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Review:FallenAmaranth says:
Oh wow, right at the end there I could actually feel my own eyes well up slightly for Astoria, although I am slightly jealous that she gets to see my two favourite purebloods so much in one evening.

I think you've really managed to write Pureblood Society perfectly, exactly as I would imagine it to be. I mean, only people of that society could casually offer to have someone "go missing" or threaten to ruin a family with a few simple rumours.

I'm quite coming to like Emily, in a strange way, I mean she might be into the whole pureblood society shebang because she's desperate for a decent match and stuff, but I honestly think that she really cares about her whole family, and that might be a reason for her being so into it. I think she's quite tolerant too, especially in situations where Astoria would insult and threaten defensively, which I still love(it's good to see a bit of fire in a female character)

*Happy Dances* Blaise is such a lovely character! I'm so glad because I'd cry if he was disgustingly horrible! He shows a lot of respect for Astoria where the rest of them do not - in fact he's quite different from them all and it makes me wonder if they would be friends if none of them were purebloods or if it didn't matter, they don't appear to be a very close and caring group, and I think that's brilliant because I imagine purebloods to be mostly about their own 'survival' in the society.

Right now, I'm even more intrigued about the family secrets ;) and also about Astoria's prospects, I mean, she's clearly got Malfoy wanting to have her, but Blaise makes so many appearances that it starts to make me wonder..:D (also does he like her? I got that feeling, but then I wasn't sure)

I cannot stress how well this story is written :D It's fantastic!

~ Emily

Author's Response: Hello~!

*Blush* I didn't think I would be getting another review from you and especially not so soon! Thank you so much, I'm very flattered and just turning into a puddle of goo at your feet. Hahaaha.
I think in this chapter I'd wanted to show that pureblood society isn't as pretty and glamorous as people think it can be. Honestly, there's so much darkness underneath it all and Astoria has to really stay strong if she wants to make it.
Bwha, I always sort of saw Pureblood Society something quite nasty. Saying that you want to "dispose" of someone and spreading rumors here and there to ruin someone? That's what I always sort of figured went on in between the scenes.
Ooh, an Emily fan? I haven't many of those to be honest! I think I wrote her as the child that really does want to please their parents and make sure that everyone is happy. She's trying her hardest and she wants to have the sort of life where she can be comfortable. Yes, she is tolerant to a certain point with Astoria, who has a sharper mouth and less patience. I have to give my female leads some fire because otherwise, I would get bored, I can't stand it when a girl is weak and passive.
Oh, Blaise! He seems to have quite a few girls fawning over him for this story. I never pictured him as a bad character really, and I like the idea of an old-school gent. He's very polite, which might add why he's with the other purebloods, he's not quite as rude as he can be. But yes, to be honest, its all about appearances with them, I don't think they can really care for one another. Especially with the way I have the purebloods for this story, I mean, can you say that they're good for one another? Its like being in a cage of vipers! :D
You'll really enjoy the family secrets as they come out. I hope you like them, they're not very pleasant! ;)
With the way Malfoy is, I feel sorry for her. I mean, he's not at all pleasant and Blaise is the much better choice, though she has to keep her guard up with him too. You're never sure what he wants! :D
Hehehe, you'll find out if he likes her or not.
Thank you so much! *Hands fat kitten*
Much love,

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