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Review:Pheonix Potioneer says:
Hmm...this is suspicious.

Scorpious is definitely an idiot, bringing a fancy broom to school, but I do feel sorry for him. If I had that broom and saw it smashed, I would be devastated.

Albus said that Scorpious's family is death eaters, which was true, but they betrayed Voldemort before his death. Obviously the death eaters realized that Narcissa was lying when they saw Harry alive.

Why is Albus assuming they used a summoning charm? Has he thought of levitation? A first year can levitate, so it doesn't mean it had to be fourth year. There are many ways it could have gotten up there.

I still suspect Nathan though...he wasn't at the game, so he easily could have gotten the broom up there during the game.

Besides, if all these things have been done by one person, then what Slytherin could have known which bed is Albus's? Ravenclaws and Slytherins aren't exactly friendly.

I wonder why Flitwick seemed irritated? Hmm...

I think there is a reason you had the eagle's question be about Forgetfulness potion. I think it's some sort of clue.

I think Rose is right in not jumping to conclusions. They don't know enough information. I'm just going to wait for the next chapter and see what happens!

Author's Response: I was looking forward to hearing what people thought of this, because I thought it might go against people's expectations.

And yeah, the Death Eaters would have reason to dislike the Malfoys, but Albus isn't aware of that. There was so much excitement in Harry's childhood that he couldn't possibly tell Albus all of it and even if he did, Albus probably wouldn't remember it all. So all he knows is that Lucius Malfoy was a leading Death Eater and that Draco and Harry didn't get on at school. He may know Draco got pulled into things he couldn't handle, but without actually experiencing the war, I don't think he'd believe Lucius in any way redeemable. Just reading some of what he did - his involvement in the attack that killed Sirius, for example - would put him firmly in the category of "bad guy" to a 12 year old. Wars are complicated, but I didn't really see them that way when I was 12, so I'm not sure Albus would appreciate all the nuances.

Albus wants to believe it was a Summoning Charm, because then it could be accidental, like somebody was summoning it to them and it hit the Whomping Willow on the way. Levitating it would probably be deliberate. But yeah, he's not thinking through all the options and this is definitely in the capacity of a first year. As Rose said, they could also have just thrown it into the Whomping Willow, though that would be fairly malicious. Or they could have flown it just a couple of feet above the ground and jumped off before it hit the tree. Risky and they'd have to be a pretty good flyer, but it's possible.

And yeah, it would be hard for a Slytherin to find Albus's trunk, particularly for a first year, I think. They'd have to answer the eagle's question pretty quickly, before somebody caught them outside Ravenclaw tower, then they'd have to get through the tower and find his dormitory without being seen. And find out which dormitory was the first year boys'. Then they'd have to look through all the trunks and figure out which one was his.

Unless they'd the power to become invisible or had an invisibility cloak, they'd probably get caught.

And that's true about Nathan not being at the game. It could be just because it was cold or that he wasn't that bothered about the match, but it could also be that he'd other things to do. Of course, that's true for other people as well.

Well, Flitwick has just found out a student has smuggled a broom into Hogwarts and that, either by carelessness or malice, it's been broken and is dealing with students demanding answers and refusing to disperse when he tells them, so he does have reason to be irritated, but of course, there COULD be more to it.

I love hearing your thoughts. Thanks again for reviewing.

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