreciated the realistic pacing of that, because that is something I was so worried about when I first started writing this. Some people trade realism for instant gratification, and I didn't know how doing the opposite would translate here. :P

Arguments MAKE this story -- and I say that not in a conceited way, but for the fact that apparently the only way I can write conflict and move plot along is when people are mad at one person or another. :D Beth and Snape's fight is actually one of my favorite scenes in this book, though, and I think it's one of those things that I think should be in more stories more often. So many times it's the couple against the rest of the world, or the couple fighting due to sexual tension, but Beth and Snape argue because they are polar opposites, as far as viewpoints go. (I hope this review is making sense -- I feel myself starting to ramble...)

We did see Beth's mum, briefly, in chapter 2, but as you know now, they definitely come into play more in ITR. And they crop up again in BE, so look out for that, too! I loved writing them, while hating them simultaneously -- but they're definitely written from Beth's biased point of view.

Sarah completely owns this story. She inspired it in the first place, and she's been so supportive of it throughout, the least I could do was give her a bit of interaction with Sirius. ♥ It's a bit amazing, how widespread her mark on this story is!

Thank you for reviewing!!

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