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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Hi there!!!

I'm really not sure if you remember me or not, but you requested a review from me a lonng time ago, and I've finally gotten round to writing it! I can only hope at this point that you'll forgive me, as I am most fervently sorry for the extremely long wait I've put you through. Unfortunately, life has been way too busy as of late... But we aren't here to talk about that; we're here to praise this chapter!!!

So, onward!

Okay. For starters: Albus/OC. My dear, this is an immediate way to win my heart. I am a lover of Albus/OC, becaus he's Next Gen and there's so much that can be done (same with the rest of them, but Al is my favorite!!). The only way to make me dislike a story like this is to majorly make it preposterous and unbelievable, which you haven't done at all. I really, really love your portrayal of him in his brief appearance, and I can't wait for more!!

The OC half of your pairing is AWESOME. I loved your description of the kind of spirits she sees, and the visit from Great Granny Agnes (that's what I've nicknamed her, is that okay?) was priceless. Throughout the chapter, I kept expecting her to see some spirit come to visit, but no such luck for me. :(
Maybe next chapter? I'd love to see how she interacts with some of the more colorful beings that are around!

As far as the mall bookstore situation goes... The teenage vampire mention was a crack at that genre, correct? I'm hoping so (no offense if you happen to enjoy that genre!) because I find that sort of jibe hilarious. :)

P.S. Ellie and I could be best friends. Definitely. She's awesome because she is a bookworm. 'Nuf said!

P.P.S. What house is she in? Perhaps I missed it, or perhaps it's in the next chapter? I know that Rose is a Ravenclaw, but I'd also like to know where everyone else is sorted, too! :) Maybe I've spoken too soon; you've probably got it all planned out!!!

Alright, Chris seems like a cool guy. HE'S A MUSICIAN, ZOMG!!! What other instruments does he play? Have you decided yet? Can he play the oboe? (Im an oboe player, so yeah, it would be totally awesome if a fanfiction character played the oboe!) He probably plays something awesome, whatever it is that he plays. I'd love to hear more about his music in the coming chapters!!!

Their poor mum... It's sad that she died, but I'm glad that she hasn't come around to have chats with Ellie. That would be just a little too much, unless it was part of the plot, of course! And I'm sorry for laughing, but bwahahahaha! "Great Magical Flu Epidemic"--that's really a good name! Some names for events are so intangible; this name you've got for your flu epidemic tells it all. Nice!!!

Th fortune-teller lady... Is she magical, or just a crazy Muggle with a rare manipulation of pseudopsychology? She knows quite a lot about Ellie, and I'm glad she didn't say any names or anything to give away the plot! Will we see her again, or was she just a one-time appearance? (Will she becone the new Divination teacher, perchance?) Hah, just kidding, I like to guess things sometimes, but I'm usually wayyy off. :)

Okay, so because I made you wait for so long for this one silly review, I'm gonna go review the next chapter. Maybe then you'll forgive me? :)

The first chapter is fantastic... Don't worry about people not liking it. Who DOESN'T like an Albus/OC, especially one as original as this one? You write with a clear and present voice, and your characters are already lovable.

In short: you're awesome.

Oh yeah, and before I go off to Chapter Two... Consider your story favorited by yours truly!! :)

Kudos to you for being so amazing, and I hope to see many more chapters on this story in the near future!! :D


Author's Response: I think you win the award for longest review ever received! And don't worry about the lateness! I definitely don't mind. I'm just super happy that you took the time to read and review - and enjoyed yourself! Bonus!

I, too, am a fan of Next Gen, and although I prefer Rose/Scorpius, I do love me some Al/OC! And I adore cliches. I think they're the most fun thing to write - so I wanna include as many as I can!

Great grandma Agnes is a great name! I hadn't actually thought of a name for her, because I didn't plan to use her again, but if I do, do you mind if I borrow (*cough*shamelessy steal*cough*) that name? It's actually brilliant!

And the teenage vampire thing was a crack at it. I personally don't enjoy them, although I know loads of people do, but I really can't judge (like Rose said) because I'm into historical romances (like Ellie). But it was fun!

Aww! You wanna be besties with my OC? Flattered, much?

As you're like the only person to ask any questions, I'll answer them as best as I can. I didn't mention her house - but it comes up and it's a pretty big deal. Chris is an awesome guy, and I haven't decided exactly which instruments he's gonna play. Obviously, the piano, but both Ellie and him are into music, so I have Ellie playing string instruments and the drum-kit, so I kinda wanted Chris to play something different. The oboe sounds like a great idea! I'll see if I can make it work! Yes... I didn't know how to kill their mother off, but I needed her dead, so I came up with a plague. But I couldn't call it the Plague, or Scarlet Fever, or something, so I had to come up with the most unimaginative name for an epidemic, ever! And the fortune-teller is a muggle.

And thank you! Such a nice review!

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