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Review:LovlyRita says:

Crap. It has been way too long since I have read this. I'm staring at it like...what? What happened? I'm so confused. *shuts up. keeps reading.* Wait no, I feel like I should confront this. Am I supposed to know what's going on? 'cause I like...don't. Am I bad person? I can't figure this out!

Oh wait there it is. And here's is a perfect example of where Ashley should just take her own advice and shut up and read. I'll never learn.

Ok so, section one recap: Ashley has no idea what's going on. Also, some stuff happens with Sirius. But on a serious note, I really like the way you've written Sirius here. You can see the scars that his parents have left on him here, and how his heart breaks for Belle and the life she has lead so far. And it is totally in character for him to just walk away, cool off, try and make sense of things. But James was there, and I love the exchange between them toward the end of this section, how Sirius talks about them having to deal with James and his Ego every day. Brilliant! And I LOVE how you tied in the marauder's map. perfect!

Things you'd only see in an HPFF: "before slipping out through the Fat Lady’s portrait. " I'm not sure why this struck me as funny, but it did :)

Ok so I just started reading because I couldn't stop. I JUST COULDN'T STOP.

First and foremost, the whole thing where Lily decides that she likes where things are going with James, that she is happy in the relationship, I was just like HALLELUJAH CAN I GET AN AMEN UP IN DIS HOUSE?! I gotsta celebrate this.

But then this whole thing in the hallway with the death eaters. Like, I wish I Could explain my feelings. I can't. there are so many of them. First of all, Polly, if I could tell you how much I love this girl. She seems so unbelievably sweet, I just kind of wanted to like...wrap her in a hug, and then hug carry her all the way back to the common room. But not in a creepy way. in a're adorable so I'ma just cuddle you and put you to bed with a lollipop kind of way. 'cause that's not creepy right? amirite?

Anyway, back on track, ugh I could just kill Rosier, I was so happy that Lily gave him what was coming to him. And let's be honest, what was coming to him was Lily being like "Gurl, yo face is ugly. U have a poor attitude, and those shoes aren't doing you any favors." and then of course he gets hexed. Ok, maybe she didn't call Rosier a girl, maybe she said some things that cut a lot deeper. And maybe I couldn't describe it the way I wanted because I had to stay 12+. But that's neither here or there. What I'm trying to say is, I LOVED this part where she broke some rules and just hexed him. He deserved it, and that remark that they made with the suggestive nature things, that's just not ok!

The whole thing with Severus, while well put, is still heart breaking for me. And I am sure it is for her too, because this was her friend, and it ended so terribly for her. I just hate that. But it's canon and stuff. Whatever. :P

Ok and then they get caught by Filch which was so fabulous. And then when they are in the room getting punished, it was clever to interview the portraits, I loved that. And also Abigail definitely reminded me of Pansy Parkinson in a way. Just the lying, she just was gross. I'm sure her shoes weren't doing her favors either. I wasn't a fan of her. But I'm glad that Lily just got off with a few easy detentions, even though it probably should have been more given the fact that she hexed a student.

And of course, James jumps to Lily's defense immediately, and McGonagall SHUT. THAT. DOWN. She was like...don't push your luck, crazy. And, you know, I get that. He got off pretty easy. I thought the Slytherin prefect got off easy too though, she should have had her prefectdom stripped. Slughorn shoulda laid down that law. But oh well.

And I did love the end of it where they all start laughing. Lily is standing there like "Y'all jokers dont even know. I almost DIED." and they are just like "You are hilarious." no but seriously, I bet it WAS hilarious for James and Sirius, because they were like "look at how the tables are turned now!" and I bet they are all glad that everything is ok.

Still, I can't help but feel like this is foreshadowing for ominous things to come. Because like, Rosier and the rest of the slytherins aren't like to forget this. And there is a part of me that kind of hopes that if it happens again that Severus might say SOMETHING. That's because I ship Sev/Lily so hardcore though. But not even romantically...I just want him to say SOMETHING. Don't just stand there, like seriously, you big idiot. SERIOUSLY. ugh. My feelings are just not cut out for this right now. *sigh*

Ok this is obscenely long. Clearly I loved this chapter and I can't wait to move on to the next one!! :)

Author's Response: Ashley!!!

The entire first paragraph had me literally LOLing. Like, if someone were around me, they'd have though I'd gone crazy.

I think Sirius's erratic sort of brooding nature is one of my favorite things to write. He's such a sweet guy, but he knows himself well enough to know that he can't always control what he says or does, so excusing himself from the situation was definitely his best option. Good boy Sirius, good puppy!

Do you ever wonder if the Fat Lady gets sick of being called a fat lady?

Like, a prefect introduces the students to her -- "And this, Gryffindors, is the entry to the common room. The Fat Lady's portrait will ask for a password and-"

"Fat Lady?Who you callin' fat? Didn't yo mama ever teach you better than that? Fine, I'll go on a diet. We'll see who's fat when I'm done!"

Then just runs off? Yep, I bet it happens all the time :P

You couldn't stop?! Best compliment everrr ♥

Lily has FINALLY clicked! Honestly, in my head I'm like -- isn't this all happening so fast? Then I tell Dan that, and Dan's like -- JAMI! THIS IS CHAPTER 17. IT'S NOT TOO FAST.

Then I have to remember that, oh yeah, I'm one hundred thousand words in. hahaha.

I don't even know if I can respond to any of this part of your review. All I can really do is tell you --

U-G-L-Y ROSIER AIN'T GO NO ALIBI HE UGLY. yeah yeah he ugly!

You know. I don't really don't understand that song. Hahaha.

I really love Polly, too. She'll come back in throughout all of this, and I just think she's so sweet and cute and little. You know, you didn't seem creepy for wanting to carry her back to the CR and put her in bed... but then as soon as you suggested the lollipop, you're creep flag went way up. We'll pretend that didn't just happen. Yeah? :P

I'm so happy you think he deserved the hex! I did too. He's a nasty piece of work. And I'm sorry he had to bring your Sev into this mess :(

That end. It kind of came out of nowhere. But really, what else were they supposed to do?? Sirius and James were just minding their own business for once, and then they come upon Lily and that craziness, and it just all went cray from there. They've done SO MUCH WORSE and never gotten caught, but it was so worth it and then you just have to laugh. Really. It was the only option :P

Thank you so much for making numerous days with this review, m'dear. You always make me feel warm and fuzzy, but still make me giggly. You've got talent, girl. Youz definitely got alibi. (Still don't get that. Hahahah)

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