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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:


You are totally going to burst my bubble but I HAVE A THEORY. PLEASE LET IT BE CORRECT. If Snape knew they were all Animagi, since Beth told him, this presents a complete change to the PoA timeline. Snape would have known about Peter the rat. He might have seen Scabbers any time in Ron's first three years at Hogwarts and recognized him - or maybe not - but he definitely would have known about Sirius being a dog. And he would have told Dumbledore. WHICH MEANS. THAT THIS ERASES ALL OF THAT STUFF FROM PRISONER OF AZKABAN AND HE NEVER GOES TO AZKABAN. RIGHT? Right? Wait. Omg. Oh no. What if it's PoA and Severus still doesn't have his memories back? NO, YOU CAN'T DO THAT. HOW LONG IS IT BEFORE THIS MEMORIES ISSUE IS RESOLVED.

I am really desperate at this point for you to save Sirius. I am searching for hopeful signs.



They walked almost the entire rest of the way around the block in silence, Beth pressed close to Sirius. Okay I know that this ship has sailed and then exploded and the sunken pieces are full of barnacles, but I have to admit that I hoisted a tiny Siribeth flag just now. I'M SORRY THAT'S JUST HOW IT GOES.

Poor Beth. D: The way that Severus looked at her! And Sirius, what are you doing, getting your wand out like that. Okay so Severus's memories of her are gone, but THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE CAN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH HER ALL OVER AGAIN. I mean, he did it before. It could happen again. He might not even need his memories back. It would be hard not to notice a girl who stares like I'm sure Beth does stare at him. At first it would probably be creepy to glance out of the corner of your eye and see Beth just like O O, but then he might ask himself /why/ she gets that kind of reaction to his presence, and then he might say BY GUM, IT'S BECAUSE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER. Maybe Beth could extract his existing memories while he's asleep and tamper with them so that he sees falcons wherever he goes. It is probably a good thing I am not magical. I would be sent to Azkaban very quickly for tampering with everyone's memories.


I would be giggling if I wasn't half-terrified of him at this moment.

Nine months. :( That is so long! That is the span of a pregnancy! If Beth and Severus had done more than kissed, she could be giving birth to their love child right now! I'm so mad at the world that Beth just cannot catch a break. She deserves happiness. Severus deserves to know the truth. Knowing that he's doing all of this in Lily's honor just disgusts me. No. Lily is James's and Beth is Severus's and THAT IS HOW THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE. And now their relationship only has one person still in it.

Seventeen chapters already!!! And every single one of them are going to be like a punch to the face, I'll warrant. With every new book you write, they are successively MEANER TO THE CHARACTERS. If you ever teamed up with Moffat to write a Doctor Who episode, everyone would probably die in a fiery inferno of rubella and Daleks who shoot bombs out of their plungers.

I'VE MISSED FRETTING OVER THIS STORY SO MUCH. ♥ This is the last first review I will ever give to a Sneth story unless you decide to write that snapshot one.


Author's Response: THANK YOU. ♥ I will not say anything about your theory. You will just have to stew in the soup of your calculations. As it were. (I got that phrase from elsewhere, so please don't blame me if it sounds a bit silly. Which it does. :3) SIRIUS APPRECIATES HOW HARD YOU ARE PULLING FOR HIM, THOUGH. He also enjoys your clinging to the Siribeth wreckage!

Part of me just wants to post everything for this story all at once, so people see how things work out, and the other half will sadistically enjoy keeping you guessing. Also, that is probably a very accurate representation of how Beth is looking at him, but the key thing to that is that Snape has to look at her to see it...

Lulz! I have no idea where it came into my head to have Sirius say that particular word, but I laughed for a bit after writing it, and now I'm remembering my dad's eventually going to be reading this. -whistle- Also laughing at your semi-hatred of Lily 5ever. ♥

I AM REALLY MEAN TO MY CHARACTERS, I THINK IT'S A DISEASE. My new life goal is to be Moffat 2.0. Nobody is safe. :3

GAHH, I AM SO EXCITED THIS BOOK IS FINALLY POSTED. And that you are still sticking by me after over a year and a half (holy cow) and that you're STILL saying such amazing things to encourage me.

Last first review. Oh my God. (Although you know I'm weak, I may end up doing that snapshot one because I am going to miss these characters so much, good grief.) THANK YOU FOR BEING SO WONDERFUL. ♥

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