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Review:TenthWeasley says:
-I am currently running pell-mell straight in your direction down a very large hill, and then I am tackling you with all the love and affection paltry words can express- ♥ ♥ ♥ YOU WROTE ME SNETH FOR MY BIRTHDAY. SUCH BRILLIANT SNETH. THERE ARE TEARS IN MY EYES AND THEY ARE GOING TO SPILL OVER SOON.

Everybody was so perfectly, perfectly, perfectly written. ♥ I have said this time and time again, but you understand Beth like none of my other readers understand her, and I daresay sometimes even better than I understand her. The fact that you've taken a character who I created out of nothing and have given her such life and accuracy in this story, and knowing so much about her and STILL thinking this -- you have to know how incredible that is. I cannot even think right now, my brain is just one jumbled mess. You got her tone right, her voice, her characteristics. I am beyond thrilled. There aren't even words for this! You wrote BETH, not your impression of Beth, and that is talent at a whole new level.

And Severus! Your Severus is so masterful, and it always is. ♥ He is so stupidly in canon here I can't even begin to tell you, and you've made his relationship with Lily so believable, even while balancing it with his relationship with Beth. I adore how he sees her, how he associates her with the Marauders. And I LOVE how she sees him, too -- this is canon. It is officially what happened. I could never, in a million years, come up with such perfect explanations as this. STILL CANNOT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS FOR ME, OH MY GOODNESS.

All the boys were fantastic. Exactly hands-down as I see them when I write them! I love the moments when they're teasing Severus, especially the one in second year, because even though it's infuriating, they were nasty to him. And he was nasty right back, and it's just so canon, and my heart is actually beating more quickly than normal because of how excited and pleased and honored I am by this story.

Peter. ♥ How sad that his wall of pictures is mostly him and Remus, and yet THAT IS STILL HOW I SEE IT IN MY MIND. And it'll become even more apparent than it already is in ITB and ITR, but you got the divisions exactly right: Beth is closer to James and Sirius than she is to Remus and Peter, and by necessity they stick together. Oh, painful foreshadowing. If they'd hung around him a bit more in school...

Lulz so much at Beth stalking Sev. SHE WOULD, THOUGH. I AM PRETTY SURE THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED IN THE UNWRITTEN PAST. ♥ And then we get a complete turnaround in part seven, because he's the one stalking her!

SHE SEES HIM WHEN HE'S NOT THERE. HE'S WATCHING HER WHEN SHE'S NOT LOOKING. I DON'T THINK IT'S LEGAL TO SHIP YOUR OWN PAIRING THIS MUCH, BUT IF THAT'S TRUE YOU'RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO LOCK ME UP. This makes me want to sit down and write Sneth and not look up until BE is finished. No -- it makes me never want to finish. Because I know now like I didn't really know before that I don't want to stop writing them, and I don't know what I'm going to do when the time comes to stop. Your reviews and now this brilliant, brilliant piece of writing have kept me going and kept me writing that story and made me love it with a sort of intensity that I don't think I would have otherwise.

I cannot tell you how much this means to me. This story, of course, which is probably my new favorite one-shot of yours, but also for your Cedchel one-shot, and the Romione you wrote me, and for your reviews and your support and for word racing with me and asking for snippets and giving snippets in return and being the best, best writing friend I could ever have asked for. ♥ ♥ ♥ I am an overload of feels and I think I am short-circuiting, but this was absolutely, positively, incredibly perfect, Sarah. I could not have written it better if I'd tried. And I MEAN that.

Thank you so, so, so, so, so much for writing this for me!!!

Author's Response: ♥ ♥ ♥

I could write Sneth forever. When I'm reading fan fiction, I treat the characters like real people. That's how I think of them. And it's so, so easy to do that when I'm reading Sneth. On top of this, I get easily attached to my favorite characters. So imagine how much this attachment has been growing now that we're on the third Sneth book and I've been watching the evolution of Beth and Severus for so long. I love imagining all of the behind-the-scenes moments that could have happened, stuff so minor that it didn't make it to the forefront. That's how I regard my favorite stories and characters - they're still playing themselves out even while we're not watching. So it was exciting to be able to imagine what sort of moments might be lurking in their past.

I tried really hard to stay true to their characters, which I will have you know is difficult in the earlier days before In The Black - especially when Beth is super young and hasn't met the marauders yet. I was rereading In The Black for research reasons and when I read that she hadn't befriended them until her second year I was like OMG SHE WAS ALL ALONE AS A WEE FIRST YEAR. And that made me sad. So that got me thinking that in the absence of friends, her crush on Severus developed in an accelerated way so as to occupy her thoughts and make her perhaps feel a little less lonely. She had someone to think about, as it were, even if she was still mostly alone. But of course I could be totally wrong about that and maybe she had tons of other friends in her first year. YOU HOLD ALL THE ANSWERS. ~

I'm so happy that this wasn't a total fail and you liked it. I love, love, love dipping into your universes - I'm sure this won't be the last time I get my hands on your characters - and you are so nice for indulging me and letting me do that. It feels like going wild in someone else's playground. XD

FEELS FEELS FEELS. ♥ You are the best. Thank you for sharing Severus and Beth with the world, and happy birthday once again!

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