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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello Gabbie, Iím here with your requested review!

It took longer than usual this time as I had to psych myself for the long chapter, but Iím ready now, so on with the review!

I felt it a little strange that this chapter is still based on the same night, as due to the long chapter length, I would have thought it would have moved on by now. Itís not that I donít like the party, it has a lot going on and the game of course, itís just that I was wondering whether it would ever go back to Hogwarts as Iím intrigued to see what happens there.

Yay more Blaise/Astoria action, Iíve given up on shipping her and Draco as I know itís a lost cause, so Iím excited for these two now. I picked up on the fact that she recognised his scent, she obviously knows him well enough, and has been close enough to him, to recognise it!

I liked that youíve kept Astoriaís characteristics the same, as sheís still the naÔve and innocent girl, from chapter 1. As some authors have the tendency to suddenly change their characters traits, yet you havenít done that, which is great as we then get familiar with the characters!

Iím loving the insight into the pureblood world again, as I find it fascinating, and their behaviour is similar to those with titles in Britain, so itís cool to see even if theyíre muggles they still act the same way. Itís probably where JK got her inspiration from.

Ooh we get a little clue as to what the family business is about, when Scorpius mentions, that they may be paying their father to get rid of him. Iím guessing heís involved in some hit man type of thing? I would have never predicted that, Iím still wishing it was muggle gardening tools, given the surname and all.

It was nice to see Astoriaís parents again, as they are rather unusual characters, and interesting to read, so I hope they pop up again!

I saw Thaddeus in another story as well, and it surprised me as it was a rather unusual name. Does it have some magical or mythological meaning behind it? Or is it something else?

Another great chapter Gabbie!

Author's Response: HellO!

Hey, there doll. Its always nice getting your lovely reviews and welcome back! :3
If I could go back and change things I would probably make this the next day or a few weeks later but I'd tried that angle and it didn't work out for some reason. But anyway, the children do go back to Hogwarts soon but not for a long while. Horrible things happen in between that and then. Awful, terrible things.
I think quite a few people stopped shipping her with Draco by this point. There's so much fun writing Astoria/Blaise though, I really like seeing them together. And she's attracted to him too, which would explain why she was so interested in his scent. ;)
I can't change Astoria, she would get mad at me and hit me. She's the sort of character that slowly changes over time and I couldn't rush that.
Whoo! Writing pureblood culture is really fun, I can't realy get over it, its the details and the haughty lifestyle that really captures my attention. But it does remind you of titled jerks--I mean, people back in the day, right? We had socialites like that in America too. :D
Hahah, the Greengrass family secret will be known, don't worry about that. It has nothing to d with gardening tools. :D
Oh, Thaddeus is Blaise's father's name. I'm not sure if it has anything special behind it, I just like the way it sounds. Blaise Thaddeus Zabini.
I could say it all day and not get bored...
But I'm perverted so, yeah.
Anyhoo! Thanks for coming back!
Much love,

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