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Review:Arithmancy_Wiz says:
Guess who? Oh wait, it's just me...

Your story blah? Not possible. One of my favorite things about the HP books was reading all about the classes and spells. It gives the world depth. I love that you continue that tradition in your story. And you don't just give a list of information. You use the scenes to develop the characters, and that's never pointless.

I thought the spells and potions themselves were all very creative. I especially liked the detail in the potions class, and the bits with the Water Egg. That felt so very in line with the HP world. And then when Lily mentioned considering becoming a Healer, it put both the Tachycardia Curse and this healing potion in a very interesting perspective. It made Healing feel more like being a muggle doctor.

And I thought you really had another theme besides classes running throughout this chapter: the romantic relationships of the characters moving forward. There was the reference to Frank becoming less odd once he started dating Alice (too cute). The bit about the intimacy between Belle and Sirius, even while doing something as mundane as potion brewing was perfect. And the line about Belle wanting the baby being more about wanting love than Christophe was heartbreaking and incredibly insightful.

And of course, the almost date for James and Lily. What a huge step for her to invite him to Slughorn's party. And yet it felt very real. It was a "safe" invitation. She had a real reason to ask him, there would be lots of other people there, etc. It felt like a good step in the right direction for Lily, but still in character (as opposed to her out of the blue inviting him someplace romantic). And then for him to say no? That was a shock, but then you followed it up with the only plausible reason he would decline a date: to help his mates. It was subtle, but there was definitely a real push forward for a lot of the characters.

Oh, and the offhand references to Severus? Loved it! You know I have a soft spot for Snape/Lily, and I love the idea that she learned a few things from him, even if most of her potions talent is all her own. I love the idea that people *think* her affinity for the class has something to do with him. It makes me think that maybe Snape thought the same thing -- that potions was something they could share.

Can I just say how much I loved the interaction between James and the boys in this chapter? The immature and slightly crude comments were so perfect for a bunch of teenage boys. I know they've all been through a lot in their lives and are a bit more mature because of it, but still, they ARE still teenage boys!

And the cliffhanger? I loved that too. So unexpected. What does Petunia want with James, and who would attack his owl over something so mundane?

I have to admit, I'm not totally sure what you meant about pointless things in your review request. Do you mean in the physical descriptions or in the larger details? Let me know for the next review (or just PM me) and I'll be happy to comment on either or both!

Okay, and since I promised to be nit-picky this time to make up for the last review, I did notice a handful of typos. Otherwise, another lovely chapter, my dear.

-- Lily's thoughts returned to the present, causing her to stifled a yawn and sit up straighter (stifle)

-- She didn't have the same ability to instal fear in someone the way Belle did (instill)

-- That was enough to ruin every bit of control the boys had managed maintain (*to maintain)

-- She went slowly, forcing her fingers to stay as steady as a a surgeon's while the thin (delete one a)

- Potions wasn't her strongest subject, which was understandable considering Beauxbatons had focused more on the theories of potions, what maked something do what in a potion (made)

-- the fact that Belle had almost been the mother a past lover's baby (*of a past lover's)

-- Lily whispered to James as Slughurn started at the first table to look over the potions (Slughorn)

-- James and Sirius had never attended one of Slughorn's gathers though (gatherings)

-- She knew before she opened her mouth that she was about to do wouldn't playing fair.. but she had no other choice. (wouldn't be playing or wasn't playing; also, the ellipsis needs one more dot)

-- "We're going to drop our stuff off in the Heads' Quarters." Lily said in response to his curious look. (comma after quarters)

Author's Response: Just you?? Yeah right. You deserve your own theme song.

I was afraid I got a bit carried away with the classes. I'm happy that you felt like it fit in with the HP world and that it didn't bore you to death. I had a lot of fun exploring Lily's mind when she's just doing something like trying to get through a long day.

I'm so happy you picked up on all the story of... backdrops of this chapter. On my outline it says, 'Show Belle and Sirius getting closer. Slughorn Halloween Party. Abigail struggling to maintain a position with the 'in' Slytherins. Werewolf time.' So I sort of figured getting them all in classes together was the best way to go about it, and indulge my obsession with pretending I go to Hogwarts :P

I had a lot of fun writing the boys' scene. Sometimes I like those better than Lily and James ones. When they aren't all tainted by their involvement of the war, before they've ever had to imagine killing someone... ugh. They were just such a perfect group of friends, you know? And getting to try and explore that is so much fun for me.

I think I just meant does this whole chapter feel pointless, haha. But you've eased my fears about that ♥

I'm going in to edit the typos right now, thank you so much ♥

Thank you for all your amazing reviews, Becky ♥ I love how you pick on absolutely everything. And now I'm going to stalk over to your request form mwaha. ♥

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