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Review:CassiePotter says:
Hello hello hello!
I'm back with another review for you and this wonderful story! Which just keeps getting better and better by the way! And I don't know how that's even possible because it was so brilliant when you started! And this chapter (and this entire story) was just so phenomenal it's a little difficult for me to wrap my head around!
I love that Sirius still insists on bonding time, and that he's finding things like the weather to celebrate. That's totally something he would do! I also loved that when they're all there together, and everyone is so happy (and James and Lily are so adorable!) that there's still underlying tension there, and we can sense that no one is really comfortable or able to settle back into the way things were. I think there's such a beautiful subtlety to this story in particular, because there are so many conflicting emotions going on at once, and your writing just has so much depth to it, that it's really incredible. I definitely feel like I could sink my teeth into this while I'm reading it, and really get into your characters and their lives. Like how Beth is being so careful around Sirius, because she knows something is off, and doesn't like that feeling, and something I really noticed about that is hoe much it affects Sirius, as well. He's not oblivious to the fact that she's avoiding contact with him, and it just makes everything they're not saying or doing so much more tense.
The name you picked for the baby if it was a girl is so pretty! I love Holly, and can definitely see James and Lily naming their daughter after James's mother. And of course we know the name they picked for a boy! I thought that James's reaction to Sirius pointing out that they used James for a middle name was relly sweet, too.
And I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT SIRIUS KNOWS ABOUT SEV AND THAT THIS IS HOW HE FOUND OUT. When he got so upset and was yelling at Beth I could picture that so clearly and it just made me cringe! Sirius is someone that I can imagine being really scary when he gets angry, especially at Beth because she isn't used to seeing him like that, at least when it's directed at her. I just felt so bad for her, because Severus really isn't a bad guy, and really cars for her, and Sirius wouldn't listen if she tried to tell him that. But I'm glad James defended her, because it shows how they're such good friends, and how he knows that being with Sev makes Beth happy, even if he doesn't particularly enjoy the fact that they spend time together. And the end of this chapter just broke my heart into a million pieces. I felt so bad for Beth, and just want to hug her and make her feel better! I really hope that Sirius can forgive her and that they can be friends again, because you can tell that their friendship means so, so much to both of them.
This chapter was magnificent, and I think you did an amazing job with it! I can't wait to find out what happens with Beth and Sev and Sirius and James and Lily and everyone! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Cassie! ♥ I'm so sorry it's taken me forever to respond to this review, but I'm absolutely thrilled you're still returning to ITR. :3 And moreover that you paid this chapter in particular such compliments -- I remember even now being worried about the beginning this, because to be it seemed just to be a bit of a filler. Your compliments to the contrary have really encouraged me so much!

But you made me see why I liked that scene enough to include it in the first place, and that's because Sirius is so peppy and bouncy, and I think it reminds me a bit of ITB. I miss the Hogwarts setting sometimes, and how carefree it often seeming in comparison with the sorts of things I'm writing in ITR and BE. I think Sirius misses it, too; it definitely came out that way in my writing. (And adding this in here, I love the name Holly, too!)

And yes, Sirius knows about Sev! D: That yelling scene was really intense to write, but it still kind of breaks my heart, even now. And Severus really is right for Beth (I know I'm biased), but Sirius is stubborn. I said this in an earlier response to this chapter, but he wants Beth to be safe and happy, but by his standards -- and his standards don't acknowledge Sev. This is also the point when he really realizes that, even if he did love her like he's trying to convince himself he does, she's history now. She loves someone else, and his yelling at her prevents him, for the time being, from realizing that fact for himself.

And another thing I mentioned in that response -- it's weird, because James and Sirius essentially want the same things for Beth. But James can overlook his own bias if that's what makes her happy, you know? I'm proud of him for defending her, too. ♥ Beth could probably use your hugs.

ENDING THIS RAMBLING RESPONSE NOW. Seriously though, Cassie, thank you so, so, so much for being so supportive of this story. I can't wait to hear what you've got to say next!! ♥

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