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Review:Jchrissy says:
‘And I was going to find out just what that sketch was.’

This may be my favorite thing I’ve ever read.

I like that you’ve mentioned Hermione’s parents in this. It got me thinking, and I don’t really remember eve reading a story that included them. A next gen, I mean. Not even in passing reference. I don’t read a ton of next gen, so that could be why. But it was just a nice reminder that there are other people that are part of Rose’s family besides the Potter and Weasley clan. You do that quite often, you know. Insert these little things that are barely even a sentence, but add so much to the story. For me, at least.

I can’t tell you how much the paragraph that followed Worthing Disapperating amused me. Rose is genuinely shocked that this man is still in contact with Pulford. It does a lot to show just how out of her element she is with this job, haha. But, as she’s pointed out before, usually she just stumbled around and it leads her where she needs to go. So even if her instincts that are suppose to tell her when someone is lying or not are failing, at least she still has the ‘go with it’ method :P

Ohh poor Scorpius and Rose :(. That end of the first section really made me feel bad for them. Rose is usually so bouncy.. like something bad happens and it just bounces off her, so seeing her this upset was tough :(. I love how supportive Scorpius is at the end. Even if he doesn’t know how it will be all right, he’s still trying to convince her. They’re good together, you know. Well, you probably do know, since you wrote them ;).

I love the dinner in this last section. And the way that Hugo gets Hermione all rilled without meaning too. Somethings about her will never change, thank goodness. And when she has a point that she’s certain she’s right about, she’s going to defend it to the end. Go Hermione!

“Harry said I could.” Oh WTM, this chapter really is full of awesome little bits. I’m so happy you don’t forget about the fact that Rose is someone’s child and just ignore all of this-- this kind of family interaction and dinner, like so many others do. Part of what does make reading next gen appealing to me, is getting to see how the children (even adult children like Rose) get to interact with their parents, and I think you’re doing such a perfect job.

Rose as the easy going sort of let it all happen attitude of Ron, mixed with the stubbornness of her mother. She doesn’t seem to be one parent, though I’d say she takes after Ron a bit more than Hermione, she’s still her own person. I think she could put her foot in her mouth every bit as well as her dad, but argue someone down as well as her mom. Sorry about that tangent.. back to the chapter.

This chapter may have been one of my favorite so far, but I think that I say that again with every new chapter I read. Or at least I think it, haha.

But we got to see Rose’s really amusing personality, and we also go to see her in a more serious time. It was nice watching something really get to her, even temporarily. On top of all those really great pieces of getting to know her character, we got to have dinner with Hermione and Ron ♥ and you really kept the entire feeling of that section just right.

You have an addicting story. Did you know that?


Author's Response: Rose and her bad puns! I'm glad you liked that one ;)

Hermione's parents do seem to get passed over a lot. Rose would see both sets of grandparents, I'm sure, even if she does spend more time with the Weasleys since they live in the same world, so to speak. Rose's world is pretty full - she has a big family - so I think it slips into her internal monologue a lot. It makes sense to me.

Rose is legit shocked that Worthing lied to her about that, which is hilarious because she's such an accomplished liar herself. And she really has no idea what she's doing. Pretty much at all times! She stumbles around acting like she knows what she's doing and hopes it works out.

Getting evicted sucks. Poor kids. They're both a bit depressed. And of course they have to keep it from her parents. Good thing Hugo no longer tattles on his sister.

Dinner scenes with the Weasleys make me happy ;) Hugo puts his foot in his mouth. I bet Hermione despairs sometimes of how much her kids are like Ron haha. She does go on when she's full of righteous indignation, doesn't she?

"Harry said I could" is one of my favorite bits. I can just see Ron all "No," and then turning right around and admitting it, cause he knows better than to lie to his wife. Even when he knows it'll cause a fight, he tells her the truth. Maybe he shouldn't, but he does. That just cracks me up and gives me Ronmione feels. lol

Next Gen's parenthood and child/parent interaction is one of my favorites about it too. Rose's family is important to her, and it's a major facet of her life. She's a Weasley, after all. So there are lots of times she goes to her family.

Rose has a lot of Ron in her. She does have Hermione traits too, but she's a lot like her dad. And all her own self too. I enjoyed your tangent ;)

I'm really glad you're liking the story! And Rose herself. I'm very pleased to hear it. Thank you so much for the review!

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