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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Hello again :)

I'm back and feeling all happy after that chapter. Yay Sirius! That ending was so lovely.

The first section was great. Lily is really funny, enjoying detention bless her. It was a good chance for you to show us more of her character and her future plans. I love the thought of her being a healer, I think it suits her personality so much. It makes me sad once again that she's not going to get the chance to do it. Gah, reading this story really gets to you, you know? I love how modest she is about the whole thing too, I'm sure she could do anything she put her mind too.

Poor Remus! He comes in really suffering from the sounds of it and then has the added worrying of one of his friends finding out his furry little secret! I loved how bad his lie was - it must have been so hard for him. He really was the Remus we know and love in this - saying so much with his eyes and trying hard not to inflict his pain and suffering on anyone else. You know and write your characters so well!

I loved the compassionate nature Lily showed him though. Again, it just suited her so much. She gave him all the reassurance she could and made it clear she knew his secret but then still managed to give him the space he needs. It was amazing to read! Honestly I just wanted to hug them both. I like that you included that it was from Snape she got all the clues from, and even then she didn't care if it was true or not. When she told the story about the little boy I couldn't believe it was her just trying to explain to him she didn't care - she was so close to the truth! Then she went and actually cried for him. Gah - it was beautiful to read.

The next section was just what I needed - a bit of Sirius/Belle time. My heart goes out to her more and more. After all her parents have done and put her through she continually can't help but blame herself. It's so heart-wrenching to read. I love that her and Sirius can bond over this though, they really have so much in common, right down to how they react when the other is the one in trouble. Sirius just gets her though and knows how to help her get through it, I love how supportive he is for her though. It's lovely and sweet and just makes me want to see them get together!

I love love love that he's convinced her to go to France! And he's going too, I absolutely can't wait to read what's going to happen! I will say though, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he does punch Christophe and if he happened to hex her parents too that will be a bonus, just saying!

Just a couple of typos for you:

'Lily stood up from her position on polished floor and stretched her legs.' I think you need 'on the polished floor'

'when he convinced her read the section on werewolves in their Defence Against the Dark Arts book' I think you mean 'convinced her to read'

'but now as she sad beside the heat' I think you mean sat not sad.

Amazing chapter as always. Every chapter I always fall more and more in love with your characters and this one is no different. Sirius in this was amazing! I'm so excited to read the next few chapters, there's so much built up ready to happen! Bring on next week!!

Lauren :D

Author's Response: Hi m'dear! First off, thank you for pointing out the typos! I just edited the corrections in :)!

I'm so glad that you think a healer fits her. Even if she won't have a chance to get there, I think it's still important to show her making plans. But yeah, it definitely gets to you ;(. Maybe I should just write a chapter about Voldemort giving himself up and going to Azkaban... :P

I hadn't planned on Lily making it clear that she knows yet, but then it felt like the best timing. I mean, we know Severus had it all but figured out before Sirius ever told him about the passage, and back them him and Lily were still friends so she'd have had to hear all about is theory. But the story -- remember in chapter 4 when she asks if he's ever lost anyone and he talks about the little boy? That's what that was tying back into :)

The crying section as also a last minute add on so I'm extra happy you liked it. I always worry about the things that weren't actually 'planned' for a chapter and if they feel 'right' or not and now you've gone and made me feel so much better ♥

Hahaha I think Sirius absolutely agrees with you :P I'm nervous about writing the France chapter but it's coming up pretty soon.. eek!

Thank you so much for your amazing review and making me feel like I really am giving these characters a story they deserve ♥

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