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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hi, Iím here with your review! And of course itís not too early to re-request, I have some people re-request within minutes of the review being left!

I thought it was really nice to see how much Liz affected Charlie for the better! Heís had such a hard time recently, he deserves a little romance in his life :í) I hope this relationship works out, as you wouldnít have thought a dragon keeper and a barmaid would ever date, so Iím intrigued to see how this continues!

The way you showed how determined he was to meet Liz, and get to know her better, was so accurate, because whenever someone has a latest crush, they do have the tendency to stalk them a teeny bit. I just think itís so adorable that someone who usually appears to be emotionless and manly is falling so deeply for someone, and I really love how youíve done that!

The little scene when she spilled beer on him, usually bores me as itís overdone, but it just seemed to have been done differently so I really liked it. I like how you include those little details which make the story more realistic, such as Charlieís heart beating faster, as itís all so true and natural.

Itís good that Jeffís around that way Charlie can learn from his mistakes and succeed. It was nice that Liz is starting to trust him, by telling Charlie that Jeffís not her type, as thatís not the type of thing you just announce. But how awkward when sheís asking about who he likes, and he was all cute and embarrassed, if only she knew he liked him!

Then he plucked up the courage to ask to walk her home! It was just lovely, Iím already awing all the way through and theyíre not even dating yet, so I dread to think what Iíll be like when they kiss for the first time!

I liked how you showed Lizís thoughts at the end, because I was beginning to wonder what she thought of him, so it was lovely to see that she liked him back, and that she was scared that she would lose him.

My only CC is a very minor one, and itís just that I think it would look better if you included a line between - Seeing his reaction gave Liz all the answer she needed. ďI knew it!Ē she whispered excitedly. ďAnd itís someone here, tooÖ is it Megan?Ē As it would just look better:)

A lovely chapter I thought, and you donít have to wait so long next time you want to re-request just do it whenever you want!

Author's Response: Hello again dear! Thank you SO much for coming to read and review this for me, and so quickly at that!! ♥ Haha! Oh wow; I'd be too afraid to post another request that soon! But I'm definitely on my way to request another one right now, so thank you!!

Yes, I think a little romance is just what Charlie needs right now! As for whether or not things work out... you'll just have to keep reading to find out! *Grins evilly* :D

Haha; I think you described the situation perfectly: Charlie doesn't even realize it, but he is SO stalking Liz! In the cute, crush kind of way though, not the scary way. :P It's so cute!! (Sorry... my feels got away with me for a minute there XD)

Whew. I'm glad that the spilled-the-beer thing was done differently. I haven't ever read a fic with something like that in it before (that I can remember), so I didn't even realize that was overdone!! I'm glad it worked out and you liked it, though!

Haha... allowing Charlie to learn from his mistakes is pretty much exactly why Jeff is here! And yay for you awwing all the way through!! ♥ I can't wait to see what you think of the next chapter!!

I'm really glad seeing Liz's thoughts was helpful... I really felt it was a good time for the readers to get an idea of what she was thinking about Charlie, and it seems I was right!! :P

And you're exactly right; I didn't even realize that little mistake was there until someone else pointed it out, and I kept telling myself I was going to change it and never got around to it. So that's exactly what I'm going to do right now!! Thank you so much for reminding me, and for pointing that out!!

Thank you so much for the amazing review, dear!!

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