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Review:MargaretLane says:
*grins* I was looking forward to this chapter, because things really got going in the last chapter and I wanted to know what happened next.

Your summary also has me intrigued. Rose doesn't seem the type to get detention.

Oh, one thing I was thinking I must check - I'll do it when I've read this chapter - is what we know about Scorpius in this story, if anything. I must check what house you put him in, if you mentioned him at all.

I'm wondering how Rose knows the guy was called Zajecfer. I don't think a name was mentioned in the last chapter.

I'm amused at the comment about Grandma Weasley's attempts to fatten Al up. That's so typical of her.

*laughs* That was rather a coincidence. I was just wondering yesterday if Scorpius was going to play a part in this story and he turns up in this chapter. He is one of the characters whose personality really seems to vary from story to story, so I'm wondering what he'll be like in this.

*laughs at the wedgie charm* That was a really good idea for a Hogwarts prank.

And I'm not surprised that Rose's detention was for something she didn't really do.

Professor Trash Binns; that's pretty amusing. Or "Dust Binns". *laughs* I never thought of that, but it's perfect. Not only is it something students are bound to come up with if a teacher has a name like that, but he also is rubbish as a teacher. "Rubbish Binns" would work too.

I wonder if Filch has been Imperiused to give information about what's in the letters to Zajecfer. Or if Flitwick was Imperiused to agree to let him monitor them. We know he was Imperiused. And it sounds like he still is.

Gosh, Zajecfer thinks of everything. I didn't even realise he knew Albus had overheard him, but I suppose he could have guessed it was at least a possibility when Albus didn't turn up. It makes sense that he'd protect against it.

This is getting scary for Albus.

I don't think it's really surprising both of our Albuses were lured somewhere by notes. It's probably the best way of making somebody thinks somebody wants them and the way the note got to them and what it was luring them to were both very different. It just made me suspicious that your one was forged also. *laughs*

Good chapter. Albus (and James) are really in trouble now.

I bet Zajacfer will try and harm Albus again before Christmas, so he won't be able to tell Harry anything when he goes home for the holidays.

Author's Response: I'm really sorry about the whole Zajecfer name thing- In my first version of chapter seven, the encounter with Flitwick and Zajecfer was longer, but I later changed it to make it more brief. When I did that, I decided to take out the name to make it more mysterious. But I forgot to edit the name out of Chapter Eight! It's no big deal, it was just going to be revealed just a few chapters later. So I'm going to go add the name to Chapter Seven, sorry for the mishap.

I remembered Mrs. Weasley also tried to give Harry more food when he stayed at the Burrow, so I figured I would have the same thing happen to Albus. :)

You're right that Scorpious is different in a lot of stories. Some have him as best friends with Albus, others have them as enemies. I have him as an enemy of Albus, but not much of an enemy. Vincent Rosier is the main enemy.

I thought the wedgie charm would be a funny thing to add. :)

Rose would never actually get in detention for something she did. She's no prankster!

I used to give teachers all sorts of ridiculous nicknames- it's so fun! I just had to be careful not to use it in their presence! :)

Filch is plainly just a mean person. He hates dungbombs and Weasley products so much, he would jump at the opportunity to read students mail! He doesn't want any orders coming through.

Zajecfer does think of everything, and he is very smart. He knew Albus was their since he never showed up, and when Zajecfer was torturing Flitwick, it was right after breakfast, the time that Flitwick told Albus to come. The story wouldn't be very exciting if Zajecfer was unintelligent!

You'll see what Zajecfer does about Christmas!

And thank you for reviewing!

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