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Review:Jchrissy says:
Guess what! This is my 700th review! I was about to review this this morning, then I realized I was at 698 and wanted it to be a big mile stone sort of review, because... it just felt fitting.

So now Iím here for 700! Yay! And I need to try and toughen up while I review this. So far I start crying every time I get to the point that Viktor meets Rose on the rocks... hopefully I can hold it together for this one.

Itís all circling back. I canít believe I didnít see this coming. I mean, you made it obvious with the start of the book. I clearly just put my blinders on and hoped for the best. And with the heels clicking, I was so hopeful that it was Rose coming to tell him everything had been sorted... then incredibly surprised it was Hermione. I could as good as feel her fighting with herself in this. She knows Krum didnít do anything like heís saying he did. She knows what did happen, because the pieces are too perfect not to fit together. But like she said, just because sheís willing to face it doesnít mean everyone else is. Especially if Krum wonít even let anyone else face it because heís too stubborn and rawr.

I donít know exactly what I was thinking when Albus came in. Was this it? Has Krum been sentenced to die and Albus is the one serving it? Is he so angry that Rose could have been hurt, that he wants to make sure that Krum never has the chance to see her again?

And gah! HEíS okay! You deserve a huge hug for that one. Only Iím going to take the hug away for what you do by the end of this, so donít get attached to it.

I thought I could make it through :(. I canít. I just love these people so much. Krum is such a good man under it all, and Rose is more an love than probably she even realized. Iím so angry at him though! Rose can handle it! Sheís strong, sheís capable, she can deal with understanding she killed a woman to save her own life. But Viktor has to protect her. He never wants her to walk around with the kind of hauntings heís lived with from Regina. And God I hate that woman. Rose is right, the story does humanize her a bit more (and you got it in there one million percent perfectly. It feels so much better here than it would have the previous chapter). But I donít care. Sheís destroyed so much, and I know sheís insane and unstable, but I wish sheíd have just gone and one herself in years ago. But then we wouldnít have this story, would we?

I donít know what to feel. Iím so, so broken hearted that their life will never be what they deserve. But at least theyíll be together, and for that I willingly give your hug back.

The emotional road coaster this has taken me on... I donít even know how to explain it. The way these characters felt so real to me, the way I found myself torn between wanting what they want, and wanting whatís best for them. Watching Rose, this young, driven, slightly naive woman falling so in love with a man thatís terrible for her but amazing for her all at once. Watching her grow under that love, learning darker things than she probably ever wanted to, then coming to accept them. Watching Viktor go from being amused by her, interested, being the arrogant man that basically coerced Rose into their first kiss by creating a challenge... and seeing him become so infatuated with her. Understanding as that grew past infatuation and he found himself needing her more than anything. I think a big moment for him (for me, at least) was when he turned down her advances after the wedding. That right there. It wasnít lust anymore, it wasn't infatuation, it was a real, complete love that he wasnít willing to let anything be halfway on. He wanted it all and he really can be such a good man.

But no matter how much they love each other, this wonít be easy on them :(. And that makes me so sad. Sheíll miss her family so terribly, and I canít imagine she wonít regret it at times. I think Iím going to imagine that they go on the run for a few years until Hermione contacts Rose and they build this amazing case with what happened. But theyíd still be in trouble for running, but UGH. I just want them to have everything. At least they have each other though, and a secluded little home on the beach where they can wake up and walk hand in hand every morning.

This was a crazy ride, Becky. I canít thank you enough for creating this beautiful story. You should be so, so proud of yourself and your amazing talent as a writer. You made me love people I could care less about, and you made me need them to overcome it all. And I have to be done now or Iím going to start crying on my keyboard or something. I donít think Apple protection covers water damage, either ;).

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't even know where to begin with this. You have been so amazingly supportive throughout this whole story, I just... GAH! I truly don't know how to say thank you enough. Phew, okay, I can hold myself together. Here we go...

Hermione was a last-minute addition to this chapter. Originally, it was just going to start where Albus walked in, but I felt like I'd chickened out of having Hermione and Krum talk at the wedding, they needed to have *some* interaction. And I just knew she'd be smart enough to figure out what really happened. Also, I didn't like the idea of her family always wondering what happened to Rose after she runs off. This way, she almost goes with their blessing, and Hermione can break the news to Ron once he's ready to handle it.

You get all the credit for the inclusion of Regina's motivation here. I really don't think I would have included it without your help, and I think that would have been a mistake on my part.

Gah! Your mention of the scene right after the wedding. That is exactly what I wanted it to represent. It was just as much about Rose showing she'd "forgiven" Krum as it was about him showing that he loved her. This is Rose's scene for making it clear she loves him, but that was his moment.

The ending is definitely bittersweet, but it was the only way I could see this working out. I think Krum is too damaged to simply settle down for a happily-ever-after. And in a weird way, I think Rose had to go through what she did with Regina in order to be equal with him. Now they are both damaged and that makes them able to understand each other and find their own version of happiness. If you twisted my arm, I'll admit that I see Rose making her way back home eventually, but not for many years. She'll miss them, but not as much as she'd miss Krum.

Really, I don't know how to say thank you enough for everything. Every review. Every PM. You've been the best reader and cheerleader I could ever hope for, and I'm so beyond thrilled that you actually enjoyed the story along the way. I'm so happy and sad and everything in between now that it's over. I never thought I'd feel this much emotion after finishing a story.

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