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Review:Courtney Dark says:
Hey there! As usual, this was another awesome chapter, and I'm finding it so interesting to see how everything Brienne has recently found out is affecting her!

I really like how, at the start of this chapter, you added in a mention of the OWL's and the extra strain it was adding to Brienne's life at Hogwarts. Not only was this a good reminder of her normal, school life studying and class and doing homework, but I also liked the addition of: 'Having not expected to take exams for at least another year at Beauxbatons' because it took me back to the beginning of the story when we were told Brienne was transferring from Beauxbatons, and also reminded me that she is a foreign student who has been through a lot.

I really liked the conversation that began with: I dont know why they cant give us a break, just for the weekends, as it was a nice touch of humour and friendship to a chapter that was really quite dark and upsetting. I'm not sure I've said this before, but I love how absolutely canon you've made the Weasley twins. I loved them in the books, so it's great to see that your portrayal of them is so spot on. And they have just the right amount of humour, without being overly annoying. I think my absolute favourite part of that conversation was this little bit: We were just talking about how gorgeous you were, Brienne said breezily, dipping her quill in an inkpot, And why, according to Fred and George, that is what matters when Professor Snape is marking our work.

Hes an eyes man, I reckon, Fred piped up, hes a sucker for your navy blues.

Angelina looked between the two of them, bags underneath her own deep brown eyes. Its fascinating the discussions that can arise from sleep deprivation. The correct phrase is baby blues.

It is very interesting to see how Brienne is dealing with her current situation. I've learnt over the past few chapters that, when a problem arises she tends to put walls up around her and shut her friends out-I would love to see her let them in a little more, especially now that she has realized she has feelings for George.

It was actually quite scary how quickly things escalated in this chapter-how quickly Brienne lost her head, but I think you wrote all the drama very well. Your descriptions and imagery in this chapter were amazing. I adored this sentence: 'The sky was a blanket of thick dark clouds, the orange rays of the setting sun barely shining through' and there were so many other great ones scattered about in there, that really set the mood and tone of the chapter.

I was so relieved when George and Angelina came down onto the grounds to find Brienne-it shows how deeply they care for her and, as I said before, I really do hope Brienne will start trusting them even more. The moment when George tucked the coat around her shoulders was perfect, and absolutely adorable, and I really hope there are more George/Brienne moments coming up!

I really like the little details you add into your chapters which make them so much more believable and canon. I like the fact that you mentioned how Angelina was discussing Quidditch tactics with Wood and how she, Fred and George are always going on about their upcoming games-I guess that must get pretty tiring for Brienne! I also really liked the mention of Harry and his Firebolt in this chapter-it definitely took me back to the books which I really loved.

As I finished reading this chapter, I was left with one big question: When is Brienne going to tell her friends what happened? And what will their reactions be when they know? Okay, that was kind of two questions, but you get the idea.

I can't wait to read more-and I was super excited to see that you added a new chapter!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the hasty review xD Loving it!

Well, as I've only just updated the story yesterday, hopefully you will find what you are looking for xD There are certainly Brienne/George moments, and an important conversation or two between the group.

It's not that she doesn't trust them, it's that she doesn't want to burden them, or put them in any danger. It's silly, but she's being very selfless, and it's at the cost of her own emotional wellbeing xD

I can totally relate to how she feels as to having them all talking about Quidditch all the time xD All my friends talk about is video games, which I rarely am interested in.

Thank you again for the lovely review!

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