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Review:patronus_charm says:

Of course Keep Calm and Carry On can have some love. Iím sorry it took a while to come, I just didnít have a laptop for a couple of days, and Iíve recently learnt, writing reviews on my phone is considerably harder!

I thought the start to the chapter was great. It made me laugh so much that Edie found it too hard to concentrate just on the wand, but was instead focusing on Wood. Is it just me, or is Edie begin to fall for Wood. Aw that was scene was just so cute, and a great follow up from the last one.

I was also really glad to find that Lisa was featuring more in this chapter, as she had been missing a bit from the story so far. It was nice to learn more about her character, and I began to understand why Edie was friends with, because all we had seen of her so far was her being the anxious bride to be.

I just have to mention the great pun for the wedding boutique name! It took me a while to get, before I realised it was Vera Wang, but I liked the subtly of it!

Justin seems like such a character as well! I do feel for Edie, as I know what itís like to be treated as someoneís little sister, as itís never fun to be patronized or look down upon. But hey she got her revenge by mentioning his man-purse, I mean who has them? Itís just like youíre wearing a sign saying Ďmake fun of meí!

When Rose appeared in the alleyway I expected her to say that she had suddenly been fired, and the next two interviews had been cancelled. It was funny to see Edie in a position of power for once, even if she is an intern. Yay we get to have two more interviews from her though, and sheís a better writer. I canít wait to see what happens there, as sheíll have to see Wood again, who still doesnít know about whatís in the first. I canít wait to read it, itís going to be great :D

What was that! How could you bring that twist on me, and out of nowhere! When Rose and Oliver walked in, I was just so shocked! They canít ruin the sort of budding romance of Oliver and Edie! Why did Rose have to appear, she got Edie to write her article, so she can just leave Wood alone! Sorry for this outburst, but it was necessary!

I thought this was an excellent chapter, and you left me on a cliff-hanger again, as I still donít know why Oliver and Rose were there. I have no CCís, except keep on writing this awesome stuff!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: No apologies necessary, you're much more prompt with reviews than I am! And oh my gosh, so much good stuff for me to read through!

Edie just may be developing some interests, but I don't think she'll let herself expand on them. More on that in later chapters, though--don't want to spoil anything!

I just love Lisa. I know that I'm biased, but I can't help it! This chapter definitely gave her some face-time, and she's more present in later ones. I also re-wrote the first chapter since you read it to give her a bigger appearance. You're right--she totally had been missing from the story!

Yes yes yes! You are only one of two readers to point out the Varya Wing pun... I'm so glad that a few people have noticed it! Couldn't help it xD

I want Justin to be this kind of, like, male equivalent of Edie... They have similar qualities. Maybe this is why Lisa loves them both and why she and Justin fight so much? xD They're both very opinionated, but he's much more blunt and tactless. He's also a bit more literal whereas she can be wry and sarcastic. But he's strangely sensitive too (as we see with his man-purse and his desire to fit in with other lawyers.) Whereas Edie is just kind of like I DON'T CARE IF YOU LIKE ME RAWR

Oooh, that wouldn't have been very nice for them at all, if the articles had been cancelled! I wanted more opportunities for Ediver to interact, so I expanded the articles. ~*~pLoT tWiSt~*~!!!

It's explained in the next chapter why Rose showed up, although since it's not really a spoiler: she's just a vindictive wench. And she knows that the article is important to Edie so she's kind of waving it in front of her face, like, "I'm the actual journalist here--look at me doing journalist things!"

Whew. I hope this response was even halfway worthy of that review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such thoughtful comments. ♥

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