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Review:Roots in Water says:
SURPRISE FOR A SECOND TIME! Hello! I'm back for another fantastic chapter!

Wow. This certainly was an interesting chapter. Although the scenes in the classroom did feel a little long, they also contained enough small moments to make them interesting. For example, I liked the small thoughts Lily had about Abigail and Remus. Abigail's comments in class further demonstrated her personality and it was really interesting to see the thoughts Lily had about competing academically with Remus. I have a few friends like that where we're basically always within a point or two of each other, percentage-wise. :)

As well, I really liked to see Lily's Potion smarts coming into play, though my favourite part of that section were Lily's thoughts about her possible career path. It was really interesting to see her wondering if Healer's training would be worth it because there's a war going on... I definitely think it would be, though, if for nothing more than it giving her the ability to heal her friends if they're wounded.

As well, I also liked the comments the Marauders made about Frank being "whipped" by Alice. I'm sure that their turn will come soon, especially with Belle so close to Sirius and James so enamoured with Lily. Then whose turn will it be to be teased? :)

There was one point of confusion for me, though. In defense class, was she writing notes or writing an essay? It seemed like she was taking notes but then you mentioned that it was an essay, which would indicate that it was being marked...

I was surprised when James turned Lily down, since I had been expecting for the "whipped" comment to be turned on him, and sadly enough I didn't see through the "Quidditch" excuse immediately. However, it was definitely a testament to the strength of their friendship that he was unwilling to leave Remus alone on the night of the full moon to spend time with Lily. It was also very sweet that they, in turn, recognized how important a step this was for him and convinced him to go. It's too bad that Alrek became a block between them, especially because of what we know about him!

I hope that James uses the invitation Slughorn always issues him to go along and keep an eye on Lily. Alrek shouldn't be alone with her and it would be fantastic if James had the time to reassure Lily about her concerns with their relationship.

And what a twist the late few paragraphs were! I wonder what it means that his owl was attacked... And what its having been attacked will mean for Petunia. I know she'll survive but I wonder if she'll possibly become a target, if it was the Death Eaters who attacked his owl, since they'd now know that he's "close" with her and that she's a Muggle. It's all very interesting and I'm very keen to read the next chapter and see where you're going with this!

All in all, it was another good chapter and I'm just as intrigued as ever to read about your Marauders. Great work! :D

Author's Response: You are spoiling me with surprises!!!

I got so carried away with the classroom scenes. I swear, I have problems. Hahaha. There aren't much many of them in this whole book though, clearly because I can't control myself.

I think Lily and Remus would have had some fun/friendly sort of competition between them. Abigail is a sneaky brat. She's in another chapter very soon as well ;).

I always want to try and include some normal teenage boy type of humor, so I'm really happy that you liked the comments about him being whipped. Funny thing, at first I was going to make them joke about a whipping sound, but then I wasn't sure if that was a term used in the UK in the 70's, so I went with a bit of a more dated one.

Dun dun dun I've surprised you! Yay! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate your continuous reviews on this story. Your opinions are always so great to have, and you pick up on so many things that I'm thinking while I write these chapters. I really just want to hug you, but now I'm back trying to stop myself from hugging my computer.

The next chapter is a steamy one... ps ;).

Thank you again so much, m'dear ♥ AND thank you for putting my review in the reviews that made your day thread!!! I was so giddy when I saw that!!!

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