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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I knew that the idea of joining Lyndon's campaign would become a tempting one to Astoria! (Mind, that's hardly rocket science given that's evidently the basis of the plot...) She's still hesitant though. It'll be intriguing to see whether she comes round gradually, or whether any one thing in particular convinces her to do it.

Oh Draco, drinking brandy in the morning. And I LOVE that description of him, with the symbolism of the dark and the light, marvellously done.

Nice to see more Draco/Astoria interaction, and it seems that we'll get a little bit more next chapter! I like Daphne too; I like that she's looking out for Astoria, and the couldn't-care-less attitude she has towards politics is actually quite refreshing in a way! Not, of course, that I don't like the politics - as I've said, I love this kind of fic - but it's nice to have a character around who DOESN'T care for it.

Cortewalle's condition is bewildering! Why remove EIGHT MONTHS of his memory? I suppose, if the motive here was to disable Lyndon's campaign, then removing that much ensures that even once he's found he can't go back to the campaign because he won't have a clue what's going on. Seems vicious, though. And his mutterings are bemusing as well, to say the least!

I like the way you've introduced all of the candidates. For a start it's nice to know a bit about them all, and it's doubly effective that we learn about them from themselves (or their campaign managers) rather than from someone like Tristan filling Astoria in on them all. It's also good that they each have their own, separate agenda to the others', and actually Miremont's campaign is a really intriguing one! And worrying. And SO GOOD because it could be a clear-cut thing but instead she has her own motives for it and I LOVE that. Complexities galore, every character as well developed as the next. A short chapter, but still a good 'un!

Author's Response: Another review! Yay!

I won't go into Astoria's hesitance with joining the campaign as it's coming in the next chap :-)

Thank you! This Draco does still have some dark in him. He may no longer be running around doing the will of the Dark Lord, but he hasn't completely shaken off his old self - take away Voldemort, add a few years, and he is still an ambitious, manipulative, power-mongering Malfoy. I don't mind all the stories where Draco is completely redeemed, but that's not a Draco I see in my headcanon. I think it's reasonable that while the War would have forced Draco to change, it would have been more of a process. I can't see him turning into a great humanitarian just like that!

Absolutely MOAR Draco/Astoria to come! Poor Daphne is in a bit of a pickle - both of her siblings have made politics their lifeblood, where she hasn't been taken in by it. She'd love nothing more than for Tristan and Astoria to put a sock in it!

The motivation for Cotewalle's outing is a plot spoiler, but he has effectively been run out of the campaign. With his short-term memory affected and a complete loss of eight months, Lyndon definitely won't consider reinstating him. It is a bit vicious, isn't it?

I'm glad you don't mind all the introductions - I've worried that all the perspective jumping might be a bit off-putting. I have tried to give real world issues a wizarding world makeover. I see the inter-species marriage issue similar to gay marriage - inter-species marriage here is a hugely controversial issue that tends to polarise people, and Miremont's decided to cash in. The anti-half-breed stance would mirror racism. We know that Lupin suffered a lot of discrimination because he was a werewolf, and I don't think there would have been much of an improvement post-War, especially after Fenrir Greyback's role in the War. Giants had supported Voldemort during both Wars, and would find themselves equally reviled. With Rhodes having cornered the anti-pureblood vote, Miremont is using all this hate to build support for herself.

Thank you for reviewing again:-)

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