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Review:Izzi says:
I didn't realise how long my last review was until I looked at it on my phone... /:
I feel stupid saying this every time, but again, I loved this chapter. I was reading it at Mum's work, and I literally had to bite down on my tongue to avoid saying anything aloud.

Yay, I got my wish! McLaggen got hexed!
What's he trying to pull? He cheated on her, and he has the nerve to say he loves her? I'm starting to think he only went out with Lucy to get closer to Rose for some sick reason...
What was Scorpius (I'm guessing) doing there? Was he spying? Listening? Following Rose? If so, why? Those 'hidden emotions' again? Does he feel something for Rose besides hatred? I hope so.

I understand why Lucy was upset about what McLaggen did, but I don't see why she was SO upset about it; she knew it was a possibility when she asked Rose for help. She said herself that she thought something was up with him, so why did she let herself fall for him? It's not Rose's fault. She was just doing her job.
Rose is finally over McLaggen; now Scorpius can come and they can ride away into the sunset on his hippogriff and they will get mawwied and have lots of babies togezzer and everyone will live happily ever after. :D In my mind at least. I'll let you write the finer details. (;

I find it quite cute when people ramble. It usually means they're passionate about something. :3 He's still in a bit of a mood though. ):
Hmm.. Faye crying in the bathroom... Faye quitting Quidditch... Scorpius being somehow linked to her...
Anyhoo, Lily's not like her namesake in the potions aspect if she's failing. But I do believe she inherited her father's suck for the subject. (;
Effing McLaggen. Can't he take a hint? She doesn't want him. Merlin..

Heh heh heh. McLaggen got slapped. Hard. (;<
Why is Henderson so angry at Rose? It was McLaggen professing his love for Rose, not the other way round. But I suppose she is a girl. Ah well.

It's not up to Lucy how Rose operates. If Rose wants to take two days, she'll take two days. If she wants to take two months, she'll take two months. What happened to ground work?!
Again, Lucy knew what she was getting into. Yes, she fell for him. Yes, he broke her heart and basically couldn't care less about her. But shouldn't she be blaming McLaggen?! Rose was just doing what Lucy asked her to do. How did a child of Percy Weasley become so...emotional?

Al needs to get himself a girl. And fast. Just sayin'.
Al's protective of Lucy. I think he's adorable. :3
Whenever Scorpius says Thorn, I'm always reminded of Murtagh and his dragon, Thorn, from the Inheritance series. And I don't even know why.

Real Scorose action! YAY! Wait, does he have an ulterior motive? -_-

Hahah, little review. (;

Keep updating! (:

Author's Response: Hello Izzi,

It was pretty long... but this one is even longer! Thank you so much, I love feed back. Don't feel stupid, I love hearing it! I've shouted at books and stories in public places before, so you're not the only one.

McLaggen certainly did get hexed! Lucy was not amused in the slightest. McLaggen really threw a spanner in the works there, didn't he? Bet you weren't expecting that. Maybe we'll find out what's going on in his thick skull... or maybe we won't, you'll have to wait and see.

I think it's safe to say that it was indeed Scorpius there but the chances are he just happened to be passing that particular corridor at that particualr time... He's an odd one.

I think Lucy's biggest issue was how long it took for Rose to act on their deal. In the months between, her feelings for Dave developed into something stronger so she thinks if Rose had been quicker, then it wouldn't have hurt so much. As for why she fell for him? Clearly there is something about Dave McLaggen that makes girls fall at his feet. But you're right, it wasn't Rose's fault and hopefully Lucy will come to realise that... eventually.

You're mind sounds like an awesome place to be ;) I love the idea of Scorpius owning a Hippogriff, I might have to find a way to work that into the story.

I think you're talking about Albus here? If so, he is VERY passionate about Quidditch and yes he is in a bit of a mood but that's because his team is not cooperating as well as he would like *cough*Dave and Lucy*cough*. I'll see if I can work in some more Albus time outside of Quidditch for you :)

Faye Rivers just keeps cropping up but that reaction is the best one I've seen! If that were the case then it would certainly ruin your lovely plans... But I'm afraid I can't see either way. Although, I'll give it to you that you are partly/almost right. Kind off.

Awh Lily, I felt she needed some attention. I suspect she has inherited the potions abilities from her mother's side... specifically the genes Ron got as well.

McLaggen needs to deflate his head.

Martha Henderson gave him what he deserved. As for why she is so angry at Rose, she is Lucy's best friend and Lucy may not have been entirely specific in her relay of events to her.

You tell her! Lucy is overreacting at the moment so hopefully she will get a grip soon... or not. I think right now, thought about McLaggen just upset her too much and she finds it easier to blame it on Rose because she knows Rose doesn't care about other people's oppion of her. But it was still out of order. If you think Lucy is different to Percy... wait till you meet Molly. Personally, I think Audrey had an affair that time.

Awh, Al. I'll see if I can find him a girl at some point. He is adorable isn't he and family means a lot to him so he can get quite defensive and protective. Although I don't think he is currently completely aware of what happened between Rose/Dave/Lucy.

Scorpius' little nickname for his favourite (and only) potions partner. I have a confession though, I haven't actually read the Inheritance series but it looks interesting and I think my sister is reading it, so I might check it out. Especially if there is a dragon called Thorn.

I felt Rose needed to good snogging after all the mess Lucy and McLaggen made. And who better to do it that the beautiful Scorpius? As for his motive? Who knows.

I love your "little" reviews so please keep them up when I get around to updating (soon hopefully). Thank you so much, you're lovely,

Irish Myth.

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