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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello! I said that I would catch up on this story, so this I was pretty impressed with myself, that I managed to read 18 chapters in about 1 Ĺ hours! But as itís midnight night, I figured I should probably go to sleep, but I couldnít leave without leaving a review!

I am seriously in love with Beth she is just such an awesome character. She just seems really original and unique, and really relatable as well, so definitely not a Mary-Sue! The fact that her animagi form is a falcon, just adds to her awesomeness! I mean thatís such a cool character, and Iíve always wanted to be able to fly, so Iím a little jealous of her right now.

I thought it was great that even though sheís best friends with the Marauders, she could have been influenced by them, and their views on Snape, but she isnít. Itís so nice to see Snape in a positive light for once, as he is one of my favourite characters, and I hate seeing him constantly bashed, so itís so nice to see him as a good guy.

As for Sneth, they have things in common, yet they seem to be different at the same time as well. I really like that, as itís boring having them be completely identical, or the whole opposites attract thing, as thatís repetitive and boring, so having this is such a nice change. I loved the moment when he gave her the letter from her mother, as that was the moment when Snape and Beth both realised that they arenít so different, and in fact are very similar in some respects.

I think you showed how Snape is gradually coming to view her as a different person, brilliantly. It was all very subtle, so it sort of snuck up on you! First it was his thoughts on her, then the greeting her, and voluntarily having conversations with her! I love having Snapeís POV, and I hope these feature more in the future, as heís such a complex character, itís nice to have an insight into whatís going on in his very strange mind!

The thereís James! I thought his characterisation of him, is again excellently done! He doesnít seem very arrogant, and he you can tell that he really cares for Beth, and that they are almost like siblings. I thought the idea of giving Lily the ring was great, and Iím really intrigued to see the outcome of it all! I thought it was also funny that James was the one to notice Bethís crush on Snape first, as I would have thought it would have been Remus, as he seems the most observant of them all, but that was a great twist, as it showed how close James and Beth are.

Can I just give you a big thank you for not making Peter out as a horrible or weak character. Thereís always that temptation to do that, and I have been prone to doing it myself, so seeing your characterisation of him, is such a delight. He actually has a personality here, and you can see why the other three would be friends with him. I think thatís part of the reason why heís portrayed so badly, as people assume that he was never really there friend.

As for Remus and Sirius, I think both of their characterisations are great here! Again you havenít gone down the stereotypical route for them, youíve made Remus rather funny at times, which is a nice change to his usually sombre character. Also Sirius isnít womanizing! That is such a relief to see, as in nearly every Marauders story Iíve read (and thatís probably over 1000Ö..), heís nearly always a womanizer!

I would carrying on going on about how amazing this story is, but I probably should go to bed! Iíll just give a quick shout out, to the map, as the concept of that was great, and very realistic! I canít wait to read more, and Iím so annoyed I left it this long to read it!

-Kiana :D

P.S. Sorry for such a long review!

Author's Response: I am going to let you know right off that these responses are going to be pathetic. :D I cannot even fathom how quickly you read these books, and moreover how complimentary you were of them! I honestly, seriously cannot tell you how much that means to me. ♥ I'm just so glad you enjoyed what I wrote!

Beth is a character very near to my heart, and I'm so happy when other people like her, too. :) The fifth Marauder is rather cliche, but I loved that because it meant I got to break down the stereotypes. And she was written to have certain things in common with Snape, definitely -- but also to be opposite from him in a lot of ways, especially as far as blood allegiances go. Which challenges him, certainly, and who doesn't love a good challenge?

Writing subtle romance is HARD, but I'm floored you think I pulled it off! There is such tension in that aspect.

Writing James and Sirius, quite without my noticing it, became two of my favorite characters to write in this story. ♥ There's something so innocent and wonderful about the kind of friendship I think those boys shared, and it served wonderfully to lighten some of the story's darker moments, too. James/Lily, too, was a ship I'd never given much thought to before writing this particular story -- it was a sort of canon given, and nothing more -- but I know they're your OTP, and it makes me so excited to know that I've won your approval, as it were. :D And can I just thank you real quick, too, because I HATE womanizing Sirius, and I'm so glad you actually noticed he was different here!

♥ I am just so, so blown away, Kiana. Truly. Thank you so much for leaving such an amazing review -- a SERIES of amazing reviews. I am truly, truly blessed to have them. So glad that you enjoyed ITB!

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