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Review:MissMdsty says:
You made me cry! I mean actual, honest to God tears on my face. That was so sad. And on Lily's birthday, too!

This was... amazing. Seriously, I don't have the words to describe it to you, it's... The hardest thing, I think, about fanfiction, is getting under the character's skin, getting to know them and getting across the message that they are real, they've lived and loved and suffered just like all of us and we're all here to tell their story.

I love James and Lily, as you know, but I think you managed to do Peter justice in his part of the story and that's something not many people manage to do. I had to stop and think about what it would be like for him, looking into Harry's face, into Harry's eyes and seeing Lily and James in there. For years and years since he met Ron, having to see him day after day, being forced by fate or karma or whatever you want to call it to relive what he'd done. Can you imagine living like that every day of your life? I sure can't and don't wish to either.

Remus was the saddest of them all. He wanted a life of his own so bad, free from the illness and the prejudice and for it to be ended so suddenly, without reason or warning. I think Teddy's only luck in all of this is the fact that he was left with Harry, who I think would've done his very best for Teddy to know his father, how he had been as a person and as a soldier, to tell him all of the things that nobody took the time to tell him, Harry, about his own parents. (Really now? Seven volumes in the series and nobody could take half a page to say 'Now that we have a small break from all the evilness/murder/deadly schemes, let me tell you about the time your father met your mother'?).

I can tell Sirius is your favorite out of them (he is mine, too), because his part was just incredibly sad. I actually felt him being ripped from somewhere inside me when you said Sirius had a million moods, but no matter what, you'd always want to love him. It's so easy to picture him so full of life and with so much left to do as he was falling through the Veil. It was an awful thing to experience as a reader, his death.

Now that I've written this angst-filled review, I have to say that I'm so impressed with how well this story turned out, even though you said you're not sure of it. I'm sure of it and it was amazing! Good job, darling!


Author's Response: Hi darling! I may have let an embarrassing fan girl sort of squeal out when I saw your name at the top of this review. Oops..

Thank GOD you cried. I know that sounds mean, but I was absolutely bawling when I wrote this. I just couldn't get myself under control. I just.. ugh.

There was just so much that Peter messed up, so much that he took away... and I finally came to terms with it with my own little head canon, which you'll eventually read about.. and it makes it easier to accept because, like you said, he had to have suffered. He was just too weak to do anything about it.

YES. YES YES YES. 'Hey Harry, I get that we're trying to get you to risk you're life at all... but since I was the headmaster when your parents met and fell in love, lets talk a minute about them.'

'hey harry, your dad and I were like brothers. Let's talk about that time that we played this trick on your mum and..'

THANK YOU. I don't get it. Out of all of you. All you professors, all you people not ONE of you could just tell him something? Anything? I've spent a pretty good amount of time annoyed at JKR for not only that but for also killing all of Harry's family (how did two sets of parents BOTH die?) and all of Neville's other family. But then I apologize to her in my head and remind myself that she's the genius, not me :P

Sirius is so, so easy to be a favorite. He just begs you to love him. I.. ugh. He's one of those deaths I'll never accept.

I'm so happy you liked this, Ral. I was worried because it is so much different... and really, I just wanted to talk about them. I wanted to make someone else feel as sad as I did when I was writing this, because these five deserve that sadness. I almost included Alice and Frank, because they suffered almost more than anyone. But then I remembered that them being part of it all is a head canon :P

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and being sad along with me. I know it sounds selfish, but I just needed someone else to read this and think,'YES. it all hurts! it all really sucks!!' And be a big fat baby like me :P

Thank you again, you have no idea how much your review has made me smile ♥

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