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Review:LovlyRita says:
Hi there!

OMG the return of the great William Potter! *is excited*

Awww Alice how cute is she, I just love her and Frank. It would make sense that he doesn't really know how to deal with certain types of close interactions given that Augusta Longbottom was never the really nuturing type of lady.

Ugh Alrek. I like throw up every single time that I see his name. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic. But srsly. And watch William Potter swoop in! I'm glad he has the same skeptical eye that I do. Well done, sir, well done.

Oh my GAWD I love James' parents even more. Thinking about her taking bets on the game. It's hilarious and it's so freaking cute, I love them, they are the best older couple ever. I want to be them when I Grow up.

Ahhh Jily kiss. Adorbs. And then Belle's all like "hey gurl, tings moving 2 fast 4 yall?" and Lily's all like "wut?" But I have to say, how could things POSSIBLY be moving too fast?! If I could, just for a moment, insert myself into this story. I'd pop up right there. here, I'll write it for you:

Suddenly, a random stranger popped up right in front of them. Given that there was no apparation onto Hogwarts grounds, Lily was confused and a little frightened at the woman standing before her.

"Lily, seriously," the stranger gasped, as though she had run a long way. "You're worried you're moving too fast? It's chapter 16, chica! You seriously need to google the definition of 'too fast.' You and James are moving like turtles as far as relationships are concerned. Just watch an episode of Teen Mom or the Bachelor. Things happen quickly. If you want to take this whole Jily thing and put some turbo boosters on it, I'm pretty sure he'd be cool with that." The stranger then winked at the girls and was magically gone.

"What's google?" asked Lily.

"What is zis Bachelor?" asked Belle.

And SCENE. Right? AMIRITE. Ahem. Maybe that was a melodramatic way to say so, but I just feel like someone should tell Lily that she shouldn't worry about moving too fast. She's cool. :P

And there's Alrek again, being an over all (non 12+ word). Poor Lily. At least Momma and Papa Potter were there to soften the blow.

Oooh Bellatrix. LOVE. I adore the descriptions of her anticipation of meeting the Dark Lord, especially when you describe the thrill she has at hearing his voice. It's all part of the intense crazy that makes her such an interesting character.

Loving the code about the plants, very sneaky.

And how just like the Dark Lord to make Bellatrix think that he's going to eat her soul before paying her a compliment. "I would like to reward you for your loyalty" says the Dark Lord. "I have booked a room at the Super 8 motel down the street for us just for the night, I hope you like free HBO" I mean...WHAT?!

Oh wait, nevermind, she just gets to torture Karkaroff. Psh. And to think she went to all that trouble. I mean, that is to say, what a delicious gift for a twisted death eater such as herself! :)

Ok ALL the LOLZ at this scene with Professor McGonagall!! Ahaha that is so funny! I can totally imagine it in my head too. At first you're all like What? And then you're all like AWW and then you're all like LOL. Fabulous work there.

Ok so now I'm all done. Gonna admit, I about had a heart attack at the end of the chapter when James thought he'd taken a hundred steps back. I was like NO, please see the above excerpt, James, and consult the Bachelor. You're doing FINE. But then Lily surprises everyone, she's so feisty!

Loved this chapter, the developments were great, always keeping the plot moving and entertaining. Wasn't bored for a second and I'm really glad that everyone is moderately happy, even Bellatrix. Though I do have to say I'm going to be very sad if there are no Jily feels on the trip to Wales because, hey, what else is a long Jily weekend good for? That stupid Alrek. Don't you find it funny how I adore Bellatrix and have nothing bad to say about the Dark Lord, but that Alrek is the worst person ever? There's something wrong with me.

ANYWAY Brilliant chapter, loved it so much, you're amazing as always and I look forward to the next installment!

Author's Response: Ashley!!! I was so excited to see you! Well, I'm still excited ♥ PS I've been thinking about making a podcast out of Casualties of War. I'll message you in a bit ♥

Oh god. I was laughing hysterically at your rewrite of yourself in this chapter, and I read this at five in the morning when I woke up. So basically I was laying in my bed laughing hysterically at five in the morning and I thought Ben was going to murder me. It would have been your fault too, just so you know. And his, but mostly yours. :P

HAHAHAHA. Oh Voldemort. Can you imagine how exciting that one finger brush over the arm must have been for her?? She's probably going to go home and tell her husband about it.. oh wait.. hmm.

JILY FEELS IN WALES? Well, there must be a reason that they're going too far past the 100 mile recommended apparation radius, because now they're going to take muggle transportation and they'll have to spend a whole night there...

but then with crazy people going after them, you never know ;). Maybe Lily will just offer Bellatrix a piece of cake and she'll stay for the wedding? Then she can torture Vernon, because who really needs that waist of air?

Ummm I love you and your reviews to tiny little pieces ♥

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