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Review:LovlyRita says:
Ok, I am determined to make this review concise. Are you ready for this mess?

First of all...d'awww Remus. Love. Him. And Lily, just couldn't mind her own business. I don't normally find myself rooting against Lily but this was one instance where I was just like, Leave it alone Lily. The man is hurt, he's been up all night, he clearly needs some alone time. But no, she just has to go and hide and such. But, I thought the whole thing with the calling the werewolf issue the "hippogriff" was funny and kind of cute. I love Remus, I really do. And I guess it's kind of nice that Lily is in on his little secret the most secretive way possible. that didn't even make sense. Forgive me.

Anyway, So in conclusion, I am glad that she knows these things now, and I am glad that her hunger for knowledge has been satiated. Now she needs to mind her own business :P

Oh and there was that part in the beginning when she decides that she wants to be a healer and I was like, I feel ya gurl. Watching someone walk again, or helping to improve their gait is just...gah. Best feeling ever. me and Lily could be BFFs. Like forever.

ANYWAY, moving on to the adorablness that is Sirius and Belle. I love them because they just try SO HARD not to be together. Both of them always have some reason why they shouldn't be together, although not Sirius so much anymore. I love how flippant he is. I am kind of obsessed with Lost right now, and he totally, in this scene, reminds me of the character of Sawyer whenever he calls her Blondie. Which, you know, is super hot. But all kidding aside, I think that it's great he's going to France with her because I think he'll definitely be able to offer moral support to her, because obviously it's not going to be an easy trip for her. But she's right, she can't keep punishing herself for her past, she has to move on. And if this is what does it, then so be it. I am very excited to see how that is going to go down in France. These next couple of chapters I think are going to be super interesting and I can't wait to read them!

Ok. This review was short. Right? :) Loved loved it!

Author's Response: Lily really has quite the curious streak. I mean, her intentions are always good and she doesn't do it to be nosy, she's just so curious! Someone better tell her that curiosity killed the cat.

Although, considering Lily's future, that's be in poor taste, right? Well, we'll just let her be curious, then :P

I love the way you put that. Lily is on his secret, in such a secretive way. He didn't admit it, and it's almost like her secret that she knows his secret, except he does know that she knows, but he has to pretend not to because, well, it's remus. And anything that has him blurting out, "I'm a werewolf," makes me grind my teeth.

Umm now I'm not making sense.

Back to your review... :P

Funny storyy! I thought of you while writing that part. Haha. Actually, I think of you while writing nearly anything that has to do with medicine. Creeepy Jami.

I wish I'd have stayed into Lost. I watched the fist season, missed the second, and it was done from there. Maybe when I finish season five of Son's of Anarchy I'll try it.

The next few chapters have been scary to write. I hope they come across okay. And yes! This review was a much more reasonable size. Not that there's anything wrong with your elephant sized ones, but I bet this didn't take nearly as long ;).

You are awesome, PS.

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