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Review:CambAngst says:
Hmmnn... what do I think?

I think Lexi probably has the most amazing support system of friends and family that a girl could want under difficult circumstances like these. I mean, sure, her mom is kind of a flake and her dad sulks a bit and her brother punched out the lights of the father of her unborn child, but these things are all easy enough to fix with time. Did I just completely invalidate my own point?

So Emmett isn't psychic, he just seems to pay more attention than other people. I like him. Sometimes people think I'm a mind-reader for similar reasons. Truthfully, most people are a lot less effective at keeping their secrets than they think they are. Emmett in the maternity ward was hilarious. When I try to imagine my gay friends in that situation at around the same age, I can't imagine any of them really doing much better. Well, except for one. He was always "my gay friend" that all of the girls seemed to confide in about their personal issues, including those of a medical nature. I think he found this to be as much of a curse as a gift. ;)

Oh, no. I feel so... cold for Lexi right now. Cold is really the only way to describe the feeling you get inside when you find out that everything might not be perfect with an unborn child. I say this from personal experience. Everything turned out alright in my case, and I hope the same happens for Lexi and Al. Otherwise, this will be pretty hard on your readers with kids. :-/

Lexi's dad is such a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy. Makes you wonder how in the world he ever wound up with Daphne in the first place. The wizarding world is just too small sometimes. If only he'd had better dating options. I really like the way he comforted Lexi. Nothing over the top, just the things that she needed to hear.

Oh, goodness. You're setting up quite the volatile situation with Lexi baby-sitting this Jessica's little brother. The fact that he's supposed to be rather sickly is leading my brain to wander in scary directions. Lexi and Al have a baby who might have some pre-natal issues and Lexi is off to baby-sit a 9-year-old with some medical problems... I hope you're not telegraphing what I think you might be telegraphing...

The way that Al and Lexi get over their awkwardness... Hmnnn... I think it felt a little too easy for my tastes. I get that they're best friends and they've never allowed anything to stand between them for too long and, hey, these peanut butter-covered chicken nuggets aren't half bad, but I felt like it should have taken a little more conversation to get past it. I guess that's yet to come.

Anyhow, this chapter seemed to have a fair bit of foreshadowing and it made me nervous. I want good things for Al and Lexi, but obviously it makes for a better story if some difficult things are sprinkled in. Just don't make it too bad, OK?

Ha! Look who's lecturing who about not making things too difficult for characters in a story.

I did see a few typos I wanted to point out:

"This is all a little scary," he whispers, not wanting any of the other patents to hear him. - other patients

You usually can't hear them, her door must have be open before. - must have been open

Healer Moore smiles are our banter and waits for me to get ready for the scan without pushing me. - smiles at our banter

Great chapter, I think. :-/ I'm scared. Hold me!

Author's Response: Hey!

Lexi's friends are the reason she's more calm than she sometimes wants to be, I guess that's a good way to explain it without giving it away. Especially Emmett, with his family. Her and her family are all still focused on one part of their life, which is coming into the story - Daphne will be back, it's hard to bring her in when one MC doesn't know her and the other avoids her. :P

I love Emmett, and no, he's not physic; he just pays attention. I'm glad you like him, he's one of my favorites. I don't think I know anyone who'd handle being in that situation any better than Emmett. :D

Yeah, this is the part of the story I was planning when I put "drama" as a genre. I'll say that it's not going to be easy... And Jason; you don't see the actual babysitting, but it comes up in bits, like how he is and why he's sick, and you'll meet Jason.

Theo really is that kind of guy, once you get past his smart comments and bits of dry humor - he'd do anything for his family. Why he and Daphne got together? That'll definitely come up, and why they got divorced and, well, all of that. I think when it does, their actions and stuff will make more sense.

Lexi wants it out of the way, but it'll still be on Al's mind, among other things. He still has things to talk through, linking back to Lexi and her family (all the times he's mentioned why they wouldn't get together... ;)). Lexi may not see that, but I'm not so nice to my characters that I'd get rid of it quickly. *shifty eyes*

Haha. I shouldn't say to make things easier on characters, purely because I don't. I always have something happen to them. :P

Ah, typos! I will fix those.

Thank you for leaving such a lovely review. And I'm sorry if you're scared! *hugs*


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