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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello! Iím here with your review, and Iím so glad that you requested as Iím in need of a laugh and your story always makes me do so!

I donít know how you do it, but Edie just gets more and more likeable every chapter I read, I think itís the fact that sheís just so quirky, relatable and has flaws, which she admits to, which is such a nice change from the usual Mary-Sue! And you havenít done that, by making her some dark and reflective character, but you made her funny, which is great, because those dark characters make me depressed at times!

I do feel a bit sorry for poor old Oliver Wood, but then I guess as he was drunk he was voicing his real views, instead of making them diplomatic, which makes more fun reading. I wonder if weíll ever see a deeper side to him, though this drunk Oliver is fun to read!

But then I guess if Iím feeling sorry for Oliver, I should really be feeling sorry for Edie, as sheís the one who has to put up with him! Also the fact that she canít write about female goblin rights, must be hard, as I know what itís like when youíre really passionate on a subject, yet youíre forbidden from writing or talking about it.

It was nice to see a bit more of Lisa, as I was beginning to forget about her, but I can see why someone like Edie may find wedding plans boring. To be honest I think most people would find it boring, unless you were planning your own wedding.

I guess even if Wood wonít be pleased about his expose, Edie will get more fame, for writing something so scandalous, so yay for that! I always thought it would be cool to write an article revealing something which no one ever knew about someone, so I canít wait to see the reaction of it all.

Rose the character we all love to hate. She doesnít even seem that grateful that Edie did her article for her! Iím really glad that you included her, I mean though she is annoying, you always need that person who you would just wish would disappear, or be nice for once, but refuses to do so.

I thought the cliff-hanger was great all that suspense and we still donít even know if they liked the article or not, or whether Edie and Rose will get fired for doing what they did!

An excellent chapter in my opinion, and you left so many cliff-hangers it really makes you want to read on, as there are so many repercussions we waiting to see happen! No CCís so yay for that! Thanks for the great read :D

Author's Response: Gah! I'm so happy that you like Edie. And Oliver. And even that you love to hate Rose ;D I think I've mentioned before that writing a story is like sending your kids off to school, and hoping they make friends. Trust me, I've written plenty a Mary-Sue in my day, and was hoping to avoid it this go-around.

Yes! A lot of people actually mentioned that Lisa seemed like a bit of a stock character; like she doesn't really have a purpose in the story. So I re-wrote the first chapter to include her a bit more, and I think it's chapter ten that has some serious Edie♥Lisa time.

Edie would indeed get the fame--unfortunately, nobody is going to realize that she's the one who wrote it. The article's going to be published under Rose's name because Ward and Blakeslee need to think that she's the one who wrote it. Poor Edie :c

It's nice to see that you found no CC, but please don't hesitate to let me know if you do in the future. Thank you very much for your thoughtful review!

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