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Review:water_lily43175 says:
Boy, do I feel stupid.

All the talk, all the exposition, I EVEN COMMENTED ON IT IN MY LAST REVIEW and I still managed to totally forget that Tanith and Katie had Shield Cloaks on! Serious head-desk moment right now. I'll be with you once I've killed all of my brain cells.

SO. Katie lives, happy days! And Tanith utterly loses it. Hard to say that Tom doesn't deserve being beaten to a pulp, though it's probably not the most diplomatic solution here. I like the comparison to Brynmor; the whole hostage thing DOES reek of Death Eater tactics. And Harry and Ron to the rescue, the beginnings of the Dream Team!

Tanith BANNING Tobias from having anything happen to him again, as though he a) chooses to get into these scrapes and b) has any ability to STOP them, so cute.

Oh, poor Jen. I LOVE her reaction to Tom being the murderer. They were friends, colleagues, HEAD BOY AND GIRL, it's only natural that this would be a huge shock to her. Poor thing. And Gabe is right; punishing EVERYONE for EVERYTHING isn't the right solution.

Naw, Toby's putting his life in front of politics now. I love him. He deserves to go to the party/morgue [delete as appropriate] though! Bless him.

Party. It's a party. Would it have been anything else? Yay for Kingsley! And yay for more Dimitri. I LOVE HIM. :) Oh. OH. Ariane and Melanie as well, happy days!

"So the least he could do was try to make an effort, and try to not think about how much Ariane Drake, purveyor of negligees, knew about his sex life." DEAD.

Dimitri, Ariane and Melanie in the same space, this is pretty much my ultimate Anguisverse set-up (after Tanith and Jacob's euphamism-riddled sex conversation at any rate, that was a thing of utter beauty). SO MUCH LOVE. Please, PLEASE, can we have a Dimitri spin-off?

I've said this before - but I love the Cal/Toby friendship. Cal cares so much about Toby's achievements that he doesn't want to cloud them with his problems, and yet Toby cares so much about Cal that he's willing to listen to his problems absolutely whenever. NAW.

"On some level he was a little disturbed that Cal noticed Tanith's legs, but then he'd noticed her legs too and had to concede that they were rather diverting". Again. DEAD. And oh, OH, Tanith's guilt at not voting is so adorable!

So much love for T/T right now. They've both realised that the sacrifices need to come from BOTH ends, and more importantly they're both willing and happy to make those sacrifices for one another. Ultimately that was what was needed; they BOTH had to budge. And they have. And so they'll be okay. :)

...running out of chapters now. THIS MAKES ME SAD. How many left? Two, three? :(

Author's Response: Yeah, the Shield Cloaks were a Chekhov's gun up on the wall. As was the spell deflection from earlier. But! Readers are supposed to forget about those until they happen!

And of course Tanith didn't kill Katie. She's not that nuts. She's a LITTLE nuts, of course, losing it as she does on Tom; her invoking of Brynmor does indeed mean that, well, she's letting out on him the anger she never got to let out on Thanatos.

The Jen/Tom friendship has always been a background part (considering they were both once very background characters) of things, but still there. She did trust him and believe in him and work with him, more closely than anyone. Worst isn't that she didn't see it coming, worst is that she can believe it now it's in front of her. And sometimes Gabe can talk sense in broader politics... though he probably did get the idea from Jen once. ;)

I would be super cruel to deny Tobias his political victory once all of this was over. Because once the adrenaline calmed down he WOULD care (again, Jen being right), but now he can go forward in much more sane and stable way in his career. With Dimitri to get him very drunk, of course; I couldn't give up a chance for one last hurrah with Dimitri, just as much as I couldn't give up a chance for one last hurrah for Ariane/Melanie. The last ever Hurrah, in fact, yipes.

A Dimitri spin-off would just be international travel, women, and a lot of vodka. Hmm, tempting!

T/T have earned their happy ending. It might be bittersweet in places but, as you say, they both learned to compromise. Right through they were that story of two people who could maybe grow up to be perfect for one another, or they'd grow in different ways, or they'd just refuse to grow. Lucky them, they knew when to give things up and how to prioritise and that the other person was the most important thing. Good for those two crazy kids.

Almost at the end, now. 2 more chapters. Though, of course, by now they're up!

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