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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:
Hello lovely :)

I saw your status and couldn't help coming and taking a peak!

Your writing just amazes me everytime I read something new. You have such amazing characterisation of all the characters you write, giving them such life. You really have all the Marauder's pegged though don't you?

I loved the style of this piece. This unknown narrator who knows them all so well and makes you as the reader feel like you knew them so well too. I was sat here nodding along like 'Yeah they were like that weren't they?' It's a good job I'm alone. People will probably think I'm crazy...

Your Lily is just so lovely and warm. You write a person who would be spoke about so fondly by everyone a long time after she died and that's exactly what Lily was. In all the time we follow Harry I think he hear's only one bad word against it's mum and it's a word she doesn't deserve in the slightest. Your description of her was perfect though, and with the comparisons to the meadow on a summers day only added to it. You also gave her her faults and made her human.

Oh James. I just want to take him and hug him and keep him forever! Please? Again I like that you haven't just made him a saint, you've made it known he had faults but I still love him regardless. The part where he falls low by trying to keep everyone else up just seems so James. It sounds very much like the James I've come to love in BTF.

Remus. You've got every part of his character in there and made it so tragic at the same time. I think it's great that, even though you've mentioned it, you haven't focused on his werewolf side. You've spoken of three of his favourite times with his three best friends and I think you got it spot on. The prank he did with Peter made me laugh. Poor Teddy though. His start is pretty much as tragic as Harry's.

Sirius the storm. I think your comparison here was again just perfect. You captured the more carefree happier Sirius at school with his friends. Sure he had problems but he just wanted to be with his friends. You then took us right through his dark times at Azkaban and showed us the Hell he went too. It's stuff we know, but you've just made it more alive and real.

And last but not least Peter. I love the fact you don't push him to one side and make out that the other boys were mean to him. He was as much a Marauder and a friend as the other three. I hate what he became, but in the past he was one of them and deserves his place. I like how you dealt with his betrayal briefly here and I think it's given me a bit more of an insight in where you may take him in BTF...

OK, I've rambled on as always but this is another amazing piece of writing. If your feeling sad about your Marauders you could just make it an AU ;) I'm sure not one of your readers would mind as we're all as attached as you are!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: You spoil me, you know that?

Let me try and pick up my puddly self and try to give this a deserving response...

I'm so happy you like the unknown narrator. I know everyone won't, but I just needed that. I needed to ever give this a narrator, because *I'm* the narrator, if that makes sense. I wasn't trying to create a story so much as tell about how their stories make me feel, what these people are to me, and yeah. Giving a narrator that instead of keeping a sort of 'great narrator in the sky' just didn't feel right. You have no idea what a huge compliment it is that you enjoyed it this way ♥

Lilys's section was the first thing that came to mind. Then of course the other four had to follow :P.

I'm SO happy that James sounds like the BTF James. That makes me feel like he's set in my mind, if that makes any sense. Ahh. I just want to hug you.

Sirius and Remus both have such sad tales. Sometimes I think Lily and James got off lucky by dying before they could watch the rest of it all fall apart :(.

Ahhh you are too perceptive for your own good. I can't believe the things you can pick up on. I can say that, yes, what happens in BTF (technically before they fall's sequel) with Peter and his reasons for betrayal might have leaked out a bit in this. But I'm betting you'll be the only one that notices that ;)

Oh gosh, you have no idea how often I've wanted to make my Marauders AU. I just feel like I'd be taking away from it all, because how they ended was so important. I just want to write that they skipped off into the sunset, hehe.

Lauren, I seriously can't tell you how amazing your reviews are. I'm so grateful that I have you as a reader.

Thank you ♥

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