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Review:Jchrissy says:
You are my first valentine heart --> insert little blue bird carrying a paper heart here.

Roseís sleep schedule is my dream. Although the uncertainly of her job would make me a bit nervous, so maybe Iíll take me early mornings :P. I like how unaffected she is by Dinoís attitude. She just has one of those personalities that makes you want to smile. Well, unless youíre Dino, I suppose.

And really, I canít understand why you wouldnít love being around Rose. Maybe she should say more of her awesome comments outside of her head. Specifically the one about Rose not knowing her life. Again, I continue to be impressed with your ability to mix humorous lines with Rose, without going into that trying-too-hard-to-be-eccentric. She isnít overwhelming at all, and I sort of want to be best friends with her

Oh god. This is so, so awkward. I donít even know how I would react. Roseís holy Kneazles pretty much sums it up, though. And poor thing, just proved Dinoís point. But it really isn't her fault!

Side not, for some reason I wanted Ďlace and hopeí to be Ďlace and desperation.í Only because of the delightful picture youíve already painted of our lovely felon ;)

Iím not sure if Apparation licenses having the ability to be revoked or not is canon or WTM creation, but itís awesome. I really hope we get more Louis in this, because I really like him. Haha.

Ahhh Lily! really?! You do such an awesome job with this whole large family extended family kind of dynamic. She was the perfect character to bring for this. You do a really good job bringing so much of them into this, without you needed everyone to be everyone's best friend that they go to lunch with everyday. Or making everyone hate everyone else because Dom got pregnant with Teddyís kid or yeah. You get it. I like that this focuses mainly on Rose but you definitely donít ignore the fact that she has a large family, or push them all down my throat.

Okay, I now I promised you more in depth reviews if thatís what you enjoy (I just hate leaving long reviews for people that donít really care if itís a five liner or five paragraph). But this chapter just amused me way too much to stop and try and pick out different things. You really pull the reader in, and usually first person is kind of blah for me. I like it and all, but I get burnt out. I think the only other first person story Iíve every really enjoyed without getting sick of it after a few chapters is Helenís (I think thatís her name) Not Just a Bystander. So Iím really excited to be so into Roseís story.

I did wish this chapter was a little longer, but youíre right in your AN. What can you really follow up with this? haha. Good thing thereís a new bright shiny chapter waiting for me only a click away ;)

Author's Response: Aw thanks! hearts and birdies and flowers. :)

Ah, I wish I could sleep til noon like Rose does. I haven't been able to do that in years! I think I've only slept until 10am a handful of times since my kids were born. In my undergrad days, I was up all night and slept til noon. Ah youth.

I think Rose is a hoot, but I can see how Dino would find her annoying and a bit frustrating. He's very much a professional and she's so often inept. And occasionally she tries to filch his bounties when she thinks they're non-violent, so I'm sure that would irritate him too. XD

It is a bit of lace and desperation, really! Oh holy Kneazles is one of Rose's favorite things to say, and it's really appropriate here. Oh Louis. *tsk tsk* He has crap taste in women.

There's no canon evidence of revoking Apparition licenses, but if they can be issued, I would think logically they could also be revoked. I imagine there are things you could do, much like with a driver's license, that would warrant having it taken away from you. Louis, of course, probably does those sort of things all the time.

Lily doesn't appear much in the Midnight stories, but I have a pretty clear idea of what she's like so I always like being able to add her in for a cameo. I don't write the Next Gen cousins that way (the "Dom gets pregnant by her brother in law" sort of plots), but Dominique is probably Rose's least favorite cousin. She appears quite a bit in later stories in this series. Rose does have a big family, and she's happy to lean on them when she needs to, but mostly she does her job on her own and sees her family socially (when she can't dodge it).

Ah I love a long review! I do care, I promise. I don't get them often, either, so I appreciate them all the more :) I haven't read Not Just a Bystander, I'll have to check that one out.

I felt bad it was so short, but adding another scene in felt wrong. So I went with it. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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