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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello itís patronus_charm with your review!

I wasnít expecting a time jump, as I just assumed that it would just pick up from walking Liz home, but I rather liked the jump. It meant that we could see how the character and the story had progressed, and without having to spend time writing tons of chapters, when we could see the progression in one.

It was really nice to see how much Liz had improved Charlieís life throughout the past year, as you could see that he was in a much better place than he had been before they started dating. I can actually Charlie in a construction job, as he was a dragon keeper, he must have been strong, so that profession suits him well. It was nice to see that he got on with Lizís mum as well, as meet the parents doesnít always go that well.

I found it interesting that he was still suffering from Fredís death, and that he was still running from problems at home. It really shows what a profound effect that death had on him, and I rather like it, even if he is suffering, as it shows you never know how someone may react grief, even if they didnít appear that close when they were alive.

So Charlie gave up magic then? I guess I can understand, as magic and all the consequences of it caused his brother to die, and the fact that heís dating a muggle probably makes it easier in that respect. Iím presuming that he hasnít yet told Liz about him being a wizard, so it will be interesting to see how sheíll react to the news.

I thought the banter between Charlie and Liz about getting the drink, was just innocent, I didnít expect him to go and propose! It was a great surprise though, and it seemed very appropriate, given how close they seem, and theyíre just perfect for one another.

That proposal was great! I was just awing throughout, and you introduced some tension into it, when she didnít accept straight away, and I was worried that she was going to say no! I loved that even though it was in a bar, it was still incredibly sweet and romantic, and just perfect. I think the fact that you had the people on the side, yelling at Liz to answer Charlie was great, as it introduced a bit of humour into a rather tense and romantic moment.

I thought this was a great chapter, and I certainly didnít expect that to happen! I canít wait to see what will happen next, and whether this will force him back to England or not!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hello again, Kiana!! :D I'm sorry it has taken me SO long to respond to your amazing review!!

You've pretty much nailed the reason behind the time jump! There's a lot of story to be covered here, and the story's main focus is on things that happen later on, so it works best for me to include a few things as background information and then skip ahead. As of right now it looks like there's going to be one or two more time jumps, and then it'll be less sporadic.

I'm really glad you liked how Liz has changed Charlie's life, and it's SUCH a relief that you can see Charlie working in construction! I really wanted it to be as realistic as possible!

What you said about never knowing how someone will react to grief is exactly right; everybody handles it in different ways and in their own time, and I'm glad that you mentioned that.

Yes, it seems Charlie has given up magic. I wonder how long that's going to last?? *winks* And no, he hasn't told Liz about his wizard-ness yet... *evil laugh*

YAY! I surprised you with the proposal!! That was my intention!! :D I'm glad to see it worked, and that you think they're perfect for each other!

*Squees!* Your praise for the proposal is making me blush! I'm really glad you liked it!! I don't think "No" was ever an answer Liz considered giving, but I had to keep you waiting, didn't I?? :P

Thank you again, SO MUCH, for this (and all your) reviews!! They truly have made my day, and I can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the story!

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